Hebron Community Watch

Wayne Whitaker opened the Hebron Community Watch meeting on March 21, 2018 with 25 residents attending.

During the meal, discussion focused on fishing. Everyone agreed that crappie are biting off and on. More crappie are caught from the banks than from boats. However, bank anglers have problems with boats getting right in their casting spot and refusing to move. This is very rude behavior.

The guest speaker was Michael Johnson, Revenue Commissioner for Marshall County. He wants to get the word out that property taxes are now delinquent.

The staff of the Revenue Commissioner’s Office have worked hard to notify the delinquent property owner. This year there are only 800 delinquent properties.

The part of his job that Mr. Johnson dislikes the most is the land sales. There is a one percent interest fee and fines for late taxes. Delinquent properties published in the local paper are sold at public auction to recover the taxes owed. If the owners fail to pay the taxes, the winner of the auction eventually becomes the property owner.

When you see county employees, compliment them on their hard work. They frequently hear criticism and rarely hear praise.

The Revenue Commissioner’s Office collects $38 million in taxes for the county. New subdivisions, industry expanding, and a revaluing of property by the state has caused revenue to increase. Some companies want to expand but do not because of the lack of workers. The unemployment rate is very low.

Henry King thanked the County 2 Shop for bringing gravel to spread around the Hebron Community Center and fire department. During all the rain, the property turned to mud. More tables and chairs were bought for the community center.

The Hebron VFD trained with the Forestry Service on putting out woodland fires. They get a small amount from the Forestry Service for taking the training,

MCPALS picked up Cottonville Road. Six people picked up eight bags of trash plus a few large items.

Henry King became vice-president by default since no one else would accept it. The next meeting will be April 18, 2019.

Other News

Spring cleanup for Honeycomb Valley residents is Saturday, March 30, at 9 a.m. This will include cleaning, weeding, and planting around the neighborhood sign “island.” Meet at the triangle at 9 a.m. Bring gloves and gardening tools.

Gary Paseur, President of the Walker Cemetery Trustees, asks everyone with family buried in Walker Cemetery to remove all flowers that are on the ground before the week of April 1. They need the flowers off the ground so they can begin mowing. Flowers in vases can remain. It is time to get ready for Decoration Day, Sunday, May 5.

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