Walker Cemetery

Gary Paseur, president of the Walker Cemetery Trustees, asks everyone with family buried in Walker Cemetery to remove all flowers that are on the ground before the week of March 26.

They need the flowers off the ground so they can begin mowing. Flowers in vases can remain. Also, remove old faded flowers.

Community Watch

Honeycomb Valley Community Watch and Resident's Association met March 12. Twenty-five residents met and shared a wonderful potluck supper with a variety of delicious choices.

Theresa Zeman called the meeting to order. Theresa Zeman and Lynn Simpson were hosts for the meeting. Kerry Aaron, treasurer, was absent as she was recovering from gallbladder surgery.

A "stop ahead" sign was installed on J.R. Hollow Road. The speed limit sign on Honeycomb Valley Road was replaced. They are waiting on engineering before installing the speed limit sign on Waldrup Road.

The group approved rewording in the by-laws regarding the bank the group uses.

The group thanked Yogi Paetz for gathering patrol hours and bringing the information to the meetings for the past years. Mr. Paetz reported 103 patrolled hours for the past two months.

A spring clean up was approved for March 24 at 9 am. They ask all volunteers to meet at the triangle.

Speakers at the meeting were Sheriff Scott Walls, incumbent candidate for Marshall County Sheriff; Andrea LeCroy, candidate for Probate Judge; and Micky Hunt, president of MCPALS.

Sheriff Walls said he is concerned about the growing problem with mental health. There are very few treatment facilities for the mentally ill.

Other News

Tony Gartner is from the Lakota Tribe in North Dakota. He has been helping the TVA archeologist to identify Native American sites along the river.

They are working to identify, recover and preserve Native American, African-American and European sacred sites for historical and cultural awareness.

Jenny Whitlow had surgery for a meniscus knee injury. Somehow, during or after the surgery, her ankle was injured. Her knee is recovering nicely, but she had to wear a boot for her ankle.

Sonya Henson and Anita Barnett have birthdays. Happy birthday, ladies!

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