Prom Court 2019

By Georgia Turner

Each year, junior and senior students get to vote on the members of the prom court. They also choose a junior class Prom Princess and Prom Prince, and a senior class Prom King and Prom queen.

Members of the junior court were: Rita Viviani, Anna Card, Mikaila Scott, Lisa Viscardi, Caleigh Walker, Justin Stubblefield, Landen Harbin, Kevin Ko, Ben Sutton, and Koltyn Harbin.

Members of the senior court were: Kennedy Allen, Maggie Mance, Kristin Chandler, Peyton Lankford, Bailee Chandler, Brayden Lewis, Braden NIckell, Will Bailey, Dylan Baker, and Riley Adair.

This year’s Prom Prince was Kevin Ko, who is a foreign exchange student from Taiwan. The Prom Princess was Mikaila Scott.

This year’s Prom King was Riley Adair, and Prom Queen was Kristin Chandler. All members of the prom court were introduced and given flowers.

Congressional Art 2019

By Georgia Turner

Art students from DAR competed in the 2019 Congressional art competition. The competition was put on by Alabama Congressman Robert Aderholt. Students could enter their work in seven different categories: photography, painting, drawing, mixed media, collage, printmaking and computer generated art. DAR High had several winners at the competition.

Chloe Smith, a senior, placed first in Computer Generated Art. Her piece is called “Sunflower,” and it shows two people sitting in a sunflower field.

She was inspired to do this piece by a couple of pictures she saw on Pinterest. To create the piece, she used a stylus and drew on a tablet. She said that the piece took her around four days.

Kennedy Allen, a senior, placed second in painting. Her painting was of the Trail of Tears. She said that she did it to give to her grandfather, who really loves Indians and thinks they are interesting. She was inspired to do the background the way that she did by Bob Ross, a famous artist.

Mikaila Scott, a junior, placed second in drawing. Her drawing was of a girl who has shadowy hands reaching for her.

Willa Castle, a senior, placed second in printmaking. Printmaking is done by carving a piece of wood with the picture, and then you can use ink or paint to print the painting onto paper.

Cameron Cooper, a senior, placed second in photography, and Morgan Gore, a junior, placed third in photography.

Kristin Chandler did not place, but she is planning on selling her painting to a buyer. The painting shows the night sky over the trees and is called “Night Light.” She did the painting when she was bored and said that it took about an hour. Kristin was inspired to paint this because she likes painting space.

All of the students who competed at Congressional got to meet Congressman Aderholt and shake hands with him. Everyone had a great time, and they were proud of placing in such a large competition.

According to the students from DAR that competed, the other schools also had amazing art work. All of DAR’s art students are looking forward to next year’s Congressional show and hopefully placing.

Math Team

By Erin Martin

On April 6, the DAR Math Team hit the road and drove to the University of Alabama in Birmingham for an awesome tournament, where they placed sixth overall and fifth in the comprehensive category.

Their coach, Mrs. Sanderson, is especially proud of the team because they had to get up very early on a Saturday morning, travel to Birmingham, compete, and then return home to get ready for prom that evening!

When the team arrived at UAB, they waited to check in and finally were able to go to their testing room. There were five rounds with eight individual questions and two team questions based on various types of math like statistics, algebra, geometry, and ciphering. Lucas Collier, a senior, said it was a good day, and that his favorite part was the presentation of trophies at the end.

After the awards ceremony, the team ate at Jack’s before heading home with their trophies. In addition to the wins at UAB, the team also did very well at their first real competition at UAH. This is the first year that the high school has had a math team in quite a while, and if it

Sociology Field Trip

By Erin Martin & Georgia Turner

Often times, students love to bring politics or other hot, controversial topics into the classroom to add a little bit of interesting fun to what they would consider their otherwise boring studies.

However, the debates can never last long, since their schoolwork awaits, but there is one class where students can flesh out their opinions: sociology. Myra Sutton's sociology class at DAR studies how human interactions influence our world, so naturally, controversial topics are welcome.

Recently, the class has been compiling a list of controversial questions for a random, anonymous survey to be given to students. Some of those burning questions focus on abortion, immigration, social programs, and other hot topics in the political arena right now.

A controversial movie called "Unplanned" hit theaters in the past month, and in light of their studies, the students were eager to see it. The movie is the true story of Abby Johnson, a woman who worked as a clinic director for Planned Parenthood. She was an avid supporter of abortion, but when she witnessed one firsthand, the experience didn’t sit well.

It changed Abby’s perspective on everything, and she was forced to take a closer look at what continuing her job at Planned Parenthood might mean for her.

Mrs. Sutton was encouraged to watch the movie by two students at DAR who had seen it. She watched it, and she thinks that this movie is a great thing and that more people need to see it, because many people don’t understand what they are actually choosing when they are pro-choice.

She said, “We often glamorize things in our society that aren’t good and shouldn’t be glamorized.”

Chloe Bearden and Lauren Evett both had to leave the movie early for a softball game, but they liked the movie and thought it was very emotional. Some students were nervous about what they would see in the movie and thought that the beginning, the abortion, was very difficult to watch, including Emily McBee, Georgia Turner, and Erin Martin.

Preston Huckaba’s favorite part was when Abby talks a lady out of her abortion, and Chris Hau-Matus liked when the clinic shuts down at the end of the movie.

Seth Esslinger, Abigail Ikard, and Alayna Rice all thought that the movie was a little too biased. Many students spoke of how sad the movie was and that they cried.

The kids went to see the movie at the Bridge Street Cinemark and had lunch afterward, before loading up to go back to school. All of the students had a wonderful time, and many of them came away from the movie with some food for thought. Most of them agree that pro-life or pro-choice, everyone should see the movie to gain a deeper understanding of this topic that is so relevant in today’s society.

Mrs. Sutton says that she plans on showing the movie to her future sociology classes and wants to show more films like it. 

Senior Spotlight:

Dakota Driver

By Nikole BInkley

Senior spotlight Dakota Driver lives with his parents, Dewey and Michelle Driver, and his siblings, Ashton Driver and Sawyer Driver. His favorite class is at the tech school, because he likes the automotive section of the class.

Dakota’s favorite teacher is Mr. Oliver, because he is the teacher at the tech school.

If Dakota could go any place in the world, he would go to Australia, because it would be fun. If he was stranded on a deserted island, he would bring food, water, and his phone. He envisions himself as working as a diesel mechanic ten years from now. If he could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, he would have dinner with his grandmother, because he never got the chance to speak with her.

Dakota would change the rules at our school if he could. His least favorite subject is algebra and his favorite subject is tech. He spends his weekends working.

Dakota’s hobbies are hunting, fishing and hanging out with friends. Three adjectives that Dakota’s friends would describe him as are funny, kind, and hard working.

Adjectives he would use to describe his friends would be smart, friendly, and outgoing. His teachers would describe Dakota as sleepy, smart and friendly. If he could pick five adjectives to describe himself, they would be hardworking, kind, book smart, tall and funny. His idea of a first best date would be something the girl wants, as long as they have time to talk. 

Senior Spotlight:

Landon Jimerson

By Michael Burton

Senior Spotlight Landon Jimerson lives with his mother, stepdad David, and shorkie dog, Finnick. His favorite class is Anatomy and Physiology, because the dissections freak him out. His least favorite class is English, because he dislikes reading a lot.

He would love to travel to Fort Worth, Texas, so he can watch a TCU home game. His hero is Jeff Probst because his favorite show is Survivor, and Landon would love to be on the show one day. He would love to have dinner with Lebron James, because he is the GOAT. One day Landon hopes to have a sports agency of his own.

Landon is on the football team. He also is in National Honor Society, Historical Society, Spanish Honor Society, FBLA, and he is the senior class president. His hobbies include watching football and watching Survivor. He spends most of his weekends hanging out with friends or going to his dad’s house.

The thing Landon fears the most about high school is graduating and having to be on his own. He wouldn’t change anything about our school, because he thinks it’s the best school ever. He would love to relive his entire last season of football. 


1. The deadline for seniors to pay their graduation fee is May 4th. The total fee is $85. Seniors must also have all of their class fees paid before they can get their cap and gown. See Mrs. Finley for more information.

2. Spanish Honor Society Induction will be Monday, April 29th at 8 a.m. Inductees will receive an invitation to join.

3. New Beginnings Cosmetology School will be here on May 1 at 1 p.m. in the library for any Seniors or Juniors that would like more information about their program.

4. Day Without Hate is Friday, April 26. This is an annual celebration of kindness. On this day we wear white to show solidarity and support for victims of school violence and bullying. The SGA has a full day of events planned to help celebrate this occasion. Please be on the look-out for information from your class officers regarding what you can do to make this wonderful day a success.


The following students will be celebrating their birthday during the coming week:

April 25 – Dylan Baker, Matthew Laski

April 26 – Hunter Wildman, Tyler Hughey, Ella Morrison, Riley Hancock, Will Keller

April 29 – Sabrina Crabtree, James Binkley

April 30 – Will Thrasher, Amber Ivy, Sky Pittson

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