'Graduation' Pictures

By Perla Becerra

On April 11, all eighth grade students will be taking their eighth grade individual “graduation” photos. Students will wear their “Sunday best” attire for the portrait.

Lifetouch Studios will be taking the photos as what they call their Smilestone program. It is one of many services they will offer in their new role servicing GMS with all our photo needs.

“School promotion to the next grade is an important occasion for any student," teacher Tama Nunnelley said. "But educational milestones such as an eighth grade promotion and moving on to a new school is a special time for celebration.”

“We want to truly honor the hard work and achievement of our eighth graders and provide their parents with a special keepsake of this time,” she added.

So how does all this work? We sent order forms home with students this week.

We will photograph all eighth grade students. Those who wish to pre-order may do so. They can bring their orders to the photographer as they are photographed. Students will also have a chance to purchase online after taking the photo.

“The company offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, so if someone receives their portrait and does not like it, they will re-photograph them or refund their money,” Mrs. Nunnelley said. “And we still want to photograph those who are not purchasing because everyone will get a free copy of the picture with a certificate later this year.”

Tech Night

By Jadyn Bonds

Students at GMS excelled at technology this year. Many students competed in the regional competitions at JSU earlier this semester. Those who placed 1st or 2nd will compete at the state technology competition later this month.

In the meantime, students are excited about sharing their projects with the world. Everyone is invited to come see the technology projects that were presented at the Regional Technology Competition in Rainsville in the Guntersville Middle School Media Center. The event will be held on April 10 from 6 p.m. until 7 p.m. at GMS.

In addition, GHS and Cherokee Schools will join GMS and have their students showing off their projects as well.

Kendall Teall and Tazi Harris said that they were both happy to share their projects with others and enjoyed being able to make something using technology and then compete.

Come out and support this important event as well as our students that put a lot of time and effort into building these projects that showcase their technological skills.

Book Fair

By Ava Krause

On April 2, Guntersville Middle School started a book fair that held many popular books. Students who have attended the book fair were asked questions to learn what they thought about the book fair.

The average student planning to attend the book fair planned on purchasing two to three book. The most popular ones were: "How to Disappear," "The War Below" and the latest "Diary of a Wimpy Kid."

The students also said their favorite kinds of books included horror, history, mystery, fantasy, comedy and books with animals.

The reason the book fair is important is so the school can raise money to buy books for the library, so it’s important that students help by buying books that they enjoy.

Dakota Black purchased "Boruto," which is an anime book. He loves that it is his favorite TV show made into a book.

Aailyah Eng bought two books. One was "Dork Diaries 12" and "My Summer in Pink and Green."

"I liked how you can relate to them as teenagers," she said.

Tay Armmer bought "Durotan." He likes it because it is about a leader of a tribe and likes that it shows leadership skill, toughness, fearlessness and survival.

The GMS Media Center thanks everyone for their support of the recent book fair. Remember you can still order online for another week.


By Payton Tinsley

Yearbook prices will go up soon. Get those orders in ASAP. The price is $35 and can be turned in to Mrs. Nunnelley.

6th Grade

April 12 - Thomason, Unit 13 Vocabulary Quiz

7th Grade

May 14 - Hinkle, Plant collections are due.

8th Grade

April 11 - Lemons, Algebra 1, Chapter 9 Test

April 9 - Stanfield, Periodic Table, Atoms, and Valence Test


May 10 - Sweets and Songs: "On Broadway," 7 p.m. GMS GYM Parents please visit inthemiddledrama.weebly.com for more information.

Media Center

Media Center book fair online shopping available through April 10 at http://onlinebookfairs.scholastic.com/entrance.aspx?FID=3884914&direct=Y https://bookfairs.scholastic.com/bookfairs/cptoolkit/homepage.do?method=homepag e&url=guntersvillemiddleschool1&appesp=CPT/ib/20120101///txtl/FairFindertoHomepage

April 10 - Technology Night at GMS, 6 p.m. until 7 p.m.

April 27-28 - State Technology Competition


Thanks to the students who have brought in items for the Downtown Rescue Mission for Women & Children. We are responsible for bringing in the following items: bath towels, flip flops (for shower use), sheet sets (twin/full), and women's clothing. Bring in those items throughout April.

Sports News

April 20 - GHS JV cheerleading tryouts. Any interested 8th graders, please sign up in the office at GMS.

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