FCS Cookie Decorating

By Nehamiah Zacharias

This month, the Event Planning class took a holiday cookie decorating class, which was taught by one of the Family Consumer Science advisory board members,Telah Wrenn. Mrs. Wrenn is the owner of Telah's Cozy Cookies, a very popular bakery that makes and sells fancy, decorated sugar cookies for all kinds of special events. Mrs. Telah talked to the class about how she started her business and how she comes up with cookie design ideas. She also talked about some of the challenges of her business.

Students were able to decorate different cookies and learned a few different decorating techniques. The first cookie they decorated was a Christmas ornament. They had to outline the cookie with the thicker icing and then fill in with the thinner icing. The second cookie they decorated was a Christmas tree, then they did an ugly Christmas sweater design. The final cookie was a pickup truck with a Christmas tree in the back.

From what I saw from observing these Event Planning students, not only were they learning what the working life of a creative cookie decorator was, but they were also having fun with it all. Seeing the smiles on these students' faces as they learned how to decorate cookies reminded me of how the holidays should be. The cookies when the decorating was done were really great, and I saw some very creative cookie designs. 

Christmas Charities

By Erin Martin

As the Christmas season rolls around, the students at DAR High School are taking a step back to be thankful for all they have. In the true spirit of Christmas, students at DAR are participating in multiple fundraisers and activities to help make Christmas a time of joy for everyone.

The Beta Club at DAR sponsored two children for Christmas this year, both one year old boys. The Beta students came together after receiving a Christmas list of what the boys needed and wanted for Christmas and went shopping to find the perfect gifts. On both of the boys’ wish lists were winter clothes and toys, along with some other necessities. In the long run, the coalition turned out better than expected, with the boys receiving the items on their lists and so much more. There were enough cash donations in addition to the gifts, that the Beta Club was able to help provide gifts for other children who didn't get adopted by the deadline.

On top of this, the Spanish Club is taking the Christmas spirit all the way out of the states and to Guatemala, where a few children will receive bags filled with goodies from DAR. To participate, students fill a gallon sized Ziploc bag with goodies for a child of a specific age group and gender. In some cases, these bags serve as the children’s one and only Christmas gift, which means that the students work extra hard to fill them with things the children will enjoy. They can contain anything from necessary items like soap and toothbrushes, to toys and clothes, as well as a letter and picture from the sender of the bag.

Penny Wars is also going on at the high school, with money being donated to help an additional five children in our local community have a merry Christmas holiday. Here at DAR, we have a lot to be thankful for, and this Christmas, the students and faculty at the school are doing their best to spread the love to the corners of the world it may not always reach. From Christmas Coalition to gifts for Guatemala, DAR is trying its best to make an impact on as many people as possible this Christmas. They are certainly progressing toward the goal of making

Beta Club & FCLA Trip

By Nehamiah Zacharias

The Beta Club and FCCLA club took a trip to the Tut Fann Veterans Home in Huntsville. As a service project, the clubs decorated the walls and windows of the dining room at the veterans home with different Christmas scenes. After decorating, we all played Christmas bingo with the veterans. They seemed very happy that we were there and had a great time visiting and telling stories about Christmas when they were young. I think the best part of the trip was when we were interacting with the veterans.

After the bingo games were over, we helped pass out plates of sweets such as cupcakes, cookies, fudge, etc. After everything was over, we cleaned up, said our goodbyes, and walked to the bus. Once we got back onto the bus, one of the veterans came and said how much he appreciated us being there and that there were no words for how happy we made them. After we left the veterans, we went to the Parkway Place Mall and ate our lunch, then

Penny Wars

By Georgia Turner

Penny Wars, sponsored by the SGA, started on November 26th. It will be ending on December 12th. Currently, the juniors are in the lead with 3,228 points, the freshman are in second place with 2,405 points, the sophomores are in third with 2,103 points, and the seniors are in last with 1,087 points.

The points were last counted on December 4th.

The money is going to sponsor Christmas for local children through Grant First Baptist Church. Pennies are one point each, nickels are five points, dimes are ten points, and quarters are 25 points. You can take away points from other grades by putting bills in their container. Last year’s Penny Wars went very well, raising $1,200. With the money, the SGA was able to sponsor 8 kids for Christmas. This is only the second year of Penny Wars, but Mrs. Weems wants to make it an annual SGA activity.

I would like to leave you with this question: Would a Sacagawea coin count towards your points positively or negatively?

Penny Wars will be ending on December 12th, so make sure to bring in your spare change to help your grade for a good cause!

Senior Spotlight:

Jayden Conn 

By Nehamiah Zacharias

Jayden Conn is a senior at DAR High School. He lives with his parents and his younger sister. Math is his favorite class, because it’s easy. Mrs. Edmonds is his favorite teacher.

If he could go anywhere in the world, it would be Japan, because he likes martial arts.

If he were to go to a deserted island, he would bring a sword, a book so he could read, and flint and steel so he could start a fire. His hero is Stan Lee, because Jayden is super into Marvel, and Stan Lee basically created the Marvel universe.

If Jayden could have dinner with anyone in the world, or throughout history, it would be Martin Luther King Jr., because when he was growing up, Jayden always thought that segregation was interesting.

If he could change anything about our school, Jayden would change the lunch, because he used to love it, but now he doesn’t. History is his least favorite subject, because he says we learn the same stuff over and over again. He usually spends his free time hanging out with his friends and going to church. His hobbies include playing video games, playing football, and just hanging with friends in general.

Leaving high school worries Jayden, because he doesn’t know if he’s ready for the outside world or not. He just plays football, no clubs or other school activities. He wishes he wouldn’t have joined football so late and that he had played earlier in his high school career. His friends would describe him as kind, weird and lazy. His teachers would describe him as kind, quiet, and hard working. He describes himself as kind and an overall nice guy.

Taking a stroll and just talking and getting to know each other is his idea of the ideal first date. Hopefully, he will have a family and be successful in the future. He’d like to travel the world and explore all the


  • Listen up Patriots! Clean out your car and flip those couch cushions...December 1st marked the start of our annual Penny Wars! Jugs to collect change and dollar bills will be placed in the library in front of Mrs. Sutton’s office. Remember, cents are plus points and bills are minus points. It doesn’t matter the amount of money in your jar, just the points. So, put change in your class jug and bills in other classes jugs. The goal is to raise enough money to sponsor 5 local kids for Christmas. Patriot Points and pride are on the line, so get your game face on. Penny Wars are on!!.
  • Tacky Sweater dress-up day is December 14.
  • Semester exams are December 17 (even period classes) and December 18 (odd period classes). Make-up exams will be given on December 19, but only with a doctor’s excuse.
  • No school for students December 20 - January 4. Students return to school on January 7, 2019.


The following students will be celebrating birthdays during the coming week:

Dec. 12 – Dakota Payne, Robert McCamey

Dec. 15 – Nehamiah Zacharias

Dec. 16 – Kaden Perry, Zaine Corum

Dec. 17 – Macy Stapler, Hailie Logan

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