Home Place Ribbon Cutting

The Home Place apartments for transitional housing held its ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday. 

Pictured from left are Morri Yancy, Jennifer Moore, Malanta Knowles, Jason Moore, Betty Jones, Congressman Bradley Byrne, Shenequa DeBerry, Rachel Duckett, James Cameron, Mayor Bob Joslin, Mayor Leigh Dollar, Sen. Clay Scofield, Lee Ward, Rep. Wes Kitchens, Robb Turner, Mayor Corey Hill, Rita Morrow, Peter John Lambert, Guy Caffey, Doug Shortt, Brian Vaughn, Milla Sachs and Lauren Seguin

On Wednesday, Nov. 6, Home Place held a ribbon cutting for their new apartment building off Judy Smith Drive near the Marshall County Health Department.  

Director Lee Ward said it took about 7 and a half months to finish the apartments. There are four apartments and all of them will be in use. These apartments are transitional housing for homeless families. 

As of Wednesday, three families were already living in the apartments, with another family scheduled to move in the fourth unit soon. The other families have been living there for about two weeks. 

There were a lot of people who came to be a part of the ribbon cutting ceremony including three mayors.

Ward said the project has been great. She credits a lot of people and organizations for helping get this place up and livable for these families. 

The location is great for transitional housing, Ward said. There are a lot of potential employers close by the apartments along with the Health Department and DHR being right across the road. 

There was a lot of people who helped the progress along including Paragon. The company donated the artwork. One of the employees, Rachel Duckett with the research and design team, built and installed the artwork in the apartments. 

Duckett was glad to help with the artwork. She lived in Home Place herself about 15 years ago with her two children. She said her life is forever changed because of the assistance of Home Place. She needed a place to stay and get away from some bad situations. Without their help, her life could be very different. 

She lived with Home Place for about a year and her children are still friends with some of the children who lived in the other apartments. She said she is grateful and amazed by the assistance they offered. The people there helped one another and it was nice for her to be able to give back.

Duckett built all of the artwork and hung it in the apartments. There are four pictures in each apartment with a total of 16 pieces. 

In the future, they do plan on expanding the complex. There is room for growth. Without the community's involvement, these homes would not be available. Ward said they are still accepting donations to pay for the mortgage and other expenses. You can mail in donations to 1221 Blount Ave. Guntersville or come by the Home Place Thrift Shop. 

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