Community Watch

The Honeycomb Valley Community Watch & Residents Association met on March 11 with around 22 residents attending. After a delicious potluck supper, Lynn Simpson welcomed and introduced the guests, Chief Deputy Doug Gibbs and Major Jason Windsor from the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office.

Pete LeBerte reported 158 patrol hours during January and February. Three more members have volunteered for patrol duty.

Membership fees are due in January. So far, 49 memberships renewed in 2019.

Lynn Simpson shared the good news that R. E. Martin had ordered grills to cover the drainage holes before he died. Jimmy Bearden, District 2 Shop, said the grills are at the shop and the county plans to install them. Unfortunately, all the rain has created lots of work for the county and it may take longer to get to the grills.

Spring cleanup is Saturday, March 30, at 9 am. This will include cleaning, weeding, and planting around the neighborhood sign “island.”

The week of April 20-27 is Keep Alabama Beautiful. Micky Hunt, MCPALS President, asked the group to count the bags of litter and turn it in to PALS. He will get with PALS to furnish bags, safety vests and litter grabbers.

Neighbors expressed concern over an unfamiliar vehicle seen riding around the neighborhood. There are two new homes under construction so unfamiliar vehicles are frequently seen but usually they go to a residence or construction site.

Major Jason Windsor, Chief Operations Officer, spoke with the group. The patrol division of the Sheriff’s Office had “lost their identity.” It needs to be ready to serve. The Sheriff’s Office has hired additional deputies and promoted four officers to sergeant.

Officers are responsible for patrolling sectors. There are four sectors in Marshall County and an officer assigned to each one. Supervisors check on the sectors also. Other officers have to go back and forth across the state picking up prisoners and other court duties. They purchased six more patrol cars that are currently being outfitted. The Marshall County Commission helped with the cars. They are still keeping the older cars as backup but some will be surplused.

The Sheriff’s Office is adjusting priorities to the needs of the citizens they serve.

Chief Deputy Gibbs showed everyone an app that will allow neighbors to share events, warnings, and alerts. It is specific to the area you set. The smartphone app is NextDoor. It is available for Android or Apple. He said this is a good way of warning neighbors when something or someone suspicious is in your area.

Other News

Angie Patterson started the Hebron Community Information Board on Facebook. Residents of Hebron are also reporting a suspicious 2004 or 2005 dark colored car in the Hebron Community around Hebron VFD #1 and homes off Hwy. 431.

Michelle Jackson said, “I surprised them when I cranked my car up to heat. I’m positive they were trying to help themselves to my neighbor’s things. It was 5 a.m. in the morning and dark.”

They gunned it once on 431 and headed towards New Hope.

Someone in an old yellow truck stole a chainsaw and tools from a Hebron resident’s shed. The owner of the shed had put a camera up and has a picture of the thief.

Two of Hebron Volunteer Fire and Rescue members received promotions. Congratulations to Captain Curtis Bridges and Lieutenant Robert Max!

Hebron Community Watch Meeting will be March 21 at 6:30. You really should come at least to taste Connie King’s banana pudding and Wayne Whitaker’s fish.

Decoration at Walker Cemetery is the first Sunday in May. Everyone with family buried in Walker Cemetery should remove all flowers that are on the ground before the week of March 26. They need the flowers off the ground so they can begin mowing. Flowers in vases can remain.

Sonya Henson, Anita Barnett, Jodie Keller, Mandy Hall, Jordan Helton, and Tim Pollard have birthdays. Happy birthday to all!

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