Beta Club Wins

By Lillian Jackson

The DAR High School Beta Club attended the National Beta Club convention in Savannah, Georgia, this summer. The club members were impressed with the city of Savannah and all of the Beta Club events.

They stayed in a beautiful old home in the historic district, toured the city, and even got to go to the beach at Tybee Island. Besides touring the city, members who placed in the top three at the state convention were able to compete in various national level competitions such as club scrapbook, visual arts, technology, woodworking, trading pin design, and a creative problem-solving competition.

One of our club’s favorite activities at the convention was club trading pins. It was a good way to meet Betas from all around the country and collect interesting Beta pins at the same time. My favorite part of the convention is meeting new people and getting to better know my own club members. The talent competitions at the convention were also very impressive and very entertaining.

Besides the wonderful memories and experiences, our club brought home two national awards. Mikaila Scott placed 2nd in the nation in visual arts pencil drawing category. She did an amazing pencil drawing of a girl with her face shaded by light coming through a window blind.

Jeffery Clark placed 6th in the nation for his woodworking. He made a segmented clock with 78 pieces of different types of wood.

Isabella Clark and Shelby Baugh, Beta Club officers who both graduated in May, went to the convention to compete for their last time as Betas. Isabella said, “Beta Club and the conventions were the best part of high school for me, and I will really miss it next year.”

Patriot Preview Day

By Erin Bolton

On August 6, the freshman had a Patriot Preview Day and all the 9th graders had a chance to tour the high school and learn about all the opportunities high school has to offer.

The students got to meet all the teachers. After all the touring and talking, there was a pep rally. The activities were fun and entertaining.

During the pep rally, the band played music. The kids did barrel races, ball relays and other fun things.

“My favorite activity was the one with the hula hoops,” Kyra Magrum said.

When all the kids got to the gym and settled down before the tours started, the teachers gave speeches about rules and expectations.

“It felt somewhat easy coming into high school. It was worth going to,” said Shelby Lang.

The kids learned all about what to expect from high school. From my experience, this program was very helpful and made me less nervous about the first day of school.

Patriot Preview Day was helpful to many kids and very fun.

Freshmen Preview

By Kayleigh Lee

The Ninth Grade Patriot Preview day on August 6 was a very eventful day for the new incoming freshman at KDS DAR High School. When the freshman first arrived, they were talked to about the rules such as dress code, the new phone policy, etc.

The freshman got to get their lockers, schedules, class T-shirts, and then they got to meet some of their teachers. Next, the ninth graders went to homeroom and got snacks and drinks. Their snack and drink consisted of Chick-n- Minis from Chick-fil-a and a choice between lemonade and tea.

When they got done with their snacks, they went back to the gym and sat in the bleachers by homeroom, so they could have a mini pep rally with tons of games. These games consisted of relay races, over-and-under with the basketball, hula-hoop games, and wheel barrel races in groups of four, and tug-a-war. The ninth graders had no choice but to participate in the games.

Emily Bean, a ninth grader that came to the event said, “It was a fun experience that made me less nervous coming into the ninth grade.”

Zoe Cox gave her opinion and said, “I have never experienced anything like the Patriot Preview before. It was something new, but it was definitely exciting.”

Another student said that his favorite part of the Patriot Preview was playing the game, and that it was an enjoyable experience.

Cell Phone Policy

By Hunter Wildman

Returning back to school can be exciting and joyful for everyone. Friends come together after a long summer and see if anyone has changed.

Want to know what has changed? School rules!!

The new rules include attendance policy, grading policy, and as everyone knows, the cell phone policy. So I went around and asked students how they feel about the phone policy. Many students had a lot to say!

Ben Sutton said, “I agree that we should not have our phones out all day, but we should be allowed to use them at certain times, like break and lunch.”

Bella Walker said, “I think that each teacher should decide whether they want to use phones or not, because some teachers need kids to use their phones during class.”

Lauren Evett said, “I do not agree with the cell phone policy because each student should be able to have them out when appropriate… such as at break, lunch or after all the work is done.”

Drew Aultman said, “No student likes the policy, but if phones caused so much trouble in the past, maybe a restriction may do everyone a favor.”

Caleigh Walker said, “I believe the cell phone policy is doing a lot of teachers a favor, but the students should be able to use phones at appropriate times. Some students abused that though when we tried to enforce that.”

Billy Mote said, “The cell phone policy is good in some ways, but it is not so good in others. The good thing about it is that people won’t rely on their phones for everything during school. The bad thing is that there are appropriate times to use our phones. During break and lunch time we should be allowed to use our phones. If you have a family emergency or something related you would never know because you aren’t going to be able to check your phone.”

Ally O’Neal said, “I think that we should be able to use our phones during lunch and break. If the new firewall is so great and blocks VPN, then why bother saying that we can’t? What could we do anyways? Play a game?”

Spanish and English teacher Sherry Brown said, “I think the new policy is awesome. I can already tell a difference. Students are paying more attention in class because they are not caught up in drama on social media.”

Lastly, Lillian Jackson said, “Personally, I think a new cell phone policy has its pros and cons. The new policy eliminated some other distractions that students have had to deal with in the past. Though this is true, it also limited the responsibilities in the classroom, such as reminder and Google Classroom without Chromebooks.”

Everyone has basically the same opinion, but I want to have one too. I think that this policy is trying to take away distractions. They are enforcing the Marshall County School Handbook. Teachers want to avoid distractions, but it isn’t avoiding anything.

Now, this distracts us even more. People will get teachers distracted by talking about this policy. The policy is trying to do some good, but it’s actually doing more bad than good! Student want to sign petitions and go on strike. No one is is happy about this policy, not even some of the teachers. There are some who think this is a good policy that is being enforced.

Just think about dress up days where we are supposed to show school spirit. We can’t take pictures of our outfits. If we can’t show them off, then why wear them? Everyone is so scared to get their phones out because no one wants their phone taken. Are we just supposed to be scared until some more rules are enforced? That is my opinion. But, these are the rules and whether we like it or not, we must follow them.


1. Yearbooks are available for pick-up during school hours. If you did not order a yearbook and would like one, see Mrs. Clark. There are a few left for sale at $75.

2. Fall sports pictures (volleyball, football, cheer, band, color guard, cross-country) are scheduled for Sept. 11. The forms and a schedule will be given out to coaches in the next few weeks. These will be individual and team pictures.

3. Senior portrait make-ups are scheduled for Oct. 9. See Mrs. Clark for an appointment time. There is a $30 sitting fee (checks made out to Lifetouch Studios). The photographers will do formal portraits, casuals poses and cap and gown shots. You must have your senior yearbook photo made by Lifetouch in order to have your formal portrait in the yearbook.

4. Balfour will be here August 23 to deliver class rings and letterman jackets.

5. There will be a pep rally on Friday, August 24. The dress-up day theme is “Safari.”

5. Please do not try to pay your school fees yet. Mrs. Finley will make an announcement about when you can pay them.


The following students will be celebrating their birthday during the coming week:

August 22 – Chase Beshears, Sara McGee

August 23 – Dalton Pontes, Christian Lyle

August 24 – Kaylei Whitaker, Hannah Benton

August 25 – Landon Sims

August 26 – Charles Brown, Heaven Watt, Tessa Herrin

August 27 – Elysa Pierce, Alex Aultman, Amber Bevier

August 28 – Ethan Ayers, Randy Fletcher, Dean Campbell

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