Balloon Chemistry

By Emily Rice

Ms. Gluck’s 2nd and 5th period Pre-AP used balloons to create a molecular geometry shape. The balloons that they used represent the electron domains attached to the central atom. Some of the types of molecules used were linear, bent, tetrahedral, octahedral and trigonal planars. The balloon models  were made and displayed from the chemistry classroom ceiling.

The students were grouped together to create their model by blowing up the balloons and tying them together. After they presented them, the students also completed molecular yoga to enhance the learning of a very difficult concept.

Continental Congress

By Georgia Turner

Continental Congress representative has been an honor awarded to one boy and one girl each year at Kate Duncan Smith since nearly the founding of our school. Out of the junior class, ten students are selected to interview based off of their applications, five girls and five boys.

In the interview process, the students are out of class for the day of the interviews.  They give a speech and then answer questions from a committee of DAR ladies. The speech is about four to five minutes long and should be an introduction of the student, what he or she loves about the DAR schools and what makes the school special to him or her.

This year Drew Aultman, RJ Myers, Kyle Saylor, Will Stewart and Ben Sutton were selected to be interviewed from the junior boys. From the girls, Nicole Filmore, Erin Martin, Alayna Rice, Mikaila Scott and Georgia Turner were interviewed.

The candidates were asked questions about their application, their hobbies and about the clubs and sports they were involved in. One interesting question was, “What is your favorite movie?”  A question that is asked every year is, “How long does it take you to get ready?”

Ben Sutton’s favorite part of the interview process was spending the day with some of his best friends. Erin’s favorite part was “getting to spend the day in the New York Room with amazing people and getting to eat chicken fingers for lunch.”

Everyone who interviewed said that they were surprised at how relaxed the interview was. Erin Martin even said, “It just felt like a normal conversation.” Nicole Filmore’s favorite question from the interview was when they asked her about her trip to the Texas DAR State Conference. Erin’s favorite question was when they asked her about traveling and some of her favorite trips.

After the interviews were over, the committee chose Ben Sutton and Georgia Turner to represent KDS at the 128th Continental Congress. They will be traveling to Auburn in March for the DAR Alabama State Conference, and they will also go to Washington, DC for the Continental Congress meeting in June.

Headed to South Dakota

By Nikole Binkley

DAR senior Billy Mote is a short stop on the DAR High School varsity baseball team. This week he signed a 4-year baseball scholarship to Dakota State University in South Dakota. 

Billy started playing baseball when he was five years old. He said that he saw a baseball game on T.V. and wanted to try it. Billy has been playing for twelve years now and plans on playing for many more years.

Billy sent game tapes to all the colleges in the U.S. that offered a major in computer science. The coach from Dakota State saw his tape and asked Billy to come for an interview at the college and gave him a tryout for the college baseball team.

Even though South Dakota is far away from Alabama, Billy picked this college because he said, “It feels like home.” He is also glad that the university has the degree he wants to study. He wants to earn his degree in computer science.

He feels good about this scholarship, and he is very happy to be given the opportunity to play ball at the college level.  Everyone at DAR wishes Billy good luck in his college sports career.

Basketball Pep Rally

By Erin Martin

In honor of the area games being played this week by the DAR basketball teams, the student body came together for one of the best pep rallies of the year. The day began with the students flooding the halls dressed as characters from their favorite Disney movies. Once third period arrived, the students filtered into the gym for the pep rally.

The first class competition was a Disney themed lip sync battle, where the students chose a song and reenacted the movie scene in costume with choreography. The freshmen opted for one of the most classic Disney songs, “Gaston” from Beauty and the Beast. Jordan Stewart starred in the dance number as Gaston, with Rylee Hodges as her trusty sidekick, LeFou. It was, arguably, the best performance of all, with Jordan dressed to the nines and an amazing theatrical display.

The sophomores teamed up for a performance of “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from the t Disney hit, Mulan. Emily McBee took the starring role as Mulan, even stuffing her shirt at one point in the performance to show off her newly gained muscles from all of her “training” throughout the song. The choreography was on point, and shared a striking resemblance to that of the movie.

Juniors took a more modern route, going with “Determinate” from the very recent movie Lemonade Mouth that aired during most current high schoolers’ early childhood. Bella Walker was the “lead singer” of the group, rocking out as if she were really from the movie. Mackenzie Littrell, who was on the keyboard, got on the ground as she pretended to play the keyboard. The students in the junior section of the bleachers even took out their phones and turned on their flashlights to mimic the idea of waving lighters at a concert.

The seniors’ performance was made up entirely of boys, which made it hilarious to watch as Braden Nickell strutted out dressed as Elsa from Frozen. He was accompanied by three snowflakes of equal daintiness, and together, they reenacted the famous scene associated with the most popular Frozen song “Let it Go.” At points in the performance, the boys even lifted Braden up as if he were flying.

The next game was not so much of a success, but still fun to watch. One student from each grade held a gulp of water in their mouths as more students told jokes, trying to get them to spit out their water, the last one standing being the winner. Unfortunately, none of the contestants cracked, which meant that we had to call in the big gun - Coach Holland, who is famous for the book of “dad jokes” he keeps in his classroom. Even though he got a couple to crack a smile, none spit out the water, so it was a tie.

The pep rally finished with the usual class yell contest and singing of the Alma Mater, concluding one of the best pep rallies - if not the best - of the year.

Senior Spotlight:

Aliddia Black

By Michael Burton 

One of the quietest of people within the Senior class is Aliddia Black. She lives with her parents Jason and Selena Black and her sister Madison Black. Aliddia’s favorite subject is AP Literature, but her favorite class throughout high school is AP Biology. She enjoys the overall concepts of biology and she loves the challenges that come with the class.

Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Weems because of how dedicated and passionate she is about teaching, along with the subjects she teaches.

Her least favorite subject is History because she thinks the classes just teach you the same thing over and over.

Aliddia would love to travel to Scotland because she would love to see the historic landmarks and culture. Her role models are her parents because they have both given and taught her so much that it has shaped her into the person she is today.

If she could have dinner with anyone it would be Josh Kiszka from the band Greta Van Fleet. She loves what their band stands for and how they view the world.

Aliddia’s hobbies are reading, painting, watching Netflix and procrastinating. She is on the varsity girls basketball team, Historical Society, Spanish Club, Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta and Leo Club.

She mostly spends her weekends hanging out with friends or doing homework she has procrastinated.

The only thing she regrets about high school is stressing too much over the little stuff. Her advice to the underclassmen is try not to take things too seriously and not worry so much about things you can’t change.

Senior Spotlight:

Bailee Chandler 

By Georgia Turner

Bailee Chandler lives with her dad, Scott, and her older brother, Riley. She is a member of the Beta Club, FBLA, Leo Club, Spanish Club, varsity volleyball, varsity basketball and she was a Continental Congress Student Representative.

Her favorite class is math with Coach Downs, because he makes her laugh. Her least favorite class was AP Bio, “Sorry, Weems."

Her hobbies include volleyball, basketball, reading, spending time with friends and watching Netflix. On the weekends, she likes to spend time with her boyfriend, Hunter Nickell.

Her friends would describe her as caring, smart, and fun. She describes her friends as kind, funny and loving. Her teachers would describe her as hard-working, witty and kind. Bailee describes herself as fun, kind, and smart.

Bailee says that her hero is her dad, because he has persevered through a lot of hardships.

If she could have dinner with anyone, she would want to have dinner with her mom because she misses her. In ten years, she envisions herself working as a pediatric nurse, married, with three kids.

If she could travel anywhere in the world, Bailee would want to go to Bora Bora because of the beautiful beaches there. She also says that she does not really have a bucket list. If she had to go to a deserted island, she would want to bring her phone, food and her bed.

If Bailee could change one thing about the school, she would change the dress code, because she wants to be comfortable like the boys. Her idea of a best first date is going out to eat and spending genuine time talking and laughing with someone that you like.

Bailee says that nothing about high school worries her, but she regrets not taking time away from studying to spend time with her friends. To the underclassmen, her advice is, “Live these days up with your best friends; it will be over before you know it and you’ll be going your separate ways.”

Senior Spotlight:

Brayden Lewis

By Erin Martin 

Brayden Lewis is a senior at DAR High School who lives with his parents, Benji and Mandy Lewis, and his younger brother Baylor.

His favorite class has been history with Dr. Baker, who also happens to be Brayden’s favorite teacher. On the other hand, Brayden’s least favorite subject is math, because it’s not his strong suit.

If Brayden could go anywhere in the world, he would pay a visit to Switzerland because the country is beautifully scenic. If he were stranded on a desert island, Brayden would bring with him a raft, compass and map because, “I’m getting out of there” - a wise response.

Brayden’s hero is his dad because, “No matter what, I know he’ll always be there for me.” In ten years, Brayden envisions himself trying to find a job, because he’ll have just completed his education.

If Brayden could have dinner with anyone, he would have dinner with Kevin Hart because of his humor, and when asked what he would change about DAR, his response was that he wouldn’t change a thing.

Brayden spends his weekends with his friends and playing video games, and his hobbies are much the same. Brayden has no regrets about high school, saying it has been a great experience.

At DAR, Brayden is involved in numerous activities such as National Honor Society, Math Team, Mu Alpha Theta, Student Government Association, Spanish Honor Society, Spanish Club, Historical Society, Future Business Leaders of America, football, baseball, track, Marshall County Youth Leadership, and Continental Congress. Brayden is also secretary of SGA and vice-president of the senior class.

Three adjectives that Brayden’s friends would use to describe him are athletic, fast and smart. Three adjectives Brayden would use to describe his friends are family, funny and reliable. Brayden’s teachers might describe him as nice, and he would describe himself as friendly, loud, fast, smart and funny.

Brayden’s idea of the perfect first date is staying home, eating food, and watching a movie.

If he could relive any moment of high school, Brayden would play his last football game one more time. Two big things on Brayden’s bucket list are to visit every European country and to watch the World Cup in person.

Advice that Brayden would give to underclassmen is, “Don’t stress about anything, just go with the flow and join as many teams or clubs as possible, because it’s eventually over, and you can’t go back.”

Senior Spotlight:

Tyler Foster, 

By Savannah Brown

This week’s senior spotlight is Tyler Foster. He has one brother, Matthew Foster, and one sister, Ashlyn Foster. His parents are Samuel and Melinda Foster.

His favorite class is math. He describes it as one big puzzle he has to solve. His least favorite is history, and he says it's the past for the reason he doesn’t enjoy it.

His favorite teacher however, is Coach Rice. Tyler says he not only teaches you about your class, but he also teaches you real life skills that you don’t learn in a classroom.

If he could go to any place in the world, Tyler would choose Dubai. He says he is fascinated by the architecture. He says his hero is Bailee Jo Sutphin, for not taking dirt off of anybody. Ten years from now, he jokingly says he envisions himself being homeless, because the real world is scary and no one wants to pay bills.

He says if he could change one thing about DAR, it would be morning break.  He’d change it from ten minutes to thirty minutes, because he needs an actual break from school.

He says he usually spends his weekends eating, sleeping, hanging with friends and hanging with his beautiful girlfriend, Bailee. His hobbies also include eating and sleeping. Tyler’s idea of a perfect date would be him, his girl, fuzzy blankets, food, snacks, and watching Netflix all day.

One thing about high school that worries him is the ACT. Something he regrets about his high school days is eating the lunch food.

Tyler is involved in track, indoor track, math team, XC, and occasionally sleeping in class. His friends would describe him as funny, social, and loud. He describes his friends as funny, dumb, great, and smart. He thinks his teachers would describe him as a class clown, annoying, and loud. He thinks of himself as funny, social, loud, caring, and lovable.

Before he graduates, he wants to make his girlfriend happy and take her to prom. Before he leaves this earth, he wishes to travel the world.

His advice to underclassmen is, “Redheads are people too, the best of the best, we will rule the earth one day.” Tyler has been a DAR great student and will be missed next year.


  • Seniors can now start paying their graduation fee. Total is $85. See Mrs. Finley for more information.
  • Remember to see Ms. Quick to purchase your prom tickets or discuss payment options. Prom is April 6th.
  • The 10th grade field trip will be February 21st. See Mrs. T. Sutton for form. Fees must be paid and it is $5 to ride the bus. We are going to Bridge Street.
  • Current National Honor Society students need to see Mrs. T. Sutton to pick up Volunteer Hours Sheet. This is a must to remain in NHS.
  • The Alabama STEM Education Program  will be hosting the first STEM Expose’ on Saturday May 4, 2019.  Please visit the website at for additional information. All middle and high school students in Alabama are encouraged to participate in the STEM Expose’.  Should you need additional information, you may contact Mrs. Juanita Graham (Executive Director) Alabama STEM Education at
  • Yearbook order forms are available in the high school office and online on the school website. The cost for a yearbook is $75 and the deadline to order is April 18.  Forms are also available if you would like to put a personal ad for your graduating senior in the yearbook.  Ad prices start at $30.  If you have questions you can contact Mrs. Clark at or call during school hours 256-857-5150.


 The following students had birthdays last week but were not recognized since there was no Patriot Update for last week due to our “Flu Vacation.”

Feb. 6 – Bella Walker

Feb. 7 – Kaleb Pitt

Feb. 10 – Chloe Stapler, Cyleena Kolb

Feb. 11 – Russell Walker

The following students will be celebrating their birthdays during the coming week:

Feb. 14 – Nikole Binkley

Feb. 17 – Karley Scott, Lillian Lindsey

Feb. 18 – Braxton Bridges

Feb. 20 – Alex Satterfield, Brannon Seals

Feb. 21 – Matthew Reeves

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