Class Favorites

By Erin Martin

It is springtime at DAR, and the Journalism Club is working full-steam ahead to complete the yearbook. During the hustle of laying out yearbook pages, class favorites are one of the first sets of pictures to go in the book.

For each class (excluding the seniors, whose favorites will be included in the Senior Who’s Who portion of the yearbook) a beau, beauty, and two favorites are chosen. In a lot of classes, the votes came down to the wire, but in some, there was no debate.

In the freshman class, Tyler Darling was voted class beau, and Madison Moore was elected beauty, with Ella Morrison and Sy Stanfield as class favorites.

For the sophomores, the scores were especially close, but Hannah Carr received the title of class beauty with her beau being Kaleb Pitt. Emily McBee and Sky Pittson were voted class favorites.

In the junior class, Ben Sutton was voted class beau and Lisa Viscardi, one of this year’s foreign exchange students, was voted class beauty. Class favorites were Drew Aultman and Ivy Carmack.

This year’s batch of favorites has proved to be full of great students who represent each class. Their photos will appear in this year’s edition of the yearbook, allowing their classmates to remember them for years to come.

Sleep in the Deep

By Erin Martin

As any AP Biology student will tell you, it’s a difficult class that includes countless long nights and hours of work to complete the projects and assignments that go along with the course.

For all of their efforts, the students receive a special treat during the second semester. Just last week, the students traveled to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, where they spent the night “sleeping in the deep.”

When they arrived at the aquarium, the students saw an IMAX movie about the ocean. Following the IMAX movie, the students took a tour of the aquarium, where they saw all sorts of marine life they had been studying in class.

Once the tour was over, the students set up camp in the underwater cavern, where they were surrounded by an enormous aquarium. They even had the chance to handle snakes, and to pass time during the night, they played a few fun games. In the morning, the kids finished their tour of the aquarium exhibits before leaving Chattanooga.

“I had so much fun! It was honestly my favorite field trip ever. I really enjoy marine science and I learned a lot,” said Drew Aultman, whose favorite part was getting to pet the rays.

According to Drew, the field trip was a one-time opportunity that has made all of his hard work in the AP Biology class worth the trouble.

Track Scholarship

By Devin Jones

DAR Senior Haley Hughes was recently recognized for her talents in the sport of cross country.

She just signed a full scholarship for track to the University of Auburn-Montgomery. Auburn-Montgomery is a Division 2 school in the Gulf South Conference, governed by the Auburn University Board of trustees. Haley has been a DAR track star with 15 top 10 finishes during her high school track career. She has also been on the All-County team twice and has had three state qualifiers. She was also a North-South All-Star Team Member.

Congratulations to Haley in her future college and track career!

Talent Show

By Devin Jones

The DAR High School SGA sponsored a student talent show for the final event in “March Madness.”

Most of the acts in the talent show sang or played an instrument. Breneth Caccam sang and played the guitar, and many people thought she sang amazingly. Kristin Chandler sang a song she wrote, and she accompanied herself on the guitar. It was absolutely breathtaking said many, and people were impressed by her courage to get up in front of the whole high school and perform her own song and play an instrument. Amber Ivy commented that Kristin balanced both her vocals and electric guitar almost perfectly and flawlessly.

Amber also said that she knows many of the people probably got embarrassed and didn't sing at their full potential. Nick Hardin played the piano. Shelby Lang said, “The Piano Man,” played quite a snazzy tune and I adored it.”

Gregory Scholl did “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons. “It was good, Gregory rocked it!” said Sara Roe.

Also performing were Matthew Laski, Josie Chandler, Ariel Traynor , Blaine Grayson, Edgar Hau-Matus, and Michael Dossett.

When the talent show came to a close, the first place winner was Kristen Chandler, and she won $75. In second place, Josie Collier won for singing and playing an instrument. In third place was Blaine Grayson, who played guitar and sang a country song. Nick Harden, “Piano Man,” was the “People’s Choice,” after online voting by the audience.

Zoo Trip

By Devin Jones

The freshman class at DAR High School took a field trip to the Birmingham Zoo with their biology classes.

Emily Smith said, “It was a very informational trip and I learned a lot about lions, elephants, and monkeys.” Emily said that she walked around all the exhibits, rode the train around the zoo, and fed the lorikeet birds,which are indigenous to Australia. Emily said she learned that there are less than 6,000 lions left in the world. One of her favorite parts of the zoo was the monkey exhibit and how when she would call them, they would respond. She said her second favorite part was the Alabama exhibit. Hailie Logan’s favorite part of the zoo was the big cats and watching them in their habit.

Cyleena Chambers, one of Mrs. Weem’s students, said she learned a lot in her class at the zoo. They learned about the genotypes and phenotypes of the animals there and the traits their offspring might have.

Cyleena said that the woman there ruined the Lion King movie for her though, because the Lion King movie producers were sued for portraying hyenas as mean, evil, and dumb. She said most of the cages were being cleaned at the time they visited, which was kind of a bummer, though she still enjoyed the trip.

She loved seeing the flamingos. She said,¨The flamingos were really beautiful this time of year. Their colors were very bright, healthy, and vibrant.¨

Senior Spotlight:

Jeffery Lee 

By Georgia Turner

Jeffery Lee will be graduating this year. He lives with his parents Matthew and Janice Lee. He is on the track and field team, and he likes to play basketball and collect old things.

His favorite class is Coach Holland’s history class, because Coach Holland makes it fun, and Jeffery really likes history. His favorite teacher is Coach Rice, because he teaches real life things, and Jeffery believes that he has learned more in that class than in the rest of his high school career. His least favorite class is math, because he doesn’t think that any math after 10th grade is useful after high school.

If Jeffery could change anything about our school, he would make it so it doesn’t matter how much money anyone has, who their parents are, or what sports they play, so that we are all equal.

If he could go anywhere in the world, Jeffery wants to go to Australia. On his bucket list is a road trip across the United States and some of Canada. He also wants to do skydiving and hanging out with Travis Scott for a day.

If he were stranded on a desert island, and he could pick three things to have with him, Jeffery would want a lighter, a tent, and a beautiful woman.

On the weekend, he likes to hang out with his friends, who he thinks would describe him as wild and athletic. He would describe his friends as wild, funny, and lazy. He thinks that his teachers would say that he is a troublemaker. His idea of a perfect date is eating Chick-fil-a on a cliff and watching the sunset.

Jeffery’s hero is his grandfather Joe Franks, because, “He taught me so much through the years. He was the hardest working man I have ever met, and he always put family first. He left his mark on me, and I will forever try to grow into the man he was.” If Jeffery could have dinner with anyone, he would have dinner with his grandfather, because he would give anything to see and talk to him again.

In ten years, he sees himself working for the City of Grant with a beautiful family, living in a nice house that he builds with his uncle, Joe Wayne.

If Jeffery could change anything about his high school experience, he would focus more on his classes. His advice to underclassmen is “Don't just scrub by. Don’t wait for your senior year and last semester to actually try, do your work, get it done. It will save you a lot of stress in the end.”

Senior Spotlight:

Ryleigh Murphy

By Georgia Turner

Ryleigh Murphy lives with her mother Cindy, her stepdad Byron, and her little sister Kaitlyn.

She is a member of the FBLA and she is on the cheer team. With a shortage of senior cheerleaders this year, Ryleigh stepped up to the plate to be a good example to the underclassmen cheerleaders.

Her friends would describe her as sweet, funny, and shy. She would describe her friends as loyal, sweet, and outgoing. Her teachers believe that she is quiet and hardworking. She loves spending her weekends with her amazing friends and family.

Ryleigh’s favorite class is chemistry, because it challenges her in math and science, which she enjoys. Her favorite teacher is Ms. Gluck, because she is really helpful in class and with things concerning other classes. Her least favorite class is English, because she thinks it is boring.

If she could visit anywhere else in the world, she would visit Australia, because she loves animals, and Australia has some crazy ones that she wants to see.

On Ryleigh’s bucket list is going to Australia, petting a flamingo (her favorite animal), donating a lot of money to St. Jude’s hospital, and becoming a mother. If she could have dinner with anyone, she would have dinner with Adam Levine and invite her mom so that she can meet him.

Her idea of a perfect date is dinner at PF Chang's and a movie. If she were deserted on an island, she would want to have a knife, a pan, and a lighter with her.

If Ryleigh could change one thing about DAR, she would get rid of the bullies, because it breaks her heart to see people being made fun of for their appearance.

In 10 years, she aspires to be a traveling nurse, so that she can save lives and see the world at the same time. Her personal hero is her mom, because she says, “She has made me the woman I am today. She has shown me how strong a woman can be even through the roughest times.”

She doesn’t have anything about high school that worries her, but she regrets not taking her grades seriously for her freshman and sophomore years. She also wishes that she had started cheer earlier. Ryleigh’s advice to underclassmen is to try your best on your grades and start studying for the ACT now.


1. Seniors can now start paying their graduation fee. Total is $85. See Mrs. Finley for more information.

2. Students who plan to dual enroll this summer or fall: Northeast will be here on April 30.

3. Yearbooks are now on sale. Cost is $75. Only a limited number are ordered, so don’t miss out. Deadline to order is April 18.

4. Spanish Honor Society Induction will be Monday, April 29, at 8 a.m. Inductees will receive an invitation to join.

5. The Art Club Lowe Mill trip is scheduled for April 25. The cost is $10. You can pay Mrs. Edmonds now through April 19th.

6. NACC is presenting Beauty and the Beast free to all seniors and juniors on Tuesday, April 23. Activities begin at 5:30.

7. LOST & FOUND - Students you can check the lost and found in the high school office if you have lost any items.

8. SGA and class officer elections for the 2020 school year will be April 29. Candidate packets are available in the high school office. Packets are due back to Mrs. Weems by April 10.

9. Senior Grad Nite Six Flags permission slip and money is due by April 10. Please pay Mrs. Sanderson.

10. Just a reminder that there is a Patriot Pantry in the library. A student can see Mrs. T. Sutton any time to get a bag of food to take home if there is a need. There are also products such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, etc. Please use this service if you have a need.


These students will be celebrating their birthdays during the coming week.

April 10 – Dakota Driver

April 11 – Lance Clark

April 12 – Camden Dooley, Paxton Seeley

April 15 – Justin Balch

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