Favorite AR Books

Showing off a few of their favorite AR books are, from left, Taziya Harris, Jenna Rose, Kendall Teall and Hannah Latham.


By Grace Harris

At GMS we have a program called PB5. PB5 stands for post-bell, five days a week. It is GMS’s after-school program.

PB5 is important for many different reasons. Mainly it is important because it provides a structured environment after school for students at GMS to get help with their homework, study for tests, experience enrichment activities and have social time with their peers.

Skyler Akehurst, Samantha Martinez and Kailey Murphy love PB5 because they get to finish their homework before they have to go to their extracurricular activities.

Kevin Ampero likes PB5 because he enjoys riding bikes, playing Jackpot and doing crafts.

Mrs. Latimer is the teacher for PB5 at GMS. She likes it because she gets to work with each student and really get to know their personalities.

PB5 works many different ways. PB5 was made to provide families with a safe and fun environment for students at GMS after school hours. The teachers working there like to help the kids with their homework. At the moment the program has nine students. The PB5 program would love to have some more students join.

Favorite AR Books

By Savanha Estes

With Christmas break over and winter weather keeping us indoors, it is a fine time for reading our AR books or that book we have been wanting to read for a while.

To help you make your reading selections, we asked the sixth graders to share their favorite AR books.

Jenna Rose said her favorite book was “Breaking Dawn.” She likes that book because it’s “heartbreaking, adventurous, romantic, and there’s conflict."

There is a series for the book "Breaking Dawn." The author for the book is Stephenie Meyer.

Ashton Storey said his favorite book was “Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows.” He likes that book because it’s "full of action and it’s very descriptive." He thinks other people should read it because “it’s very interesting.” There is a seven-book series for Harry Potter. The author is J.K. Rowling.

Hannah Latham said her favorite book was “The Kangaroo.” She likes that book because "it’s interesting.” Other people should read it because it “tells you about kangaroos,”  sahe said. There is not a series because it is a non-fiction book. The author is Sabrina Crew.

Some students have favorite authors. Taziya Harris like Mike Lupica books about sports, and Kendall Teall likes books by the author Terri Blackstock.

Several sixth-grade students said they really like the book “Letters from Rifka” that they have been reading in Mrs. Nunnelley’s room because it is set in the time period they just studied and they see a lot of what they learned in the book. Ranie Hundley said it is a lot more interesting to read a book if you know some of the background.

Mrs. Nunnelley likes books by Carl Hiassen, especially the kids book series he writes which includes “Hoot," “Scat," “Flush” and “Chomp.”

“I like them because they are funny but at the same time bring up important points about taking care of our world,” Mrs. Nunnelley said.

Ms. Price used the frigid temps as an excuse to finally read “The Fault in our Stars.”

“The girls have tried to get me to read it for years," she said. "It is so sad but incredibly well written.”

So hit your school or local library and check out some of these, or other, great books, especially while winter is in the air.

County Champs!

By Samantha Carfagno

On Monday night, Jan. 15, the seventh- and eighth-grade boys brought home victories to celebrate. Both teams won the Marshall County Basketball Championships.

Each team defeated Albertville. 

The final score was a close one for the eighth-grade team with Guntersville beating Albertville 42-39.

“I was on the edge of my seat the whole game,” explained Addi Yarbrough, a student who watched the game.

Throughout the game, the two teams were trying their hardest to claim the championship, but Guntersville took it all.

Albertville and Guntersville each had their own share of highlights in both action-packed games. What stood out in the eighth-grade game was the last 10 seconds. One of the Albertville players made a last-minute attempt to score a three-pointer. However, he missed, and seconds later the buzzer sounded, making Guntersville the official winner. The boys rushed together and congratulated each other on their win.

Jack Jones and Ross Harrell, two of the members of the seventh-grade team, felt like everyone on the team gave it his best and left it all on the court.

In the end, the teams had a great experience that will leave them with memories that will last forever.

Go Wildcats!


By Haidyn O’Neal

Yearbook prices will go up again at the end of February. If you want to purchase a yearbook, please order soon. See Mrs. Nunnelley to order. The price is $35.

6th Grade

Thomason Reading - Please get a copy of "The Wednesday Wars" book ASAP.

7th Grade, 8th Grade

Price - "Ender's Game" (novel) needed for class.

Rains - Beginner Spanish: Composition notebook, scissors and glue stick needed for class.

Jones Art - First- and second-period art students need to bring a cardboard shoebox for their next project.


2-2 - Mrs. Zimmer will be at GMS to work with gifted students. Sixth-grade will meet during first and second periods; seventh grade will meet during sixth and seventh periods; and eighth grade will meet during third and fourth periods.

Beta Club

Beta Club membership fees ($20) are due for new members only.

Nurse News

The Health Department requested that parents be notified of their appointment policy changes. In order to eliminate wait time and frustration for patients, please call the Health Department at 256-582-3174 to schedule an appointment for any immunizations.

Parents, if your child has been diagnosed at a medical facility with the flu, please send the nurse an email. She would like to have documentation of the number of cases at GMS. Also, please indicate if your child received the flu shot this year. Email tammynabors@gcboe.net

Parent News

If your child is absent due to sickness without a doctor's note, or for any other reason, it requires a home note to be excused. Please send this in writing or via email to juliemoultrie@gcboe.net All doctor and home notes need to be sent within three days of the absence.

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