Fashion Manufacturing Tour

By Kaitlyn Holland

On Monday, Mrs. Clarks’ fashion class went on a field trip to explore the jobs that are related to fashion. They went to Factory Connection headquarters and warehouse to explore how much work goes into sorting, packaging, and selling to retail stores. When interviewing some of the students after the first tour, they said that people who work in factories do a lot of manual labor.

After the tour the class had lunch at Burger King in Guntersville.

The next tour was at Kappler Industries where we saw people make protective clothing for police, firefighters, EMS, medical professionals and more. We walked through the whole warehouse beginning with how they make the material to the finishing touches. The tour was very educational and taught students that fashion goes farther than models and fashion shows.

Mckenna Adair said that her favorite part of the field trip was Factory Connection because she enjoyed seeing how much work goes into running a chain of stores.

Olivia Pool liked Kappler and said that she’d like to try out one of their sewing machines because it goes so much faster than the ones we use at school.

I wanted to try a machine too and wondered how the workers didn’t get their hands caught because the machines moved so fast.

After the tours, Sy Stanfield said seeing the work done at Kappler made him reconsider his major.

Exotic Pet

By Savannah Brown

Maggie Prinkley owns an unusual pet and brought him to school last week. Knuckles, a one-year old hedgehog, got everyone’s attention during his visit to school. Maggie got him from a friend a couple of months ago. She never really thought about owning a hedgehog, but when her friend showed her it, Maggie thought it was cute.

Hedgehogs are not easy to take care of. They must be kept in warm temperatures, they need special food, and they need a specific sized home. They aren’t exactly warm and cuddly and you have to watch out for their quills when you hold them. They also hiss at you if they are upset or don’t like you. Even so, Maggie hopes to own another hedgehog in the near future.

Howie Boxley's

Senior Spotlight

By Elizabeth Mitchell

Howie Boxley is a senior at DAR High School and is a member of the basketball and tennis teams. He is involved in Leo Club, Patriot Vision AV Club and Spanish Honor Society. His favorite class is AP literature with Coach Keller. He likes this class because Coach Keller shows the students new perspectives. His favorite teacher is Coach Holland because he's funny and down to earth and the way he teaches, it’s like you’re having a conversation with him.

Howie’s after school plans are to go to the University of Alabama to major in broadcasting or maybe something medical. His dream job is to announce for the Atlanta Braves. His favorite high school memory was last year when the basketball team won the area championship. One of his regrets about high school is not being involved as much as he wanted. He also wishes that he would have taken economics/government with Coach Holland. One thing that Howie would like to say to the underclassmen is don't take anything for granted.

Land Judging

By Preston Huckaba

The DAR FFA Land Judging team made it all the way to District this year. In order to join the land judging team, you have to be in FFA and it also helps to be in Coach Hicks’ agriculture class. Practice for land judging includes looking at soil samples, observing the land for any dips, and looking for water run off areas. Cory Sisk, who is part of the land judging team, placed 172 in District. DAR placed 36 out of 40 teams. The students had lots of fun getting out of the classroom and spending quality time with nature.

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