Hebron Community Watch

29 residents attended the Hebron Community Watch meeting on May 16, 2019. Major Jason Windsor, Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, and Rick Watson, District 2 Commissioner, were the guest speakers.

Major Windsor praised the watch groups. He said deputies could not be everywhere and they depend on communities to let them know when something suspicious occurs.

He went over the Everbridge alert system. The Advertiser-Gleam had an article about it. (It was also included in the previous Honeycomb/Hebron news.) He recommended that everyone go to marshallcoema.org and register for alerts. County employees have registered and tested the system.

Sheriff Phil Sims just purchased new firearms. Deputies are currently being certified on the new weapons. The County Commission helped purchase new body cams.

They are adding wire on the jail windows to stop contraband from getting into the jail. Four sergeants and four lieutenants are on every shift now.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office has a Facebook page with general information.

The gang MS13 has a presence in the Kilpatrick area of Sand Mountain. The Sheriff’s Office has not had contact with the group but they monitor them constantly.

Major Windsor said the Hebron area was good, because mothers still enforce the law.

District 2 Commissioner Rick Watson announced the white goods pickup. They will have a new process. When you bring white goods to the District 2 shop, you will have to give an address to prove you live in District 2. Call anytime to have large appliances picked up.

The County Commission has approved all requests from the Sheriff. The Sheriff’s Department was in bad shape and had to be brought up to date.

Henry King said the Hebron Volunteer Fire and Rescue had a low call volume. No wildfires. Membership dues will be collected at the next meeting, June 20.

Other News

Linda Pellowski’s father passed away. He lived in Panama City, Florida. He was not sick and was doing work outside when he passed. Our condolences go out to Linda and her family.

Honeycomb Baptist’s Vacation Bible School is August 3 and 4.

Diane Allen, Christina Williams, Frank Keller, Teresa Perry, Gina Silvers, and Sandra Iffland had birthdays. Happy birthday, friends!

Paul and Phyllis Williams’ daughter, Rachel is getting married this year. Laura and Howard Jacob’s daughter, Jana, is also getting married this year. The two girls grew up living across from each other and became close friends.

Paul and Phyllis Williams, Michael and Sandra Iffland, and, Wayne and Becky Whitaker celebrate anniversaries.

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