Spanish II Fashion Show

By Walker Brusch

Mrs. Brown's Spanish II class held a fashion show. Students worked in groups and had to choose a theme for their outfits. They had to describe their outfits in Spanish and then answer questions in Spanish about their outfit.

The class was learning about the evolution of fashion within the Hispanic culture throughout the years. The fashion show brought out much creativity with the class. One group dressed up as cowboys and another group’s theme was a slumber party.

Each group did an excellent job on their projects. It was fun for the students and gave them a nice break from the stress of the upcoming final exams.

Lowe Mill Trip

By Bekka Lennon

The KDS DAR Art Club went on a field trip to Lowe Mill. I asked some of the students who went on the trip what was their favorite thing they saw on the trip.

Most of the people I interviewed said that the giant swing was the most fun thing there. The most unique thing to see was a guy who made ukuleles by hand and a dragon.

Lowe Mill is a former cotton mill located southwest of downtown Huntsville. Students get to see artists working on their art, and there are also some hands-on things to do at Lowe Mill.

Mu Alpha Theta Inductees

By Walker Brusch

Mu Alpha Theta selected 51 students to join their ranks in the math world. The students were recognized for their excellent behavior and excelling grades.

The students were asked to wear togas upon receiving their certificates at their induction. Many students like Matthew Laski were excited to receive this honor.

He had this to say about it, “I study hard in all of my classes and I'm glad to receive this honor for math.” Others had similar comments stating their happiness for being inducted.

Senior Spotlight

Lani Stubblefield

By Kayleigh Lee

Lani Stubblefield is a recently graduated senior at DAR High School. She resides with her parents, Chandra and Alan Stubblefield. Her favorite class is Mrs. Daugette’s class, because she learns a lot and she enjoys the people in her class. If she could go to any place in the world, she would go to Italy because it has always been a dream of hers.

If Lani was on a deserted island and could only bring three items, she would bring a phone, sleeping bag and a friend. In ten years, she envisions herself living in a bigger place than Grant, Alabama, working at a good work place, and married with possibly a kid.

If Lani could have dinner with anyone, it would be Khalid, because his voice sounds like an angel. Her friends would describe her as caring, bubbly and outgoing. One thing Lani wishes she could do over in high school is studying more and trying harder.

She spends her weekends hanging out with friends, shopping and living life. If she could change anything about school, it’d be the time it starts.

Senior Spotlight

Hannah Staton

By Kayleigh Lee

Tiffany Hannah Staton just graduated from DAR. She lives with her grandparents, Glenn and Brenda Madewell.

Hannah’s favorite class was Government and Economics, because she feels that you learn valuable lessons that will help people outside of school. Hannah’s least favorite class was math, and the reason for that is because she has never really liked it.

Hannah’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Daugette because she has a great sense of humor, and she’s a great teacher.

Hannah is a very social person, and her friends would describe her as funny and outgoing. Teachers would describe Hannah as a talkative, hardworking and a “social butterfly.” Hannah would describe herself as a outgoing, hardworking, caring, talkative and “overall perfect.”

Hannah would describe her friends just the way they describe her, but they have more of a filter than she does. Hannah is a very productive person and was always involved in school activities. She was in Leo Club, Beta Club, FCCLA, 4-H, Spanish Club and Historical Society. Hannah plays golf and is involved with track. A few of Hannah’s hobbies include watching any and every scary movie that comes out. Hannah spends her weekends working and hanging out with friends.

In ten years, Hannah envisions herself with a big family, getting to travel often and living good. A few items on Hannah’s bucket list are to travel to Ireland, go skydiving and go shark cage diving.

If Hannah could go anywhere in the world, it would be Australia, because there is so much to do there. If she were on a deserted island, Hannah would bring these three items: a helicopter, gas, and water.

If Hannah could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, she would have dinner with her hero, Wendy Smith, because she gives great advice and feeds Hannah well.

If she could change anything about KDS DAR High School, she would change the starting time to a later start time. The only thing that worries Hannah about school is the upcoming generations, because she doesn’t think the lunchroom food is going to get any better. She advises the underclassmen, “Bring your own lunch, kids.”

Hannah’s idea of the best first date is just going out to eat and learning more about the other person. Something that Hannah regrets, and wishes she could do over with her high school days, is enjoying it. The advice Hannah gives to the underclassmen is to try in school, be nice to everyone, and simply enjoy it.

Senior Spotlight

Nick Watts

By Courtney Michelle

Nick Watts is newly graduated from DAR High School and lives with his parents, Randy and Lori Watts. His favorite class was Environmental Science, because it was an easy class. His favorite teacher was Coach Rice, because he gives life lessons.

If he could go anywhere in the world, he would go to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to watch Alabama football. If stranded on a desert island, he would bring a gun, ammo and rain gear. Nick says that his hero would be his father, because he was in the military for 30 years. Nick looks up to him and strongly aspires to be a member of the U.S Army.

If Nick could have dinner with anyone, it would be Ken Block, because he is an amazing driver. If he could change anything, it would be the school’s dress code, because he thinks it causes too many problems.

His least favorite subject was math, because it is what he is least good at. Nick spends his weekends hanging out with friends. He loves to always be doing stuff, as rapidly as he can. Nothing about high school worried him.

Nick used to play tennis with Josh Garner and Noah Burns. He is described as fun, smart and easy-going. He would describe his friends the same way. Nick’s teachers describe him as smart and laid-back.

The best first date for Nick would be a movie and a good bite to eat. He wants to skydive and learn how to drift. Nick’s advice to the underclassmen is, “Live your life how you want. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.”


  • Summer school started Monday, June 4. Classes are 8 a.m. until noon, Monday through Thursday. The last day of summer school is June 28. See Mrs. Culbertson in the counselor’s office to get information about how to sign up.
  • Cheer camp is June 7-10.
  • The Beta Club will be going to the National Beta Convention in Savannah, Georgia, June 16-21.
  • On June 25, the boys’ basketball team will be having a golf tournament as a fundraiser for the team. Contact Coach Kenny Downs for more information.
  • Senior portraits will be made on July 9. More information will be mailed to the upcoming seniors. The portrait schedule is also posted in the high school office.


The following students will be celebrating their birthday during the month of June:

June 7 – Chloe Benton

June 12 – Maggie Mance, Emileigh Jean

June 13 – Aalyiah Leonard

June 14 – Grayson Troup

June 15 – Cainan Doss, Kayleigh Lee

June 16 – Colby Martin

June 17 – Yani Burgos

June 18 – Randy Fuller

June 19 – Skyler Steele

June 21 – Bridgette Smith

June 23 – Isaac Sims

June 26 – Nicci Cryer

June 27 – Alexis Smith

June 28 - Hunter Darling, Aliddia Black, Matthew Colon, Ethan Hodges

June 29 – Blaine Grayson

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