UCA Nationals

By Erin Martin

Recently, the DAR High School cheerleaders attended UCA Nationals in Orlando after winning a bid to the competition in early November. Once they won the bid, the girls started preparing immediately, perfecting their routine to compete on the national stage.

The girls flew to Orlando the night before the competition and competed the next day. They received zero deductions on their deduction sheet and placed ninth in the nation in semifinals, being only 0.8 points away from the finals competition. Even though the competition didn’t end in a win, the girls had an amazing trip experiencing the magic of Disney World together.

They enjoyed special privileges at the parks, getting to stay for additional hours after certain parks closed, courtesy of Disney.

“My favorite part was riding the big rides at Magic Kingdom –Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Splash Mountain –with the team. I loved getting to experience a lot of new things at Disney World.” said Sara-Kate McGee, a sophomore on the team.

Coach Kailee Stephens is optimistic about their odds at next year’s competition, hopeful next year they will make it to finals and maybe even place. The girls share her optimism, excited to go back as soon as possible with their teammates and coach and experience the magic of Disney all over again.

Artist of Month:

Jessica McGee

By Olivia Pool

Jessica McGee got artist of the month for February. Jessica’s favorite medium to use for her artwork is mixed media. Mixed media is the use of different media, such as oil paint, watercolor, or paper collage, in a work of art. She spends at least one to two hours a day doing her artwork. Jessica’s favorite piece of artwork is “Starry Night” by Van Gogh.

Jessica has not had any private lessons other than what she learns with Ms. Edmonds in the art room at KDS DAR. She uses nature as an inspiration for the art pieces that she completes.

Jessica has won 3rd place in mixed media at the Congressionals Art Expo. She does not have any plans to continue in art as a career. She plans to go into nursing as a pediatric nurse.

Congratulations on your recognition as artist of the month, Jessica McGee.

Senior Spotlight

Tyler Douglas

By Michael Burton

Senior Spotlight Tyler Douglas grew up in the North and came to DAR in his sophomore year. He made friends fast, and some of them also were new to DAR. He now lives with his mother in New Hope, but he still goes to DAR. He wanted to stay at DAR, because he didn't want to leave and have his senior year away from his friends.

He loves spending his weekends outside or working at his job. His hobbies are playing video games, performance engine building, repairing and turning pens.

Tyler’s favorite class is economics, because the class teaches you things that can be used in the future. He wants to go to Middle Tennessee State University, so he can study to be a mechatronic engineer.

Some things that Tyler wants to accomplish before he dies are to graduate both high school and college, work his way through the job of mechatronic engineer, and one day buy himself a manual vehicle.

Tyler is on the DAR fishing team because he loves to fish and being on the water. His advice for underclassmen is to not let their grades slip.

Senior Spotlight:

Will Bailey

By Erin Martin

Will Bailey is a senior who lives with his mom, Chellee Bailey. His favorite class is history, because Coach Holland teaches it very well. His favorite teacher, however, is Coach Rice, because he teaches his students a lot of life lessons. Will’s least favorite subject is math, because it is difficult.

If Will could go anywhere in the world, he would travel to Jamaica, because the beaches are beautiful. If he were stranded on a deserted island, Will would hope he would have his dad, a gun, and clean water on hand to aid in his survival efforts.

Will’s dad is his hero because, “He supports me in anything and everything I do, and he teaches me what I need to know about life.” In ten years, Will envisions himself coaching the sport he loves most, football.

If he could have dinner with anyone, Will would have dinner with Babe Ruth, “So he could show me how to hit dingers.”

If Will could change anything about our school, he would change the dress code, because he likes his “short-shorts.” Will usually spends his weekends hanging out with his friends and playing video games. His hobbies include being around his friends and his girlfriend. In Will’s opinion, a first date would be best spent on the beach, eating and fishing.

A worry Will has about high school is taking the ACT, as he attempts to get a high enough score for college. At DAR, Will has been involved in football since his freshman year, track since his junior year, and is currently playing baseball.

Will is also involved in Leo Club, Future Business Leaders of America, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Adjectives Will’s friends might use when describing him are athletic, goofy, and chill, but Will would describe his friends as fun, outgoing, and wild. Will’s teachers might describe him as nice, respectful, and hardworking. Will would describe himself as hardworking, athletic, passionate, funny, and competitive.

A regret Will has about high school is not studying enough for his ACT because of its importance. One thing on Will’s bucket list is winning state in track, but after high school, Will hopes to visit the beaches in Jamaica and go skydiving.

If Will could give any advice to underclassmen, he would advise them to, “Try your hardest in school, but have fun. And don’t do drugs.”

Senior Spotlight:

Kimberley Johnson

By Georgia Turner

Kimberly Johnson, a senior at DAR High School, lives with her mom, dad, and sister. Her favorite class is history, because it is interesting to her, and her favorite teacher is Coach Keller. Her least favorite subject is math, because it is confusing to her.

If Kimberley could go anywhere in the world, she would go to Kingston, Jamaica, because it is a beautiful place. If she had to go to a deserted island, she would bring water, a tent, and food. Things on her bucket list include skydiving, meeting a celebrity, and going to the Bob Marley Museum.

Her hero is Brian Lentz, who passed away trying to save a very dear person in her life. If Kimberley could have dinner with anyone, she would have dinner with her brother, who was her best friend and passed away when she was six years old.

If she could change anything about our school, she would change the phone policy, because she believes students should be allowed on their phones if they complete all of their assignments.

Kimberley usually spends her weekends at work, or when she’s off, with some friends. She has one hobby: sleeping. She is a member of the DAR FCCLA group.

In ten years, Kimberley sees herself hopefully being a game warden and supporting her family.

If Kimberley’s friends could use three words to describe her, they would describe her as outgoing, stubborn, and loud. She would describe her friends as crazy, loud, and supportive.

Her idea of the best first date is, “Blankets and pillows in the bed of a pick-up truck, watching a bonfire, looking at the stars, and just talking about everything and anything.”

If there’s anything she regrets about high school, it’s freshman year. “I can’t stress this enough, freshman year. Freshman year was just a really bad year for me.”

If she could offer any advice to underclassmen, Kimberley would say, “Just live day by day. Don’t stress over the things that won’t matter five years from now, it’s not worth it.”

 Senior Spotlight:

Dixie Devor

By Michael Burton

Senior Spotlight Dixie Devor lives with her friend, Cassy McTarsney, and Cassy’s aunt and uncle. Her favorite class is art, because it’s something she enjoys. She doesn’t really have a favorite teacher because she enjoys them all. Her least favorite class is math, because she is not good at it.

Dixie would love to visit South Korea because their culture looks exciting to her, and she wants to explore a new country.

Dixie’s hobbies are photography, drawing, reading, and listening to music. She spends her weekends working or hanging out with her friends or family. She would love to become a social worker so she can help others.

What Dixie worries about most is the cost of her senior year. She is in the Art Club, Leo Club, Beta Club, and National Honor Society. Her advice to the underclassmen is, “ Don’t believe everyone and stay strong if it gets bad, because I guarantee life gets better. It may not seem like it then, but I promise it will get better.”

Senior Spotlight:

Peyton Lankford

By Erin Martin

Peyton Lankford is a senior at DAR who lives with her parents, Mark and Lisa Lankford. Peyton also has an older brother, Brent Lankford. Peyton only takes two classes on campus this year, and out of those, her favorite class is history, because she thinks it’s cool to learn about human progression through time. Her favorite teacher is either Coach Holland or Coach Downs, because they are both very easy-going and helpful.

If Peyton could go any place in the world, she would travel to Bora Bora because she has always loved being at the beach and around the ocean, even since she was little. If she had to go to a deserted island, Peyton would bring with her a phone, food, and her dog.

Peyton’s hero is her Gramps, because, “He was always such an inspiring man who would do anything in the world for me. He also had so much advice for me and was so much fun to be around.”

In the future, Peyton sees herself as a nurse, helping people, but more specifically, babies and children. If she could have dinner with anyone, she would have dinner with her Gramps, because he recently passed away and he was her best friend. “I miss him a lot and it would be nice to talk to him one more time,” Peyton says.

If Peyton could change anything about our school, she would change the dress code. “I don’t think it matters what students wear as long as they’re decent, and I feel that the way people dress helps them express themselves,” she commented, speaking for a large portion of students at DAR.

Peyton spends her weekends with her family, boyfriend, and friends, but she can usually be found with her boyfriend, Will Bailey, and her niece, Kamryn. Her hobbies include playing basketball and having a good time with her friends.

From Peyton’s perspective, there’s not much about high school that “worries” her, per se, but she does admit that leaving high school and going into the real world can be frightening. As for regrets, Peyton doesn’t have any about high school, but she wishes she could relive her last basketball season because she knows she’s going to miss it after graduation.

As far as activities Peyton is involved in, she has played varsity basketball since eighth grade, and is in National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Leo Club, Beta Club, Historical Society, Spanish Club, Future Business Leaders of America, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Three adjectives that Peyton’s friends might use when describing her include athletic, funny, and outgoing. Conversely, Peyton would describe her friends as kind, funny, and reliable. Peyton’s teachers might describe her as hardworking, dedicated, and competitive. Peyton would describe herself as athletic, vivacious, lighthearted, passionate, and joyful. For Peyton, her best first date would consist of dinner on the beach, watching the sunset, and listening to the waves.

Things on Peyton’s bucket list include traveling to beaches around the world and meeting some of her famous idols.

If Peyton could share any advice with underclassmen, it would be, “Don’t take things too seriously and have fun! Get involved with any and everything you can; sports, pep rallies, and class competitions make high school more fun.”

Senior Spotlight:

Billy Mote

By Erin Martin

Billy Mote, a senior at DAR, lives in Grant with his younger brother, Brandon Mote, and his parents. His favorite subject is math because it is his strongest subject, and his favorite teacher is Mrs. Sanderson because she is “nice and teaches well.”

If Billy could go anywhere in the world, he would choose Germany because his father grew up there. In the event that he found himself stranded on a desert island, Billy would bring with him a knife, backpack, and matches. Billy’s hero is his father “because he has led me through life and raised me since I was born.”

Ten years from now, Billy hopes to see himself either playing baseball or in an office designing a game. If Billy could have dinner with anyone, he would have dinner with Scarlett Johansson because she is beautiful.

If he could change anything about our school, Billy would change the class period schedule to strictly block, seeing as the system now is “weird and confusing to some.” Billy’s least favorite subject is English, because it can get boring at times.

Billy spends his weekends on the baseball field, or in the gym, and occupies his time playing baseball, working out, lifting weights, and playing video games. His only concern about high school is people drinking, doing drugs, smoking.

As far as extracurricular activities, Billy plays baseball, participates in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Mu Alpha Theta, Historical Society, and National Honor Society.

Adjectives that Billy’s friends would use to describe him include confident, noisy, and goofy, but if the tables were turned, Billy would describe his friends as stubborn, arrogant, and funny. Five words that Billy’s teachers would describe him as (as well as the way he would describe himself) are leader-like, reliable, honest, smart, and humble.

Billy’s idea of the best first date is going to a nice restaurant and getting to know the person over dinner. One of the biggest things on Billy’s bucket list is going snowboarding off the mountains in Europe.

The only thing Billy regrets about high school is giving up football, narrowing his focus to baseball. When asked what piece of advice he would share with underclassmen, Billy advised that they stay in school, work hard, and live every day like it is your last, which are all goals that each and every student should set for themselves.


1. Seniors can now start paying their graduation fee. Total is $85. See Mrs. Finley for more information.

2. Attention Juniors: There is a sign up in the main office for an ACT Review that will begin in March and go through April during 8th period. Sign ups are first come first served. You must attend all sessions.

3. Yearbook order forms are available in the high school office and online on the school website. The cost for a yearbook is $75 and the deadline to order is April 18. Forms are also available if you would like to put a personal ad for your graduating senior in the yearbook. Ad prices start at $30. If you have questions you can contact Mrs. Clark at clarke@marshallk12.org or call during school hours 256-857-5150.

4. Prom tickets are now on sale. See Ms. Quick to pay for your tickets.


The following students will be celebrating their birthdays during the coming week:

March 7 – Nathaniel Brown, Kavan Green, Kassidy Allen, TJ Leonard

March 10 – Ken Ledbetter, Ashley Reyes

March 11- Alexis Meeks, Lizzy Hammett, Hannah Carr

March 12 – Logan Stanfield, Kameron Couch, Gary Kolb

March 13 – Dixie Devor, Kyla Wildman

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