Hebron Community Watch

Tony Gartner opened the Hebron Community Watch meeting on Thursday, July 19, at the Hebron Community Center. Attendance was down with only 18 residents present.

Connie King's banana pudding and Wayne Whitaker's fish were present.

During the meeting, Hebron Volunteer Fire Department was called out to respond to a head-on collision in Honeycomb. One individual was transported by ambulance to the hospital. There had been an accident in the same area on Election Day.

A car hydroplaned and flipped. The driver sustained minor injuries. A guardrail kept the car from ending in the lake. Damage to the guardrail was fixed this week.

Henry King said North Marshall EMS will be taking a mock certification exam at Hebron VFD#1. He said Hebron VFD is getting more calls in Grant lately.

Henry said he had killed six rattlers this summer. Everyone needs to be on the watch for snakes.

Commissioner R. E. Martin said they had started mowing and fixing up roads on Merrill Mountain. Someone said Merrill Mountain Circle was pretty bad. Bishop Mountain mowing is done.

Greg Boyett asked everyone to start patrolling again and report your hours to him. The meeting adjourned.

Bat Shoe Crazy

Patricia Duncan Collie had an unnerving experience. She started to put on her gardening shoes that she leaves outside on their porch.

When she picked them up, she noticed what she thought was the start of a bird's nest inside one. She turned it upside down intent on dumping out the debris. Instead of a bird's nest, a bat fell out!

The poor thing had somehow gotten fishing line wrapped around it. Neighbors, Greg and Patty Keller heard Patricia going bat shoe crazy and came running. (Her husband, Phillip was gone.)

Greg was able to remove the fishing line from the bat. He then carried the bat to the woods and let it go.

Marshall County PALS has been aware of the danger fishing line presents to wildlife. Line left in trees and banks catch birds and bats alike. MCPALS has free containers for wasted line they will give anglers.

Other News

Honeycomb Baptist Church's mission trip to Guatemala is coming up. Bro. Patrick and Lizzie will be going with Dr. and Connie Bowden.

The church will hold a workday August 4. Outside workers start at 7 a.m. and inside workers start at 8 a.m..

On August 18, they will have Youth Saturday Night Live with comedian Paul May.

Peggy Cowan is in rehabilitation and hopes to come home soon.

Yogi Paetz is out of the hospital and recovering at home.

Theresa Hart has a birthday next week. Happy birthday, Theresa!

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