Resident Author

A published author lives in Honeycomb Estates. Ed Jackson and his late wife, Merritta, built their home there in 2000.

Mrs. Jackson passed away in November 2015. Ed says he is a voracious reader. He said, "I love to read but I love to write more."

Ed Jackson has just published his third book, "The Trip." His other books were written for adult readers, but the latest book is intended for older teens and young adults. The paperback book is available on

"The Trip" begins with Rupert's high school graduation and an unlikely encounter with Joyce. The violent death of her parents has left Joyce with nowhere to go. They begin a trip from San Diego to the southern United States.

"The Trip" tells the story of their adventures. Almost a travel guide through the south, "The Trip" is also a coming of age story. It explores human relationships and need to help each other.

Fire Ant Problem

Micky and Cindy Hunt found some hidden houseguests were enjoying their air conditioner for meals. Fire ants had built mounds throughout their air conditioning system.

They called an HVAC technician out when the system quit. When he opened the compressor, he found the fire ant infestation. The ants had destroyed it and were starting on the ductwork.

He also said they had numerous calls this season with fire ant damage.

Homeowners should check their air conditioning systems for fire ants regularly. According to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, HVAC units provide warmth during winter months and a dry, undisturbed nesting site during heavy rains.

Worker ants import soil for nesting. The dirt can cause corrosion in the unit. In addition to corrosion, once inside, the ants chew on insulation and can cause short circuits. Ants can enter holes as tiny as the diameter of the wire of a paper clip.

Other News

The Honeycomb precinct had 32 percent voter turnout Tuesday, June 5. Voters were privileged to vote in a church decorated as a shipwreck.

Honeycomb Baptist Church held Vacation Bible School June 6-10. Waves and fish covered all entrances. The church did a beautiful job creating the "Shipwrecked" theme.

The Honeycomb Baptist South Dakota Mission Trip is scheduled for June 14-23.

Emily Thompson Edmonson, and Annette Hubbard have birthdays soon. Happy Birthday to you all!

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