Honeycomb Picnic

There was a good turnout for the annual Honeycomb picnic at "the big red barn."

Honeycomb Valley Picnic

The Honeycomb Valley Community Watch and Residents Association hosted a picnic for all the residents in Honeycomb Valley. The event was at John and Beth Ann Ziebarth's "big red barn." (Even though John was not there, Beth Ann filled in nicely as host.) The association provided hotdogs and hamburgers along with baked beans, slaw, potato salad and rolls. Each guest brought a desert. All shared great food and fellowship. The group throws a picnic every year for member and nonmember residents of Honeycomb Valley. Residents and their families have a chance to meet their neighbors.

Hebron Community Watch

The Hebron Community Watch meeting was Thursday, September 20. Twenty-five residents attended the meeting. Wayne Whitaker opened the meeting as Greg Boyett and Tony Gartner both were unable to attend.

After enjoying a potluck supper, the group heard from David Jones, candidate for Marshall County School Superintendent. Mr. Jones said his focus centers on the classroom. He believes that administrators must address discipline. Teachers should be able to concentrate on teaching. He feels that too many teaching units are used for administrative roles.

Marshall County Schools are scoring C's and D's on the state school report card, he said. 

He wants to improve the culture and climate in the school system. Although the county schools cannot offer the pay of city schools, he thinks that with the right classroom support and focus, quality teachers can be hired and retained. Questions from the group covered discipline and technical school training.

Micky Hunt, MCPALS President, said a pickup at the Honeycomb boat ramp is scheduled for 8 a.m. on Friday, September 28. All residents are encouraged to bring gloves, wear closed-toe shoes, and come help cleanup the public use area. MCPALS will supply safety vests, bags, and pickup tools. A pickup for the Marshall County Courthouse is scheduled for 8 a.m. on October 27.

R. E. Martin, District 2 Commissioner, said work on Merrill Mountain is completed. Residents asked if there would be any more guardrails or paving. Mr. Martin said that would be all the work on Merrill Mountain this year. Commissioner Martin said there was a good turnout for the white goods dumpster. He said they always have recycling bins where people can bring paper, plastic, or glass for recycling.

The County District 2 shop had 60 gallons of diesel fuel stolen out of a county work truck. The truck was moved. If it was stolen, it had been returned without the diesel.

Henry King spoke for the Hebron VFD. He thanked Wayne Whitaker for speaking before the County Commission meeting. Wayne spoke about the lack of a public water system on Bishop Mountain. Bishop residents are the last without safe drinking water in Marshall County. Residents' wells tested positive for Coliform and e coli. Without a public water supply, Hebron VFD has had to haul water up the mountain to fight fires on Bishop.

Hebron VFD is selling chicken plates available on October 6. The plates are selling for $8 each. They are also giving away a $500 Walmart gift card raffle. Both of these fundraisers will benefit North Marshall EMS.

Residents said the problems with drugs in the area of the Old New Hope Highway and Shirttail Bend are increasing. The community watch had a close relationship with the Sheriff's Department but lately they have been unable to get a response. They saw one female taking a bath in the creek and people are walking the road inebriated at all hours. Many times they are walking in the middle of the road and do not get out of a car's way.

Everyone agreed that it was a good time to be nosey. Call your neighbors and alert them to suspicious activity.

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