David Kelley

David Kelley

Part of this article was missing when it ran on Saturday, Sept. 21. Here is the article reprinted in its entirety.

David Kelley, District 3 Commissioner of the Marshall County Commission, announces he will seek re-election in the 2020 political cycle.

Before becoming commissioner, Kelley was a longtime employee of District 3, serving over 20 years in all positions; as an operator, as the foreman, as an appointed Commissioner (by then Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley) to complete Buddy Allen's term, and then as the elected commissioner in 2016.

Kelley said he has been able to rebuild the district’s inventory of equipment, built a total of four bridges, and paved a number of the district’s roads. He said any success they have enjoyed is "due to the loyal employees with whom I have worked for years. My lead supervisor, Tony Harvey has over 25 years of service, with DeWayne Dobbins following closely behind him with over 15 years of service to the county in District 3."

Kelley is active in the Alabama Association of County Commissioners (AACC), serving on the Legislative Committee for the Marshall County Commission. He serves as a board member for TARCOG (Top of Alabama Regional Council of Governments). He has been a part of a program through the AACC called PLAN for the second year. PLAN is open to a limited number of county commissioners who are recognized for present and future leadership skills in County and State Government, Kelley said.

Kelley said he is currently in the process of submitting a number of projects to the state’s Rebuild Alabama Program, which could help rebuild  many of the farm-to-market roads which have been devastated by heavy weighted vehicles and flash flooding.

Kelley serves as vice-chairman of the Marshall County Commission.

"As the senior member of the four commissioners, I have attempted to influence many of the issues coming before the Commission," Kelley said. "I was the single vote against placing a car tag fee on the citizens of Marshall County effective January of 2020. I still believe the tax is a burden too far for the citizens in District 3 as well as the rest of the county.

Kelley's hobbies include a hunting camp left by his father Monroe Kelley to both he and his brother Charlie. Together the two brothers have developed the camp in southwest Alabama alongside the Tennessee-Tombigbee River into a haven for hunting, fishing and unwinding from chores.

"Many friends have had the pleasure of seeing the camp and sitting on the front porch enjoying friends when they are not hunting the wild hogs, deer, rabbits and other game in the area," Kelley said. 

Kelley and his wife Doris live on the family farm near the home site where David grew up. He attends Pleasant Grove Baptist Church where he has been a member most of his adult life. David serves with the Pleasant Grove Volunteer Fire Department, having one time been its chief. His daughter Sonja heads up Boaz City Parks and Recreation as director.

"I ask the voters of District 3 to allow me to serve one more four year term," Kelley said. "If elected, I have decided to focus primarily on upgrading the roads of District 3. In the last five years, we have directed much attention to upgrading cross drains; many of which were the old galvanized pipes which had rusted out. They have been replaced with ribbed polyurethane cross drains which have an unlimited life usage. This work has been part of the planning to prepare roads for paving in the next term. I appreciate the opportunity to serve the citizens of Marshall County District 3."

Alabama's primary election is March 3. Candidates are expected to start qualifying this fall. 

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