(Editor's note: This is the last Patriot Update of the 2019-20 school year. The weekly update will resume after school starts back in August.)

The Snake Show

By Katelyn Holland

One of the traditions for Mrs. Weems’ science classes is a visit from Scotty Littrell of Bama Pest Control. Mr. Littrell is fascinated by snakes and comes each year to share his reptile collection with the students.

He brings snakes that are common to our area and a few more exotic snakes that we wouldn’t normally see around Grant. Students learn many interesting facts about snakes and their importance in the environment.

Mr. Littrell explains the difference between venomous and non-venomous snakes, and clears up confusion about water moccasins, water snakes, copperheads, and cottonmouths. Students even have the opportunity to hold some of the snakes, if they aren’t too afraid. The snake show is one of the most popular events of the year for science students.

Patriot Preview Day

Upcoming freshmen will have a special orientation day on August 5, from 8 a.m. until noon, to help them learn about high school life and high school expectations. This special event is for the ninth grade students only, and parents are not expected to attend.

Freshmen students will report to school on the Patriot Preview Day at 8 in the morning. There will be a class meeting to share all the important first day of school information that students should know. Students will be given their class schedules, meet their teachers, and tour the high school buildings. They will also have the opportunity to purchase their lockers.

The highlight of the day will be a pep rally, and all students who attend will also receive a free class T-shirt. If you have questions about the Patriot Preview Day, contact Mrs. Myers, assistant principal, or Mrs. Stanfield, high school counselor.

Senior Spotlight:

Brannon Seals

By Erin Martin

Although graduation has passed, we are still celebrating the class of 2019 here at DAR, making sure each one gets their shining moment. Brannon Seals is a part of this year’s senior class, and he lives with his parents Jessica and Jeremy Seals. His favorite class is Environmental Science, and his favorite teacher is Coach Rice, because he provides real life advice.

If Brannon could go anywhere in the world, he would travel to Hawaii because, “Who doesn’t want to go to Hawaii?”

If he was forced to go to a deserted island, Brannon would pack a water purifier, an ax, and a fire starter for the adventure. Brannon considers his “hero” to be any military veteran for their brave service to our country. In ten years, Brannon hopes to see himself as an aviation mechanic specialist in the Army.

If he were offered the opportunity to meet anyone, Brannon would choose Post Malone for being the greatest rapper of all time. On the weekends, Brannon can be found hanging with his friends or his girlfriend. He likes to fish, hunt, and shoot in his spare time.

Overall, Brannon has no regrets about high school. He would describe his friends as idiotic, funny, and annoying, and believes his friends would describe him much the same. His teachers, however, might describe him as quiet, determined, hardworking, stressed, and always tired. As far as activities go, Brannon has been a leader on the DAR fishing team, which has become a popular sport in the past couple of years.

Brannon’s biggest worry about high school is applying for scholarships. A few things on his bucket list are traveling to Hawaii, getting the Purple Heart Medal, and raising children. If Brannon could give a tidbit of advice to underclassmen, he would tell them, “Apply for scholarships.”

Senior Spotlight

Paxton Seeley

Paxton Brooke Seeley is a 2019 graduate of DAR. She lives with dad, brother, and sister.

Her favorite class is chemistry, because she love how challenging it is. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Quick, because she’s so sweet and easy to talk to

If she could travel anywhere, she would go to England or Australia because of the food.

Her dad is herhero, because he inspires her to work hard everyday to reach my goals.

Paxton does not know where she will be in ten years from now career-wise, but she hopes to be happy, settled down, and have a family.

Her hobbies are painting, reading, watching TV ,and spending time with friends and family.

Paxton was involved in Historical Society, Leo Club, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society.

If she could do high school over, she would participate in school activities after school as much as possible and focus on learning more than on grades.

Senior Spotlight:

Sydney Rembert

By Erin Martin

Sydney Rembert is a part of this year’s graduating senior class and lives with her grandmother Mildred Rembert. Sydney only took dual enrollment classes over the course of her senior year, which makes picking a favorite class difficult. If she could pick from all her years of high school, Sydney would pick Mrs. Quick’s AP Language class from eleventh grade as her favorite. “She was an amazing teacher and taught her class the foundational knowledge needed to exceed in college classes,” she praised.

If Sydney had to go to a deserted island, she would bring with her a satellite phone, machete, and fire starter to ensure survival. Sydney’s hero is Nobel Prize recipient Malala Yousafzai. “Her activism for women’s education is inspiring. She is a fearless young woman who stood up to the Taliban and continues to advocate for global education,” she said when asked why.

If given the chance to have dinner with anyone, Sydney would sit down with Martin Luther King Jr., as he is an incredibly emotionally persuasive writer, using still-relevant appeals to achieve his goals of equality. In her spare time, Sydney has enjoyed weightlifting this year and hopes to keep it up in college. At present, Sydney is also learning Russian.

Throughout high school, Sydney has been involved with Beta Club and Leo Club. She also volunteered at Kindred Hospice and Academy for learning and character development. Sydney would hope her friends would describe her as dedicated, helpful, and kind. On the other hand, she would describe herself as compassionate, creative, and intelligent. Sydney’s teachers might place “committed” as her number one attribute.

Sydney’s idea of the best first date would be something casual involving food. She would love anything active like bowling or laser tag.

While Sydney doesn’t believe on looking back on things she can’t change, she wishes she was more involved and didn’t expend so much of her energy on assignments. Then again, her hard work did pay off through her Auburn scholarship.

Before Sydney “kicks the bucket,” she would like to travel, but she’s not quite sure where. She would love to make a lasting imprint on the lives of others before she goes, whether that entails building houses for the homeless or discovering renewable energy sources.

Sydney’s advice to underclassmen is to work hard, but find a balance with having fun. “It’s something I could never achieve in high school, but I’m going to try again in college,” she admits, giving the underclassmen some fresh words of wisdom to consider as they continue on their high school ventures.

SGA Making Plans

New officers for the Student Government Association (SGA) were elected before the end of the school year. Drew Aultman was elected as the SGA president, and Sky Pittson is the new vice president. Vance Ford will be handling the secretary duties, with Caleigh Walker taking care of the finances as the SGA treasurer. Emily McBee is the new reporter, who will be making sure that SGA news and information is shared with everyone. Most of the officer team are experienced student leaders and have already started planning for the coming school year.

The SGA has already planned the themes and dress up days for the 2019 football season and homecoming week. If you want to get a head start on your costumes so you can be the new Kristin Chandler, queen of dress up, here is the list of the themes:

August 30 – (Douglas Eagles) “59-0 – Déjà vu” – Decade Day

September 6 (Fairview Aggies) “Walk on the Wild Side” – Safari

Homecoming Week - (West Morgan Rebels)

Sept. 16 – “Nighty Night Rebels” – Pajama Day

Sept. 17 – “Round Up the Rebels” – Cowboy Day

Sept. 18 – “Toon Out the Rebels” – Character Day

Sept. 19 – “Forget the Rebels” – Men in Black/Alien Day

Sept. 20 – “Wreck the Rebels” – Class Color Day

Oct. 18 – (Priceville Bulldogs) – “Hula the Dogs Out?” – Luau Day

Oct. 25 – (Pope John Paul Falcons) – “Fight the Falcons” – Camo Day

Spanish Exam 

Congratulations to Spanish students from DAR High School who attained national recognition for excellent performance on the 2019 National Spanish Examinations.

DAR Spanish students earned a total of 5 medals. Drew Aultman earned gold, Lisa Viscard earned silver, and Stacey Gonzalez, Emily Jolly, and Rita Viviani earned honorable mention. “Attaining a medal or honorable mention for any student on the National Spanish Examinations is very prestigious,” said Kevin Cessna-Buscemi, National Director of the Exams, “because the exams are the largest of their kind in the United States with over 146,000 students participating in 2019.”

The National Spanish Examinations are administered each year in grades 6 through 12, and are sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.


1. Senior portraits for the Class of 2020 are scheduled for Monday, July 22, starting at 8:30 a.m. Lifetouch and Prestige Portraits is the official school photographer for senior portraits to be used in the school yearbook, and only portraits taken by them will be used in the yearbook. Upcoming seniors received information at school and will also receive an appointment postcard in the mail. A list of appointments will be available in the school office just in case you don’t get a postcard with your appointment time. The basic sitting fee is $30, with a special summer session for $60 that will include formal poses, casual poses, indoor and outdoor backgrounds, a senior T-shirt, and 2 photo key chains. If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Clark at clarke@marshallk12.org.

2. Students can purchase parking decals for the upcoming school year on June 12 and June 13. You must have the parking packet paperwork completed, all of your school fees paid, and have all of your textbooks turned in before you can purchase a parking decal. Seniors can purchase their decal on June 12 between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Juniors can purchase their decals on June 12 between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. The sophomores can purchase decals on June 13 between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. If you have questions or need to get parking packet paperwork, see Mrs. Finley in the high school office.

3. Summer reading assignments are due on August 5, 2019. All students grades 9-12 have a required summer reading assignment. The assignment must be turned in through Turnitin.com.


May 30 – Kaylee Myers, Lucas Chaney

June 1 – Savanna Rice

June 2 – Gareth Duvall

June 3 – Ethan Womack

June 4 – Ryleigh Murphy, Cole Edwards

June 5 – Edgar Hau-Matus, Konnor Harbin

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