Community Watch

More than 22 neighbors attended the Hebron Community Watch meeting on Thursday, August 16. Greg Boyett, president of the group, opened the meeting after everyone finished a delicious potluck supper.

Henry King and R.E. Martin were the speakers. Greg Boyett said he called the Sheriff’s Office four times but failed to get an answer or a return call.

A representative from the sheriff’s department has not attended for the past two months.

Henry King said the Hebron VFD had been slow this month, but the rattlesnakes have not been. Residents killed thirteen rattlesnakes this summer on Merrill Mountain. Mr. King then looked at R. E. Martin and said, “The county needs to do something about the snakes.”

Commissioner Martin replied, “They don’t pay me enough for snakes.”

Everyone had a good laugh over the exchange.

Martin said they have finished the guardrail on Merrill Mountain Road. This received a round of applause.

The white goods dumpster will be at the county shop in Grant on September 17. Bring any large white goods. You can bring appliances, power tools, VHS video players, or anything that is just a boat anchor now. They will even help unload large items.

There are several people hanging around the area between the four-way stop and Shirttail Bend. These people have a reputation for drug use and dealing drugs. They walk around the area with backpacks. Someone said he had not seen the county but did see a New Hope Police car. This is an area known well by the sheriff’s department.

Other News

Gary Paseur, Joe Wayne Davis, Paul Williams, Jerry Selvage, Beth Ann Ziebarth, Vickie Davis, Theresa Hart, Amber King, Faye Stephens and Karen Walker celebrate birthdays this week. Happy birthday!

Greg and Marsha Boyett celebrated their anniversary. Happy anniversary!

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