Baker Smith Reunion

The Baker Smith family reunion was October 7 at the Hebron Community Center. The descendants of Calvin and Myra Baker Smith get together each year. Many people in the Hebron community are related to the Smiths and Bakers in one way or another. Of course, the food was plentiful and delicious. It was also a great opportunity to catch up with news in the family.

Larry Walker died of a heart attack this year. Kurt Keller was sick and unable to attend. His health has been declining. Frankie Keller moved to Biloxi, Miss., to run a bed and breakfast. He sold his property in Alabama. He has also experienced some health concerns. Mildred Hardin has been sick. She has been having trouble with her sugar dropping at night. Ruth Hardin is in the hospital with diabetic issues. She has had a problem with her feet and infection.

People attending included Donald and Emily Keller, Bruce and Marsha Keller from Calera, Alabama, and Donna Medford's daughter, Stephanie and her 3 children. Marshall Ashmore and his son Alan came from Georgia. Wanda and Bill Adams, along with Chris Adams and his son Reece attended. Peggy Cowan, Jenny and Mark Whitlow, their son Clark, and Lana Cowan attended. Brett and Gary Keller, Carla (Keller) and her children attended. Calvin Lafarlett and his daughter Sherry and her husband, Steve Preston, came from Tennessee. Gene and Lynne Hardin, Brenda Keller, Lucinda Parmer and Skip Baker also attended.

Other News

Hebron VFD sold chicken plates on October 6. They sold 199 plates. According to Henry King, they would have sold 200 if they had not dropped one. They actually sold out! Pilgrim's Pride helped them with the chicken. Henry said they could not have had a successful fundraiser without them. Their help was much appreciated. People that bought a plate said there was enough chicken on a plate for two meals.

The Hebron VFD is also giving away a $500 Walmart gift card. The drawing for the winning ticket is on October 27. Both of these fundraisers benefit North Marshall EMS.

Honeycomb Neighborhood Watch meets November 5 at 6:30 p.m. at the Hebron VFD #2. All Honeycomb residents are welcome.

Joe and Gail Davis celebrated their anniversary. Happy anniversary, Joe and Gail!

Leah Iffland, Tyler Draper, Pat Crowell, Zach Smith, Debra Greg and Rachel Williams had birthdays. Happy birthday to all!

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