Senior Spotlight

Kaeliene Esslinger 

By Dixie Devor

Kaeliene Esslinger is a senior at DAR High School. She lives with her mother and father, Cindy and Chris Esslinger.

Her dream place to visit is Bora Bora, because she said it’s beautiful there. Her hero is her momma, because she’s her mother, and she loves her.

Kaeliene envisions herself starting a family and being a famous cosmetologist 10 years from now. If she could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, she would have dinner with Luke Combs, because as she said, “He’s really attractive.”

On the weekends, Kaeliene likes to hang out with her boyfriend. Her hobbies are sleeping and eating. She loves the idea of going out to eat and going to the lake as a first date. She also really wants to travel the world.

Senior Spotlight

Michael Pool 

By Nehamiah Zacharias

Michael Pool is a senior at KDS DAR High School. He lives with his mom, his dad, his little brothers, and his sister.

Science is his favorite subject because it’s easy. His favorite teacher is Coach Rice, because he’s a cool teacher.

If Michael could go anywhere in the world, it would be Japan, because they get the anime stories and movies earlier than in the U.S.

If Michael was to get stranded on a deserted island, he would bring three things - a tarp, string, and a knife. Michael’s hero is Markiplier because he’s amazing.

He envisions himself working in 10 years. If Michael could have dinner with anyone, it would be his deceased grandfather, because he’s named after him and would like to get to know him.

If he could change anything about our school, it would be the food because it’s been getting worse every year. His least favorite subject is English, because he's not good at it.

Michael is a member of the Art Club. He describes himself as competitive, funny and outgoing. His idea of a best first date is laying in the back of a truck and stargazing. Skydiving is one thing on his bucket list.

A regret that Michael has about high school is that he didn’t make better grades. His advice to the underclassmen is “Don’t do drugs and keep up your grades.”

Senior Spotlight

Cameron Cooper 

By Georgia Turner

Cameron Cooper is one of DAR’s outstanding seniors. She lives in Grant with her parents, Rodney and Cindy, and her sister, Courtney. She also has two dogs named Max and Molly.

Cameron is in the Art Club, Spanish Club, Historical Society, Mu Alpha Theta, prom committee and show choir. She was also on the homecoming court this year.

Her hobbies include photography, drawing, writing, singing and sleeping. When she is not in class, she works at DAR’s administrative office, and she watches Netflix.

Her favorite class and teacher is AP Literature with Matthew Keller, because she has always had a great love for reading, and she thinks that Mr. Keller is an incredible teacher.

Cameron’s favorite high school memories all come from spending time with her friends at our Friday pep rallies for football. One of Cameron’s regrets from high school was taking Chemistry.

Cameron’s advice for underclassmen is “Do your big assignments early and don’t let people/things get to you too much, none of it will really matter after you graduate.”

She says that if she could change one thing about DAR, she would remove the ban on cellphones.

Her plans for after high school include attending college at the University of Alabama at Birmingham to major in kinesiology with a concentration of exercise science. In 10 years, she hopes to have her own physical therapy practice that she runs with her boyfriend, Justin Manion. Her bucket list consists of traveling the world, skydiving, and going to space.

If she was stuck on a deserted island, she would want to have with her a boat, her phone and another boat.

Her idea of a best first date would be going out for coffee. Her friends would describe her as organized and hungry.

She would describe herself as hungry, tired and sporadic. If she could have dinner with anyone alive or dead, she would have dinner with herself so that she could see what she really looks like.

Senior Spotlight

Chloe Benton 

By Nehamiah Zacharias

Chloe Benton is a senior at KDS DAR High School. She lives with her mother and has no siblings. Coach Holland’s history class is her favorite class, and he is also her favorite teacher.

The advice that she would give the underclassmen is to “Do the work.” Chloe thinks that people would describe her as an airhead, kind and lazy. Her hobbies include playing games and sleeping.

She is taking robotics at the Marshall County Technical School. Her idea of a good first date is going to a theme park with lots of roller coasters.

She is in Leo Club so she can volunteer and help people.The one thing Chloe would change about our school is to make it more hands-on and more action like.


The following students will be celebrating their birthdays during the coming week:

Jan. 11 – Jacob Brooks, Anna Madaris, Brandon Mote

Jan. 12 – Blaine Smith, Jessica Seals

Jan. 15 – Ethan Vaughan, Alayna Rice

Jan. 16 – Jeff Clark

Jan. 17 – Tyler Foster, Savannah Childers

Jan. 18 – Carson Dennis

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