Honeycomb Valley Community

Nine residents of Honeycomb Valley met at the entrance to the neighborhood. They dug up the flowerbed around the entrance sign and planted bulbs saved from last year. They cleaned the sign and pulled up leaves. They had a beautiful day to work. It was hard work but the entrance to the neighborhood looks great.

Hebron Storm Shelter

It is that time of year. The flowers are budding out and the sun is out warming things up.

The spring warmth also signals the beginning of tornado season. We have already had one tornado this season hit Marshall County. The National Weather Service lists Marshall County as "Storm Ready."

We are fortunate to have a storm shelter in our community. It is located behind the Hebron Community Center. The shelter will hold 96 people.

They do not allow pets except for service animals for reasons of safety and liability. Also prohibited are weapons of any kind, alcohol, illegal drugs or profanity. There is absolutely no smoking inside the shelters. Each occupant can bring one small bag. For more information regarding this shelter, call the District 2 County Shop, Jimmy Bearden or Henry King.

The National Weather Service advises anyone living in a manufactured home to go to a shelter as soon as the sirens sound in your area. Deaths from the tornadoes in Lee County were largely in mobile homes. The shelter is large, dry and safer than most homes.

The Marshall County EMA has a website that has useful information about storms, disaster mitigation, our county and much, much more. They have forms to register your private shelters or safe rooms. After a storm, emergency personnel need to know where people are located to aid recovery operations. There are also forms to identify people with disabilities that may need assistance during and after disasters.

The website, http://www.marshallcoema.org, has a lot of information that you need to know before disaster hits.

Other News

Hebron Community Watch meets on April 18 at the Hebron Community Center. At 6:30 p.m., eat a delicious potluck supper with the meeting following at 7 p.m.

Decoration Day at Walker Cemetery is Sunday, May 5.

Ruth Prince and her daughter, Marsha Prince, both have birthdays. LeShell Smith and her mother, Lois Campbell, both have birthdays. Happy birthday, ladies!

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