Tech Team Awards

By Jose Becerra

The Guntersville Middle School tech team recently competed at the Regional Technology Competition. Competitors had the choice of building something like a robot or creating something like a video or media presentation. Students could also make use of the 3D printer.

We are so proud of the students that competed at JSU for regionals. 26 students placed. First and second place winners qualified to attend state in Montgomery on April 27 and 28.

This is an out of town event, which will involve spending the night in Montgomery. More information will be coming home soon with these students.

Guntersville Middle's winners were:

  • IT Test (Level 3) - Wynn Miholits - First Place
  • IT Test (Level 2) - Carson Brown - Second Place
  • Audio Production (Group/Level 3) - Georgia Giles & Audrey Kennamer- Second Place
  • Computer Programming (Ind./Level 2) - Ava Krause - Second Place
  • Computer Programming (Ind./Level 3) - Harrison Kirkland - Second Place
  • Internet Applications (Ind./Level 3) - Wynn Miholits - First Place
  • Multimedia Presentation (Ind./Level 3) - Riley Ingram - Third Place
  • Multimedia Presentation (Group/Level 3) - Anna Waldrop & Cadence Kikuyama - Third Place
  • Productivity Design (Group/Level 3) - Ty Yancy & Sam Canady - Second Place
  • Robotics (Group/Level 2) - Elliott & Ashton Storey - Third Place
  • Robotics (Ind./Level 3) - Noah Fitzgibbons - Second Place
  • Robotics ( Group/Level 3) - Jantzen Mosley, Seth Matthews, Chase Pearce, & Jacob Roberts - Third Place
  • Video Production (Group/Level 2) - Kendall Teall, Addie Grace Smith, & Carson Brown - Second Place
  • Video Production (Ind./Level 3) - Menarah Elbrenard - Second Place
  • Video Production (Group/Level 3) - Alexyss Chambers & Olivia Vandergriff - Second Place
  • Website Design (Group/Level 3) - Kurt Blanchard & Regan Lefeve - First Place

Blood Drive

By Ava Krause

The Guntersville Middle School Anchor Club will be hosting a LifeSouth Blood Drive Monday, March 12, from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. in the parking lot near the track.

It is very important to "give the gift of life” especially at this time of year. Blood banks are often short of blood during the winter. The shelf-life of all blood collected is only 42 days. Blood cannot be manufactured. Therefore, the need for blood donation is always there.

Sixty-seven percent of blood donations is used to treat medical conditions such as anemia, cancer and other blood disorders. 27 percent is used in surgery, including cardiac surgery and other emergency surgeries and six percent is used to treat blood loss after childbirth. Each donor that gives blood is potentially saving three other people's lives!

Cera Fortner said that she hopes this is a real success. Abigail Hatfield agreed. She added, “I would hate to know that someone I cared about needed blood and couldn’t get it. Please consider making this donation.”

In Alabama, a blood donor must be at least 17 years old (16 with parental consent). With this in mind, we need your help!

Our students at GMS are all underage to donate and we would like to have a successful drive. Please consider taking time next Monday to come over to see us and “give the gift of life.”

Thank You, Mr. Calvert

By Michael Raulerson

Mr. Hunter Calvert has been a frequent substitute for many teachers in all grades at our school the last couple of years. This year, however he has spent so much time with us, he has become one of us!

He been long term subbing for four different teachers at our school. Being a long term sub means that you aren’t just there for a day or two but for several weeks at a time.

He started working earlier this year for Mrs. Coby, the media specialist, who retired during the fall semester. Then he subbed for Mrs. Williams, who retired at Christmas and Mrs. Samuels, who became the new media specialist.

Since the start of this semester, he has been subbing for Mrs. Croley while she was on maternity leave.

Mr. Calvert is son of Kim Calvert, the Guntersville Middle School library aide and the late Greg Calvert. He enjoys watching Alabama football, carpentry, playing pool and golfing when he is not working.

Mr. Calvert says his favorite part of being a substitute is getting to know the students and working with them to help them better understand their subject area material.

Mr. Calvert said he would like to be a teacher one day. ”I would definitely like to be a teacher," he said. "It is such a unique experience to teach and learn with the students.”

He said that being a substitute has allowed him to learn so much more about teaching than he could have believed. “It is excellent first-hand experience," he said. 

No matter what the job is, Mr. Calvert will be ready for it. We can’t see what he will be up to next.

Stoneman Douglas

By Perla Becerra

We all sadly now know the great tragedy that has happened at Stoneman Douglas High School. It's something no student should go through.

GMS has been working on sending cards to the students for when they returned to school.

Students of GMS have worked hard to give their most heartfelt thoughts into their cards. Emma Bearden said, ”I like the feeling when I feel as if I helped someone get back on their feet.”

DaShonna Calloway said, ”I want to let them know that they are safe and we are here for them.”

We have been hoping the cards that the GMS students give to the Stoneman Douglas High School students make them feel like they are not alone. DaShonna Calloway said, ”I want them to feel amazing and they will know we are here for them and that they are safe and we are praying for the students.”

Emma Bearden said, ”The students should feel like they have a meaning in this world."

GMS students hope that the letters we sent out to the Stoneman Douglas High School made the first day back at school a bit easier for them.


By Jadyn Bonds

  • Yearbook prices will go up soon. Get those orders in ASAP. The price is $35 and can be turned in to Mrs. Nunnelley.
  • If you have not turned in pictures for 8th grade ads, those can no longer be accepted.

6th Grade

  • March 12 -  Thomason, "The Wednesday Wars" novel test .
  • Thomason- Our 4th 9 weeks novel is "Hatchet" by Gary Paulson. If you would like to purchase a copy please, send $8 to Mrs. Thomason by March 14. Otherwise, please have your own copy in hand by March 26. Thank you.

7th Grade

  • March 12 – Nunnelley – Geography- 9 weeks class project due
  • March 15 - Nunnelley – Geography -Chapter 3 Section 2 and 3 Test

8th Grade

  • March 14  - Price, students bring $5 to purchase a copy of "A Midsummer Night's Dream (NO FEAR Shakespeare)."
  • March 15 - Stanfield, notebook check; element symbol test, element flash cards due
  • March 14 - Lemons, Algebra 1, Chapter 8 Lessons 1 - 4
  • Algebra 1 - Chapter 8 Test - Wednesday, March 14
  • 8th Grade Field Trip will be March 13th. Letters went home with each 8th grader on Thursday, Feb. 1, about the field trip. The cost of the trip for each student is $9 without a T-shirt or $17 with a T-shirt.


Do you know a talented 7th grader? The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation is in search of high-achieving 7th grade students to apply to this unique five-year, pre-college scholarship. Students selected to be Cooke Young Scholars will receive academic and college counseling, funding for enrichment activities, and the opportunity to join a community of ambitious peers.

All parts of the application must be submitted by March 21, 2018, at noon ET. If you or your students have any questions about this opportunity, please feel free to reach out to us at or call 800-941-3300 for more information.

Thank you for helping us find the next generation of Cooke Young Scholars!

Media Center

The GMS Media Center has purchased over 50 new books for our students to enjoy reading. Please come visit the Media Center and check out what's new.


March 15 - FCA will meet in the lunchroom during homeroom time. Thanks to the students who have brought in items for the Downtown Rescue Mission for Women & Children. We are responsible for bringing in the following items: bath towels, flip flops (for shower use), sheet sets (twin/full), and women's clothing. Please continue to bring in those items in through April.

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