Community Watch

Honeycomb Valley Community Watch met on Monday, July 9, at the Hebron VFD #2. Twenty residents attended.

Kathy and Pete LeBerte and Teresa Zeman were hosts for the meeting. May 14, 2018 minutes were approved as submitted by Lynn Simpson, secretary. The treasurer's report was approved as submitted by treasurer Kerry Aaron. The group put in 91 hours patrolling.

Yogi Paetz usually reports the patrol hours but he has been in the hospital.

The dog situation has improved somewhat in the valley. Snakes are coming out now so residents need to be watch for them.

The Honeycomb Valley Community Watch and Residents’ Association's annual picnic is Saturday, September 15, at 12 pm. Volunteers are needed to move tables and grills. The picnic will be at John and Beth Ann Ziebarth's barn, although John may not be in town that weekend. It was noted that Auburn does not play football until 3:30 p.m. and Alabama's is not until 6 p.m. so the picnic will not interfere with watching college football games.

Safety Hazard

The group raised safety concerns regarding open water drains. Open holes have been left for rainwater run-off to drain.

These holes are on Honeycomb Road, Honeycomb Valley Road and Patterson Road. Cars have run off the road into the holes. One child got a bicycle caught in one.

It is just a matter of time before a child or animal is caught in one. Residents have spoken to the county and are waiting to hear from them. The holes on the right-of-way can be fixed by the county, but if the holes are on private property, they are the responsibility of the property owner.

Children should not be allowed to play near them until they are fixed.

Warning System

Elysa Jones, Chair of the Emergency Management Technical Committee, was the guest speaker. She has lived in the area for 60 years. She participated in the design of the common alert protocol or the Integrated Emergency Warning System (IPAWS).

IPAWS system sends alerts to your phones of imminent danger in your location. The group fought the FCC to be able to send the alerts through the maintenance channels on cell phones. These are the channels that carriers use to send updates and messages to customers. Using these channels allows to alerts to come through even if the phone is on silent.

Amber alerts that come through your phone are based upon the location of disappearance and time past. The alerts mean that the child could possibly be in your immediate area.

Each community needs a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). This team works with the Emergency Management Agency. Volunteers on this team are trained in emergency response. They know where the elderly and handicapped are that need assistance.

Since the picnic will serve as the September meeting, the next regular meeting will be November 12 at 6:30 pm at the Hebron VFD#2.

Other News

Peggy Cowan is in Huntsville Hospital. She fractured her hip after a hip replacement. The doctor said this only happens to 1 percent of patients in her situation. She finished rehab and was home when it happened. The surgeon had to go back in and repair the hip replacement.

Yogi Paetz was in the hospital but was expected back home soon.

Emily Keller has a birthday coming up. Happy birthday, Emily!

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