A Trip to Remember

My husband, Wayne, and I agreed to help my niece, Amanda, move her family from Maryland near Washington D.C. to San Diego, California.

My niece and her husband were transferring with their jobs. At first, the thoughts of four adults, a five-year-old little girl, a 3-year-old boy, three dogs, and a cat in an RV was a little terrifying.

We had four days to get there in order to meet the movers. Amanda and I drove the minivan and the men were in the RV. The RV was a rental decorated with signage that really stood out. Very early on April 15, 2019, we headed out.

We went through Memphis, Tennessee, caught I-40 West and drove until we got to Oklahoma that night. The land definitely became flatter. It really is true that you can see forever in the plains. We drove through Little Rock, Arkansas, which is home to the Clinton Presidential Library. There was a lot of standing water and signs of recent flooding.

Oklahoma is home to Carrie Underwood and Garth Brooks. We saw fields of windmills. The windmills were not unattractive and the ones we saw did not make a lot of noise. There were large farms all around them. We stopped at the Salisaw KOA about 6 p.m. to spend the night. For our first day, we were amazed how well it went. We did not know what the next day would bring.

We traveled across the Texas panhandle. We saw inactive oil wells and windmill fields. The land was very flat without many trees. It was very good scenery to put young children to sleep. They did remarkably well to be in car seats all day.

As we left Texas, we began to see scrub grass, which are very tiny shrubs. There is no grass. New Mexico was very arid but not particularly hot.

I think the high that day was 70 and our luck began to change. The rented RV began to shake badly on the driver’s side. We pulled over and checked the tire. There was a bubble starting to form and the tread was separating. We could have a blowout. We could see the sign for a service station a little way on down so we carefully got back on the road. The station was out of business.

We parked there while my niece called the RV customer service. It gave the kids and the dogs a nice chance to burn some energy, but it wore the adult humans out. I forgot how tiring 1.2.3. Red-light is.

We finally arranged to have the tire replaced at a KOA in New Mexico, but we had to drive the RV about 45 miles with a bad tire. We moved the kids to the minivan. The women drove the minivan following the men in the RV. We went 45 miles on the interstate going 45 mph. In addition, remember the RV is quite noticeable. We got to the KOA and got the tire fixed 90 minutes later.

The next day was wonderful. New Mexico has some awesome desert scenery. They too had wind farms. Mostly it is rock and dirt. We drove through Navajo and Apache Counties in Arizona. There were plateaus and cactus well over 8 feet tall. We began to see a few mountains as well. The soil became sandy.

We went through Tonto National Forest in Arizona. It surprised us to see trees again but they had cactus growing beside them. Going into California, we saw the sandy desert again. We also saw the Mexico-America border fence. It ran for miles but there was just desert on both sides. We did not go by a Port of Entry. We did see the Border Patrol and went through a checkpoint. The BP Officers verified our citizenship and legal status. They were very polite and efficient.

We went from Guntersville to San Diego, California, in four days and survived it! The change in the landscape when you travel is amazing!

Hebron Community Watch

Fifteen neighbors met on April 25 for the Hebron Community Watch. The meeting was delayed one week due to bad weather. Wayne Whitaker called the meeting to order. There were no speakers at the meeting. Connie’s banana pudding was there!

Henry King said there had been an accident on 431 near Honeycomb. It was pouring rain and a pickup turned over on its side. There were no injuries in the accident.

A large oak tree fell behind Hebron Fire Station #2. The tree fell across the road.

The next meeting will be May 16. Membership dues for 2019 are due.

Other News

The next Honeycomb Valley Community Watch meeting is Monday, May 13, at 6:30, at the Hebron Vol Fire Department #2.

On April 25, 2019, Honeycomb Valley lost their neighbor, Larry C. Harmon. He was one of the founders and active volunteers of the Honeycomb Community Watch. Condolences to his wife, Marie Harmon, and to all his family. The family asks donations be made to the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation in his honor.

Decoration Day at Walker Cemetery is Sunday, May 5.

Kathy Samples, Janet Bearden, Tony Gartner, Trystan Helton, Christina Williams, Debessa Holcomb, and Teresa Johnsen had birthdays. Happy birthday everyone!

Tony and Joan Gartner, LeShell and Ki Smith, and Paul and Phyllis Williams celebrate their anniversaries. Happy anniversary!

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