All State Choir

By Samantha Carfagno

It takes a lot of talent and courage to share a talent with others. At GMS, we have a fantastic choral music department and each year many of the finest audition for the All State Choir. Once again, we have several students who made the cut.

Sarah Nan Skidmore, Mallory Jones, Audrey Beasley, Elisha Sims, Grace Williams, Emma Bearden and Ansley Keller will represent the school this year as members of the All-State Choir.

Sarah Nan Skidmore was inspired to sing by her father. “He is always an inspiration to me,” she said. Sarah Nan said that the ones auditioning practiced once a week with Mrs. Christi Smallwood and sang a variety of songs. “We sang six songs. One was in Italian, one was in Greek, and one was Spanish,” she said.

Mallory Jones said, “I like singing because it is something that my whole family likes doing. My sister inspired me to sing because I saw how much fun she had doing it.” Mallory has been in choir since 6th grade and plans to continue at GHS next year. She made last year’s All-State choir too.

Audrey Beasley practiced classical music for the audition. She is passionate about singing. She said that her most memorable singing memory was when she sang a solo at church. “I was inspired to sing by my family. We have always enjoyed singing together,” she said.

Elisha Sims said that his family is musically inclined. “My mom helped me go over my music every night. I like singing because when I sing I get to express my emotions and feelings. I am also reminded that my abilities are only my abilities because of God.” Elisha started choir in church and carried that over to middle school. He said his best performance was at his church when he sang Silent Night. “I was inspired to sing by my sister. I have always heard her voice and wanted to sing to be just like her.”

Emma Bearden said that she was inspired to sing by her dad and her Paw. She decided she wanted to be in choir around 2nd grade. “I like singing because it is the talent God gave to me.” She feels her best performance was in Nashville at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Ansley Keller also comes from a musical family. “My family has been singing at church since I was very young. My older sister is a tremendous singer. She is passionate about her talent and I know how much fun it can be to make others happy with a song. It is very inspiring.” She enjoyed practicing all the different types of songs because it presented an amazing challenge.

Grace Williams attributes her singing to her mother. “When I was little, my mom used to sing to me and when she would it made me feel good inside. As I started to get older I wanted to sing so I could make other people feel the same way that she made me feel.” Grace said she feels her best performance was when she sang, “I Pledge Allegiance” at the 2017 Veteran’s Day Program at GHS. “I like singing because I can express my feelings and I can bring joy to people that hear me sing.”

Basketball During School

By Chloe Sellers

Recently Guntersville Middle School held the annual in school basketball game against Albertville. During the games students showed great support by cheering on their fellow wildcats. Many students had a good social time, while eating from the concession stand.

The eighth grade boys had a win over Albertville. They fought hard for each and every point. The eighth grade team worked well together. You could know if they scored from a mile away because of the cheers from the school.

The eighth grade girls had a hard loss, but they played well. The seventh grade boys had a great win. Many players did great.

The seventh grade girls had a hard loss. They were ahead until the end of the fourth. Point guard Olivia Vandergriff had an outstanding game with 21 points.

Each Guntersville team pushed through it and tried their hardest for their fans in the stands.

Summer Self and Heaven Bannister agreed that it was the best in school game yet. They enjoyed the game with their friends.

Hunter Bowden said he enjoyed having the chance to visit the concession stand and hang out with his friends.

GMS teachers manned the concession stand and sold everything from candy bars to pickles. Big hits with the crowd were the nachos and of course the popcorn.

Cale Dollar said that we should do this more often because it is a great bonding experience for the school. “Some students do not get to attend ball games and cheer on their teams. This is a great way for them to feel the Wildcat Spirit,” he siad. 


By Perla Becerra

FCCLA is a community service club at GMS sponsored through the Family and Consumer Sciences Department. It stands for Family Career and Community Leaders of America.

They help around the community in many ways. They have recently made cards for Veterans’ Day to give to soldiers. FCCLA helps students with leadership skills. Mrs. Shannon Griffin is their sponsor and the Family and Consumer Sciences teacher.

Kaleb Simpson said, “We are helping the less fortunate and elderly people by bringing in canned goods for them to have a meals over the holiday. We did this for Thanksgiving and we’re also going to be doing the same thing at Christmas.”

FCCLA also has many goals as an organization. Hayden Hammond wants to do fundraisers to raise money for certain events and to help people with their needs.

FCCLA also teaches leadership skills and provides opportunities for club members to utilize those skills. Aliyah Eng said, "I bring kindness, caring for others, working with others, loyalty, trustworthiness, respect to your peers, and flexibility in problem solving to the organization.”

Huston Page said, “I bring responsibility to FCCLA.”

Kaleb Simpson said, “ I bring sharing, respect, and kindness.”

Summer Self said, “I love to be helpful and that is what this organization is all about!”

FCCLA is a community service club that can make someone’s day. They have more projects and goals to complete this year. FCCLA helps change a person’s day to make it a wonderful day!


By Payton Tinsley & Jadyn Bonds

  • If you have not paid your student’s class dues, please do so as soon as possible.
  • 8th grade yearbook ads - No pictures or text will be taken after December 15th. The last day to purchase an ad will be Dec. 1st.
  • Yearbook prices will go up again at the end of January. If you want to purchase a yearbook, please order soon. See Mrs. Nunnelley to order. The price is $35.
  • 7th grade geography students are collecting money to provide water filters to victims of the Hurricane in Puerto Rico. Each filter costs $50 and will provide clean water for up to 100 people over the next 5 years. If you would like to participate, please contact Mrs. Nunnelley at

8th Grade

  • Dec. 7 - Price - 2nd 9 weeks AR Goal Due- Read and test on one nonfiction book. This as a 100 point test grade.
  • Dec. 7 - Price – “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” must be read by Dec. 7.
  • Jan. 5 - Price - School Spelling Bee - 6, 7, and 8th grade during homeroom

Exam Schedule

December 12

6th grade - Science

7th grade- Science and Math

8th grade - Science and Math and electives

December 13

6th grade - Math

7th grade- ELA and History

8th grade - ELA and History and odd electives

December 14

Make up exams

Students may not take exams before designated dates and/or class periods.

Sixth and seventh grade students can be exempt from all exams if they meet exemption requirements below. Eighth grade students can be exempt from all exams but must choose one core exam to take even if they meet the exemption requirements.

Exemption Requirements

If a student has an A average each nine-week term in a core class and no unexcused absences they are exempt from that core class.

If a student has a B average each nine-week term in a core class, no unexcused absences, and no more than ONE excused absence, they are exempt from that core class.


Dec. 5 - United Way Can-a-thon- Please bring in nonperishable goods for the United Way Food Drive. We will be collecting goods through Tuesday, Dec. 5th.

Jr. Civitans

Dec. 8 - Jr. Civitans - Downtown Rescue Mission field trip. Civitans must bring a toy to donate by December 7. Sixth, seventh and eighth grade Jr. Civitans will be attending.


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Sports News

Dec. 1-2 - Parkside Tournament (Parkside Middle School) TBA

Dec. 4 - GMS Basketball vs. DAR (GMS) 4 p.m.

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