Hebron Community Watch

The Hebron Community Watch monthly meeting was June 21 with about 26 residents attending. Greg Boyett opened the meeting.

Henry King said Hebron VFD wanted to give back to the community. They are looking at places in their service area that need fire hydrants. Hydrants have too much distance between them in some places. The Hebron VFD will pay half the cost of a fire hydrant in areas of greatest need. They are asking residents who benefit to pay the other half.

Fire hydrants can lower insurance rates on nearby homes. Representatives from the fire department will contact selected residents when the decision is made.

R. E. Martin, District 2 Commissioner, spoke next. A resident on Merrill Mountain thanked the commissioner for installing guardrails on an extremely tight curve going up the mountain. Henry King commented that another set is needed on another sharp turn as well. Many residents agreed with him.

The District 2 shop will be closed on July 4.

Jimmy Bearden said the dumpster for large items would be at the District 2 shop on July 16. If you have large appliances like washers and refrigerators, call the District 2 shop at (256) 728-4117. They will pick them up for you anytime.

Angie Johnson, candidate for Circuit Clerk spoke next. She had attended a previous meeting but the food was so good she had to return. She is in a runoff election July 17. She says her focus will be on customer service.

Coroner candidate Cody Nugent was the next speaker. Nugent worked with Marlon Killon when he began in the funeral business 9 years ago. He is a licensed funeral home director and embalmer. He has served as a deputy coroner since 2012. He has basic certification in death investigation from the University of North Dakota School of Medicine. 

The next meeting will be Thursday, July 19, at 6:30 p.m.

Other News

Hebron Baptist Church held a revival last week. They had a great attendance.

Honeycomb Community Watch meets on Monday, July 9, at 6:30 pm at the Hebron VFD #2. All Honeycomb Valley residents are encouraged to attend.

James Williams, Angie Bearden's son, Derek, Danielle McGaha, daughter of Pat and Gary McKee, Emily Keller, David Stanbrough , Peggy Cowan and Beverly Prince celebrated birthdays. Happy birthday, friends!

Martha and Woody Irwin had an anniversary. Happy anniversary.

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