Hebron Community Watch

Hebron Community Watch met on February 21, 2019, with around 22 residents attending in spite of the heavy rain. After a delicious potluck supper, Wayne Whitaker welcomed and introduced the guests, Sheriff Phil Sims, and District 2 Commissioner Ricky Watson and his wife, Donna.

Sheriff Sims introduced newly promoted Major Jason Windsor. Sheriff Sims said he was proud of the way everyone pitched in to clean out the jail. The inmates are now compliant and calm. The inmates are even complimenting the food.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office has a new website, marshallso.org. This is a completely new site under development. It will allow you to track who is in the jail, see all arrests and releases in Marshall County, and apply for a pistol permit.

They have four aides for the office and need to hire four more deputies. He is proud of how the Sheriff’s Office is positioned and how they got there.

Asked about Constitutional Carry (allowing open carry without permits), Sheriff Sims explained he is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. He also supports gun permits. If you take a gun out of state, you most likely will need a permit. A permit serves as a background check. Permit money allows the Sheriff’s Office to update Tasers, Kevlar vests, guns, and laptops.

He believes that if you carry a gun, you should know how to use it. You are responsible for the bullet wherever it goes.

Our new District 2 Commissioner, Ricky Watson, spoke next. He introduced his wife Donna. Donna volunteers with the Grant Chamber of Commerce and DAR Elementary. Governor Kay Ivey appointed Commissioner Watson to replace the late R. E. Martin.

He is retired from Redstone Arsenal and raises cattle. Recently, he was clearing ditches during the heavy rain.

Commissioner Watson said to call the shop anytime you need something. He asked everyone to allow time to get the County Shop up to where it needs to be. He wants to work with the communities. He will run everything transparently. If anyone has questions, call him.

Henry King said the Hebron Volunteer Fire Department had 138 calls last year. This year there have been several EMT calls but no fires. Lately, Hebron VFD, along with New Hope Fire, trained to fight forest fires.

There was discussion about garbage piled up on the side of Highway 431 just past the Church of Christ. The garbage has been there for months and the weather is not helping. Henry King and the Sheriff said Susan Owens would be the one to call. She is the Solid Waste Management Officer for the Ccounty.

PALS pickup on Cottonville Road scheduled for February 23 is postponed until Saturday, March 2.

The next meeting is Thursday, March 21, at the Hebron Community Center.

Other News

High winds uprooted a tree on Honeycomb Road. Unfortunately, the tree landed on a car and damaged the house. At this time, more information is unknown.

Cainan Doss won reserve show champion at a recent poultry show. He won first and second place best female, second place best Smooth Cockrell. His Fizzle Cocktail took second best male. Cainan attends DAR High School. He is the son of Leah Iffland and Marcus Doss and the grandson of Michael and Sandra Iffland.

Honeycomb Community Watch meets Monday, March 11, at 6:30 p.m. Come meet your neighbors and find out what is happening in Honeycomb Valley.

Bucky and Reda Benson celebrated their anniversary. Happy anniversary!

Gail Davis, Phyllis Williams, Jana Jacobs, Lora Pricket and Finnie Higgins have birthdays. Happy birthday, everyone!

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