Hebron Community Watch

Greg Boyett opened the Hebron Community Watch meeting on March 15, with over 20 residents attending.

Connie King's sister, Paulette Wright, passed away after a lengthy illness. Her visitation was the night of the meeting and her funeral was the following day. Everyone expressed condolences to the family.

Jimmy Bearden is recovering from carpal tunnel surgery. He attended the meeting wearing a wrist brace.

During the meal, discussion focused on fishing. Everyone agreed that the crappie are not biting as well this year as last. More crappie are caught from the banks than from boats.

Guest speakers were R. E. Martin, County Commissioner, District 2; Kara Groves-Bevill, candidate for Circuit Clerk; Heath Thomas, Sheriff's Deputy; and Scott Walls, Marshall County Sheriff.

Kara Groves-Bevill is a candidate for Marshall County Circuit Clerk. She has worked for the Circuit Court for 11 years. She wants to make the court more responsive to the public. She is new to politics.

Sheriff Scott Walls is running as the incumbent candidate for Sheriff of Marshall County. Sheriff Walls said he has tried to be responsive to the communities. He has been involved with the Hebron Community Watch since it began 12 years ago. The group has made a huge difference in the community.

He said Marshall County has not had as many overdose deaths as surrounding counties. HIPAA laws prevent the reporting of overdoses if the patient is over 14 years of age even to the parents of a minor child. There is a need for mandatory reporting of drug overdoses.

State prison overcrowding push state inmates down to the county jail creating overcrowding at that level, Walls said. A point system determines jail time, so a prisoner with low points can get out the next day. The Prison Reform Act will change how sentencing is handled. Previous arrests will not be considered. Juveniles will be returned to their parents.

There are currently 230 sex offenders in Marshall County being tracked by the Sheriff's Department. At any time, a probation officer can sign a pick up order to return a prisoner to the county jail. The jail is at 198 percent capacity and the prisoners are "stacked like cord wood," Walls said.

The department is short three law enforcement officers and eight jailers. They have trouble keeping jailers. The deputies are working massive amounts of overtime. However, the Sheriff's Department does not get a percentage of the tax base. They need more money for law enforcement.

Other News

Honeycomb Valley Community Watch and Residents Association's annual spring clean up was Saturday, March 24.

Gary Paseur, president of the Walker Cemetery Trustees, asks everyone with family buried in Walker Cemetery to remove all flowers that are on the ground the week of March 26. They need the flowers off the ground so they can begin mowing. Flowers in vases can remain.

Connie and Henry King's oldest grandson, Jordan Helton, turned 21. Happy Birthday, Jordan!

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