Artist of the Month 

By Georgia Turner

Some say he has the typical artist look. Others say he has the typical rock star look.

Dalton Wallace is January’s Artist of the Month for 2019. Dalton is a senior at DAR and he is the student section leader. His friends describe him as hilarious and also cynical. He has been attending DAR since 2nd grade.

Dalton describes his work as grotesque and dark imagery. He does mostly pencil drawings, but he also uses ink with black paint sometimes for background. Dalton does his work in sketch pads. His inspiration comes from the music he listens to, and he is always listening to music. His favorite music is heavy metal and melodic death metal. His friends say that he does very well drawing hands. One of Dalton’s favorite pieces is what he called “Rockstar Demon Hands.”

Often he will start a piece based off of something he sees and make it his own. Sometimes he will do a quick piece and come back to it and add things and change it around a little if he likes the idea. Dalton would like to try costuming and he likes to mess around with animating his drawings.

About his start in art, Dalton said, “I always doodled around and eventually it stuck with me.” Most of his family does art too. His sister draws like he does, and his mom paints. He has never had any formal art lessons.

Dalton is considering going into art education in college and teaching art classes. He said that if he did do art lessons, then he would like to do high school. When asked what college he would like to attend, Dalton replied, “Anywhere that will take me, man,” which is an answer that seems to encompass the general feelings of most high school students on the daunting topic of graduation.

Senior Spotlight:

Parker Anderton

By Logan Word

Parker Anderton is a senior attending DAR High School. He lives with his mom, dad, and sister, Payton.

His favorite class is history because he says he enjoys the subject. His least favorite subject is math, because it’s not fun. His favorite teacher is Mrs. Sutton because, "She is real nice like."

If he was able to change anything about school, Parker said he would make a better lunch. Parker spends his weekends "doin’ whatever” with friends. His hobbies include baseball, football and sleeping. One thing that worries him about high school is getting out of it.

When asked where he might like to visit someday, he said he would like to go to Mexico because he thinks the country has interesting views. If faced with a stay on a deserted island, Parker would bring a knife, a volleyball and a Sharpie. If given the opportunity to eat dinner with one famous person, he said he would pick Donald Trump, because he’s the President.

In ten years Parker envisions himself living the American dream. If his friends had to use three words to describe him, he said they would say he was "goofy, lazy, and just Parker." In turn, a word he would use to describe his friends is "chill." When asked how teachers would describe him he said, "laid back, kind, and outgoing."

His idea of the best first date is a drive-in movie under the stars. He says that before he leaves this Earth he would like to travel the globe and see all there is to see in life. He also left a piece of advice for underclassmen, ¨Live everyday like it’s a full-send day.

Share Cart

By Michael Burton

Nationwide schools have been implementing the share cart program and now it is time for Marshall County and DAR schools to implement the share cart. The share cart sits next to the registers in the cafeteria.

When students buy lunch, they are required to take a certain number of food items, even if they don’t want them. Many students would just throw their unwanted food away. Now, they can put food they don't want on the share cart.

Students can put milk, fruit and vegetables that are wrapped and untouched on the cart. The bottom part of the cart is where you can put anything that needs to be cold. The top part of the cart is for items like chips, crackers, granola bars and fruit that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

The cart helps reduce how much students throw away. Students who are hungry and want some extra food can take what they want from the cart. The food already goes to waste, so this will help students who can't pay for lunch eat. The share cart helps save money while helping others who need food.


1. Private Music Lessons for piano and wind instruments will be offered at discounted prices at DAR Elementary School. You don’t have to be an elementary school student to take these lessons. For more information, send your email address to Serendipity Arts Music Studio, owned and operated by Ms. Jan Betterton. Email address can be texted to (256) 836-5943, emailed to or on the website in the “Contact” section at

2. Senior night will be Friday, January 18, between basketball games.

3. There is no school for students on Monday, January 21. Students will have an early release day (11:30) on Wednesday, January 23.

4. The county basketball tournament will be the week of January 19-26 at Snead State.

5. There will be a dress-up day and pep rally on Tuesday, January 29. Dress up like your favorite Disney character.

6. Seniors – It is time for Senior Who’s Who, senior quotes, and senior baby pictures. Voting for Senior Who’s Who will be January 21 – February 1. Voting information will be available in Coach Keller’s English classes, Coach Holland’s Gov/Econ classes, and on Google Classroom. The Google Classroom name is “Seniors 2019” and the class code is hmr0smk.


The following students will be celebrating their birthdays during the coming week:

Jan. 16 – Jeffrey Clark

Jan. 17 – Tyler Foster, Savannah Childers

Jan. 18 – Carson Dennis

Jan. 19 – Brisna Gonzalez

Jan. 22 – Savannah Brown

Jan. 23 – Harmony Brewer, Hailey Lenox

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