All-State Band

By Savannah Brown

High school junior Elijah Manley has made a huge accomplishment; he has made the All-State Band.

All-State Band is where everyone in the state competes. If they think you’re good, you make All-District; if you’re really good, you make All-State.

Elijah made blue band and was the third best in our district. Getting ready for the try-outs included two pieces of music, technical and lyrical, and consisted of two months of practice!

Elijah has been in band for 8 years. He started on the trombone and switched to baritone, but he can play almost every instrument. Now that Elijah has made All-State, he has to play for all district band and in April, he has to do another audition for chair placement.

He hopes to be a high school band director in the future. His inspiration for being in band is his brother. He also says he moved around a lot when he was younger and music helped and is his way of dealing with stress. You could say that Elijah got through with the love of music. Congratulations

A Night in Paris

The school year is quickly going by and before you know it, spring will be here. The junior class has been working on plans for prom.

This year, the theme will be “A Night in Paris.” The prom will be held on Saturday,April 6, 2019, at Burritt on the Mountain in Huntsville. The prom will start at 7 p.m with the senior lead-out and will end at 11 p.m. The colors selected for the prom decorations are ivory, black, silver and burgundy.

Tickets are on sale now. The cost for juniors if they pay before Spring Break is $100, which covers prom for both junior and senior year. Tickets are $110 after Spring Break, and $125 if purchased the week of prom. Seniors who did not purchase a ticket last year must pay $75 for a ticket for this year. You must also purchase a ticket for your date if they are a freshmen, sophomore, or not a DAR student. The cost for date tickets is $30. Students can see Ms. Quick if they need to discuss payment plans and payment options.

Artist of Month

By Emily Rice

Senior Willa Castle was the artist of the month for January. Her favorite types of mediums to use are water colors, oils, and acrylic paints.

She spends around ten hours a week on making pieces for her collection. Her all time favorite piece of artwork is a paper mache skull that she made for Day of the Dead in Spanish class.

Willa is a self-taught artist. Movies and books are what inspires her for her art work. Artist of the month is the only award she has won for her work. She’s not sure about where she’s going to go after high school or what career she is going to have or if it will involve being an artist.

We are looking forward to seeing more of Willa’s artwork in the future.

Senior Spotlight:

Willa CastleBy Logan Word

Willa Castle is in 12th grade and lives with her mom and dad. Her favorite class is AP Lit, because she says she enjoys the books and the discussions they have in class. Her favorite teacher happens to be the AP Lit teacher, Mr. Keller, because she says she feels like she’s really learning something when in his class.

If given the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, she would go to Japan, because she loves the food and culture. If she were stranded on a deserted island, she would bring a water purifier, matches, and a boat with enough fuel to make it back home. Her hero is Jean Michel Basquiat. She adores his art and who he was as a person.

In 10 years she sees herself living in New York as a producer. If she could enjoy dinner with anyone living or dead, it would be David Lynch. He is her favorite director, and she said she would love to go learn from him.

Her least favorite subject is anything involving math, because she just doesn’t get it. She spends her weekends hiking, hanging out with friends, or trying to make music. Her hobbies include painting, watching movies, making music, skating and hiking.

The thing that worries her most about high school is failing it. She is involved with Art Club. Three adjectives she would use to describe her friends are kind, beautiful, and talented. Her idea of a best first date is eating and watching movies. One thing she regrets is not being more social during school. Her bucket-list includes getting at least one more scholarship before she graduates, and before dying she wants to travel to as many places in the world as she can.

One piece of advice Willa gives to the underclassmen is, “High school really does fly by!”

Senior Spotlight:

Haley HughesBy Erin Martin

Haley Coleman Hughes, a senior, lives with her mother Chastity Carr, her father Danny Carr, her sister Hannah Carr, her two Labs, May and Athens, and her goldfish, Fajita.

Her favorite class is Government with Coach Holland, and her least favorite subject is math, because she says she is bad at it. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Myers, because she is extremely helpful and gives great advice.

If Haley could go anywhere in the world, she would go to Madrid, Spain, or Italy. In the event that she was ever stranded on a desert island, Haley would bring with her a GPS, helicopter and a gallon of water.

Haley’s hero is her mother, because she is the strongest person she knows. “She is my rock,” Haley says.

In the future, Haley envisions herself working as a nurse anesthetist at Huntsville Hospital, possibly married and with a pet Lab.

If Haley could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, she would have dinner with Taylor Swift, because she is “literally the best.”

If she could change anything about our school, Haley would add homecoming dances to the year’s agenda. “We had one my freshman year and it was so much fun,” Haley comments.

Haley typically spends her weekends hanging out with her family and her boyfriend, Dalton Campbell, or running. Her major hobby is running and working out, but she also enjoys cooking healthy foods and recipes. She also spends her free time going to concerts and festivals with her friends.

One thing about leaving high school that worries Haley is leaving her sister Hannah behind, because she will miss her when she graduates.

Haley is involved in a number of activities at DAR. She runs for cross country year-round, and is involved in indoor track, Beta Club, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Leo Club and Historical Society.

Adjectives Haley’s friends would use to describe her are hopeful, funny, caring, and unique. Her teachers might describe her as hardworking and attentive. Five words that would describe Haley well are hardworking, supportive, animal-loving, OCD, and a foodie.

Haley’s idea of the best first date is going to eat at Jim & Nick’s, and then afterwards, sitting in the car and talking.

One thing she regrets about her high school days is that she didn’t start cross country sooner. One thing on Haley’s bucket list before she graduates is to walk through the halls on her last day and soak it all in because, “That’s it, no more high school,” which is a thought that is daunting to many seniors. Something on Haley’s bucket list in general is to run at a big marathon race.

Her advice to underclassmen: “I can’t stress this enough – enjoy every single moment of high school. Don’t take anything in high school for granted. Don’t hold grudges with your friends. Don’t be afraid to be you. And please don’t try to please everyone. High school is going to fly by. Some of you might want it to, but as soon as you realize you’re a senior and you start experiencing your ‘last first day’ or your ‘last first game,’ or whatever it may be, it’s going to hurt and you’re going to miss these days. Soak it all up and live in the moment. You won’t regret it.”

Honestly, she couldn’t have said it better.

Senior Spotlight:

Cassey MctarsneyBy Dixie Devor

Cassey Mctarsney is a senior at DAR High School, and she lives with her Aunt Mercedes.

Her favorite class is art, because art is somewhere she can express herself better than in person. If she had to go to a deserted island, she would take a blanket, matches, and a water filter.

Her hero is her Aunt Mercedes, because her aunt has proved you can come from any type of background and become anything as long as you set your mind to it. Her least favorite subject is math, because it stresses her out and she’s not that great at it.

She spends her weekends either hanging out with friends or doing things around the house. Her hobbies are doing journals and art. Nothing worries Cassey about high school.

Three adjectives her friends would use to describe her are fun, caring and down to earth. Her idea of the best first date is going out to a dinner and then a movie. One thing she regrets about her high school days is trusting people she thought were her friends.

Advice she can give to underclassmen is don’t believe everything everybody tells you, because people will tell you the things you want to hear to get what they want out of you.

Senior Spotlight:

Anabeth Dunaway

By Georgia Turner

Anabeth Dunaway lives with her parents Ryan and Chanda Dunaway and her three sisters, Analyssa, Analeaha and Anasophia.

Her activities at DAR are Leo Club, Beta Club, Art Club, Spanish Club, FBLA, Historical Society, National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, varsity basketball, varsity volleyball, varsity tennis, golf team, and the fishing team.

Her favorite class is Anatomy, because she finds the human body to be interesting, and she enjoys learning new things about it. Her least favorite subject is history, because she thinks that it is boring and she just isn’t interested in it.

Anabeth’s hobby is sports. She says the best thing about it is that you get to have fun with your friends.

Anabeth says that her heroes are her parents. “They have sacrificed so much to help me become the person I am today. I look up to both of my parents so much and I will always be grateful for everything they have done for me.”

In ten years, Anabeth sees herself working towards her medical degree in order to become a trauma surgeon. If she could go anywhere in the world, she would go to Paris, France, because she wants to see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night.

The biggest thing on Anabeth’s bucket list is to travel the world. “I would love to see all kinds of amazing places all over the world and what all the different cultures are like in different countries.”

If she were stuck on a deserted island, Anabeth would want to have a fishing pole for catching food, a camper so she would have somewhere nice to live, and a friend so she wouldn’t be alone. On the weekends, she usually sleeps in late and watches TV.

Her idea of a perfect first date is “Anything thing that involves food really. You could take me to Burger King and I’d be perfectly happy with that.”

Anabeth says that she will be leaving high school with no regrets. Her advice to underclassmen is to enjoy high school while you still can, because your senior year will be here before you know it and it goes by quicker than you want it to.


1. Seniors can now start paying their graduation fee. Total is $85. See Mrs. Finley for more information.

2. Beta Club pick up forms for state convention from Mrs. Clark. Forms are in a folder outside her door. Deadline for deposit is January 25th

3. The Alabama STEM Education Program will be hosting the first STEM Expose’ on Saturday May 4, 2019. Please visit the website at for additional information. All middle and high school students in Alabama are encouraged to participate in the STEM Expose’. Should you need additional information, you may contact Mrs. Juanita Graham (Executive Director) Alabama STEM Education at

4. Thursday, Jan. 24th, we will be going to homerooms and all students and teachers will be reviewing transcripts for missing credits, classes, etc. Students will be checking all years, not just the current year, to be sure they are on track for graduation credits. Seniors and dual enrollment students, please make plans to attend homeroom that day.

5. Yearbook order forms will be given out in homeroom on Jan. 24. Forms will also be available in the high school office and online on the school website. The cost for a yearbook is $75 and the deadline to order is April 18. Forms are also available if you would like to put a personal ad for your graduating senior in the yearbook. Ad prices start at $30. If you have questions you can contact Mrs. Clark at or call during school hours 256-857-5150.

6. There will be a dress-up day and pep rally on Tuesday, January 29. Dress up like your favorite Disney character.

7. Seniors – it is time for Senior Who’s Who, senior quotes, and senior baby pictures. Voting for Senior Who’s Who will be January 21 – February 1. Voting information will be available in Coach Keller’s English classes, Coach Holland’s Gov/Econ classes, Coach Rice’s class, and on Google Classroom. The Google Classroom name is “Seniors 2019” and the class code is hmr0smk.

8. Private music lessons for piano and wind instruments will be offered at discounted prices at DAR Elementary School. You don’t have to be an elementary school student to take these lessons. For more information, send your email address to Serendipity Arts Music Studio, owned and operated by Ms. Jan Betterton. Email address may be text to (256) 836-5943, Email to or on the website in the “Contact” section at


The following students will be celebrating their birthday during the coming week. Wish them a happy birthday when you see them!

Jan. 23 – Harmony Brewer, Hailey Lenox

Jan. 24 – Jon Stephens, Landen Harbin

Jan. 26 – Dalton Wallace

Jan. 28 – Jalyn Lemley

Jan. 29 – Cameron Lindsay

Jan. 30 – Brandon Maso

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