Eunice and Janice Wambura

Eunice and Janice Wambura received music awards at Lake Guntersville Music Academy's recital. 

Music Awards

On May 19, the Lake Guntersville Music Academy held its annual recital; awards were given to sisters Eunice and Janice Wambura for piano and voice. Their parents, Sarah and Bina Wambura stated that they are very proud of their daughters because of their hard work to achieve their goals, and that they could not have done it without the help of great teachers at Lake Guntersville Music Academy.

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June 8-22

June 9 - London Stewart

June 10 - Jacquelyn Clark

June 11 - Mark Hampton

June 12 - Linda Watkins; Christian Fennell

June 13 - Mazell Avery

June 14 - Teyana Watkins; Steve Hampton

June 16 - Traci Perdue; Kizzy Banks

June 17 - Ava Cloud; Valeria Moore

June 19 - Beverly Morris; Tangela Hampton

June 20 - Ja’Kobe Stewart; Bishop Faulks, Jr.

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Hello my name is Bina Wambura the father of the two girls Eunice and Janice.. first, I would like to thank you for posting their musical event. As you can see our last name is WAMBURA and not WAMBUSA, I would like to have that correct at list on the online website. That last name have a meaning and the missed spelled has a different meaning, and because of that I have not been able to share the post with relatives. Please help! Thank you!!


Thank you very much for spelling correction on the last name!

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