Community Watch

Twenty-five Hebron residents met at the Hebron Community Center on April 19 for the Community Watch meeting.

Guests at the meeting included Kara Groves-Bevill and Angie Johnson, candidates for Circuit Court Clerk. Don Bradford attended as a representative of Cody Nugent, candidate for Coroner. Greg Boyett opened the meeting after a delicious meal and delicious desserts.

Angie Johnson spoke first. She has 28  years of experience in the District Attorney's Office working with the Clerk's Office and the court system. She has held a supervisory position for the last 25 years. The Circuit Clerk works behind the scenes in the courts, absentee voting and passports.

Kara Groves-Bevill has worked in the court system for over 25 years. She feels the Circuit Clerk's Office can benefit from some changes. She is new to politics and eager to meet the challenges of the office.

Don Bradford spoke for Cody Nugent, candidate for Coroner. Cody Nugent is currently an embalmer at a Boaz Funeral Home. He is also serving as Deputy Coroner for Marshall County. He holds basic certification in death investigation from the University of North Dakota, School of Medicine.

The Coroner position is a very low paid job with unpredictable hours. The Coroner has to authorize every cremation in Marshall County. Once the coroner authorizes the cremation, they are required to wait 24 hours before proceeding.

Henry King asks that everyone please check the wind before burning grass. If you are in doubt, call them and the fire department and they will help.

Membership dues are due now. Please pay at the next meeting on May 17 at 6:30 pm.

Other News

Shelia Thompson passed away in her sleep April 22 from an apparent heart attack. Services were at New Hope Funeral Home.

Shelia and Jeff built the first home in Honeycomb Estates. They built two more before building in Honeycomb Valley. Jeff, Emily and Erika have received an outpouring of heartfelt cards, phone calls and emails. They thank you for your thoughts of them and Shelia.

Decoration Day is May 6 at Walker Cemetery. Many families come to honor their relatives. It is also an opportunity to visit with relatives and friends. Many local cemeteries hold Decoration Day on the first Sunday in May.

Honeycomb Valley Community Watch's next meeting is May 7 at 5:30 pm at the Hebron VFD#2.

Beth Ann Ziebarth has a new sheep herding dog named Spot. He looks a lot like Roy. Spot is also trained in sheep herding. He grew up in England.

Kathy Samples, Reda Benson, Janet Bearden, Tony Gartner, Trystan Helton and Teresa Johnsen had birthdays. Happy birthday, everyone!

Tony and Joan Gartner celebrated their wedding anniversary on April 20. Happy anniversary.

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