For his Eagle Scout project, local Boy Scout Michael Kaden Breaseale decided to capture the spirit of the holidays by placing “cross-eyed” Christmas trees around town to collect eyeglasses for those in need. 

Scoutmaster Brian Bright - who is a member of the Guntersville Lions Club - had placed a couple of the trees previously and served as Kaden's Eagle sponsor. Sight preservation is one of the Lions' main initiatives. 

Breaseale said he took on the project this year as his final work in the process to become an Eagle Scout.

He said he grew up in scouts, and although he considered leaving at one point, decided to see his journey through and pursue the title of Eagle Scout.

“I enjoyed doing my Eagle Scout project,” he said.

Breaseale partnered with the Lions Club to set up a unique collection of small Christmas trees complete with googly eyes alongside boxes to donate glasses in various locations throughout Guntersville and Grant.

Breaseale said the glasses are then collected by the Lions Club, cleaned, and sent out of the country to people all over the world who might need eyeglasses, but can’t afford them.

He said so far they have collected around 14 to 15 pairs of glasses, and the trees and opportunity to donate will stay available until after the first week in January.

Following that, he said they will all be collected to be sent off, and he will have to put together a final report and comprehensive packet to be sent out for review.

If it is accepted, Breaseale will have finished the final step in his journey to becoming an Eagle Scout.

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