Hebron Community Watch

Over 25 residents of Hebron attended the Hebron Community Watch meeting. Marsha Boyett opened the meeting for her husband, Greg, who was absent due to urgent, pressing business.

Debbie Swords, candidate for Circuit Clerk, spoke first. She made the point that she is the only employee of the Circuit Clerk's office running for election. She is currently at the highest level, Court Specialist 4. She has 70-plus hours training in court operations. She loves the Circuit Clerk's Office and wants it to be the best it can be. She said experience matters.

Henry King said the Hebron VFD has been quiet this past month with no calls to report.

R. E. Martin, District 2 Commissioner, said that the following Monday was the white goods pickup day. Interestingly, the term white goods originally referred to heavy consumer durables painted in white enamel finish. Despite their availability in varied colors now, they are still called white goods. The District 2 shop will have a large dumpster for disposal of large appliances, electronics, tires, and other items.

Commissioner Martin brought the Hebron Volunteer Fire and Rescue two chainsaws. He said the Hebron VFD often cuts trees off roads instead of calling the county to do it, which saves the county money and work. Henry King thanked the commissioner for the chainsaws. He said they would be put to good use.

Alan Edmonds, County sheriff's deputy, spoke next. He was very tired and sleepy. He said 35 had been arrested in Grant the night before during a drug round up. Thirty officers went out at midnight and made 53 arrests by 10 a.m. the next morning. Felony warrants went out for 100 people. The drug round up involved several county and city police, drug enforcement agencies, and state law enforcement units.

There was a confrontation over the theft of a welding machine. The two men got into a fistfight when the second man pulled out a knife. The man, who went to confront the alleged thief, was violently stabbed and nearly bled to death before arriving at the hospital. Never go to confront someone yourself. Call the Sheriff's Department and let them handle it, Edmonds said.

Pine Island Church has had repeated break-ins. They also noticed their electric and water bills going up considerably. The pastor went back one night at 11 p.m. and found hoses hooked to the water faucet and extension cords run through the woods to a house nearby.

There have been reports of a kayaker deliberately tying up in a fisher's casting spot. He then casts into the same spot. The sheriff's office and marine police have been getting complaints about the man.

Several men at the meeting said they have had confrontations with the kayaker. He becomes confrontational when asked to move. Most said they have to leave their spot since he makes it impossible to fish.

Deputy Edmonds also asks that you call whenever suspicious activity is occurring. Do not wait until later of try to take care of it yourself.

Other News

Honeycomb Baptist's vacation Bible school is June 6-10. They held a community fish fry on Sunday, June 3, for evening service.

Phillip Collie asked Patricia Duncan to marry him and she said yes. No date has been set, but Phillip said soon. Congratulations!

Diane Allen, Christina Williams, Frank Keller, Teresa Perry, Gina Silvers and Sandra Iffland had birthdays. Happy birthday, friends!

Paul and Phyllis Williams, Michael and Sandra Iffland, and, Wayne and Becky Whitaker celebrated anniversaries.

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