Cainan Doss

15-year-old Cainan Doss won several awards recently at a poultry show in Tennessee. 

Winning Poultry

Cainan Doss, 15, recently won several awards, ribbons, and plaques at a poultry show in Lawrenceburg, Tenn.

Cainan and his grandfather, Michael Iffland, traveled to the poultry show with a few of his Best birds. He won five first place ribbons and a plaque for third place overall. He also won second place in sportsmanship.

Cainan has posted videos of his chickens on the YouTube channel "I & D Farms." Cainan raises different types of bantam chickens. Cainan is the grandson of Michael and Sandra Iffland. His parents are Leah Iffland and Marcus Doss.


Major Adam Whitaker, National Guard, has returned to the United States from Kabul, Afghanistan. His parents, Wayne and Becky Whitaker, gave a huge sigh of relief that his nine-month deployment was over. Adam lives in Mobile, Ala., with his wife, Amanda Whitaker.

LTC Renie Bright of Honeycomb Valley is deployed to Kosovo. Having served 31 years in the Army Reserves, Renie is serving nine months and should be back by Thanksgiving.

She is settled in at Camp Bondsteel and looking for a local organization to help while she is there. During her last deployment in 1999, she supported an orphanage.

Other News

Our area had over three inches of rain last week with nice spring temperatures.

Some residents even took advantage of the warm weather to plant cabbage and greens even though it was just the end of February.

The crappie are beginning to bite again. Maybe spring will come early this year.

Members of Henryville Methodist Church are gathering items for an indoor yard sale.

Jenny Whitlow is selling items at The Red Elephant Marketplace Booth #9. Stop by and see her items for sale.

Honeycomb Community Watch meets Monday, March 12, at 6:30 p.m. Come meet your neighbors and find out what is happening in Honeycomb Valley.

Jodie Keller, Mandy Hall and Tim Pollard have birthdays. Happy birthday to all!

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