911 Dispatch Tower

Construction on a 9-1-1 dispatch tower on Bishop Mountain started a few weeks ago. The Forestry Service helped finish prepping the site. Next they brought a small building up the mountain to house the electrical components. Two 500 gallon propane tanks will run a backup generator when needed.

The first 100 feet of the tower will be built from the ground up. Men are putting that together this week. When the first section is in place, a large crane will set the last two sections on top.

The operation has been amazing to watch. The biggest challenge is getting the equipment up the mountain. The mountain road is too curvy for the big trucks to navigate. Much of the equipment has to be driven up the mountain which effectively closes the road for 30 minutes to an hour.

Johnny Hart is the Executive Director of the Marshall County 9-1-1. According to Mr. Hart, this tower will help cover the holes in the county’s dispatch coverage.

The tracks on the equipment have removed some of the reflectors the county has placed on the road for safety. Mr. Hart says the reflectors will be replaced when the project is completed.

The road closings have caused one or two problems for people. Mr. Hart has told Wayne Whitaker that he would let him know when they are moving equipment up and down the mountain. If you would like a call, text or email when the road is closed, email Wayne and he will let you know. (His email is the same as the one listed under my name.)

Other News

Honeycomb Baptist Church choir performed their Christmas Cantata December 9th. Afterwards, they had a fellowship lunch.

Bishop Mountain residents Rose Glover, Joel and Alice Stapler, Terry Bridges, Howard Jacobs, Larry Maples, and Wayne and Becky Whitaker had a busy week telling their water woes with reporters from AL.com, WZDX Channel 54, and WAAY Channel 31. They are trying to get public water on Bishop Mountain. The stories aired around December 12. The reporters did an excellent job making the public aware.

Martha Irby Ervin, Gladys Bearden, Luke Pellowski, Marika Helton and Rhonda Southers Guthrie celebrated birthdays. Happy birthday, friends!

This will be my last post of the year. My son is home from Afghanistan this Christmas and I get to enjoy time with both my sons and my daughter-in-law. I hope this Christmas draws you and your family together with warmth and love. Above all, I wish you peace, hope and joy throughout the coming year. Merry Christmas!

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