Anatomy and Physiology

Heart Dissection

By Michael Burton

On February 28, the Anatomy and Physiology class had another dissection. Some groups had a cow heart and other groups had a pig heart. The dissection gave the students a hands-on experience with hearts. It allowed the students to have a look inside the heart. The main reason for the dissection was to teach the students the structure of the heart.

Many people liked the dissection of the heart. Some people were grossed out by the blood and heart. The cow heart was bigger than the pig heart and the cow hearts were easier to dissect because they were bigger.

Lucas Collier said that the dissection was a lot of fun and it was educational. He also said that he would love to do the dissection again.

Baylor Howell

signs scholarship

By Devin Michelle Jones

Baylor Howell signed a fishing scholarship with Bethel University in Tennessee, the first angler in DAR school history to receive such a scholarship.

He has been in the fishing club for a few years and has won a few tournaments. He said that he is very relaxed when fishing and that he loves being outdoors in general. Besides being on the fishing team, he also played football and golf. Baylor says he is very excited about college. He will not miss high school, just his friends, but he is also excited to make new ones. He also told me that he was excited for the freedom he gets in college and that he is glad his dreams came true.

Besides school and his sports activities, Baylor works at Freedom Marine. He said that his best school memory was the time the fishing team won the Wheeler tournament. The Wheeler tournament is a basic fishing tournament: you launch your boats off around 7:00, and at the end of the day, you weigh in to see how much the fish that were caught weigh.

Baylor said “I would like to thank my friends, family, and this whole community for supporting me.¨

Something else he said was, “It was the fishing that was good, but the catching that was pretty bad.¨

What’s on the TV?

By Erin Martin

In light of the recent gloomy weather, students at DAR High School have been taking to the couch instead of their cars, avoiding the wind and rain outside. Of course, with the couch comes the TV, and with the TV comes hundreds of binge-worthy shows perfect for a lazy afternoon inside.

Emily McBee, a sophomore, has been enjoying Gossip Girl-- a favorite among teens. Gossip Girl centers on a group of privileged teenagers in the Upper East Side of New York who can’t seem to get away from the prying eyes of a blogger called “Gossip Girl,” intent on exposing their every secret. Emily’s favorite character is Blair Waldorf, one of the show’s two protagonists.

Baylee Saint, a junior, has been enjoying a recently released show called Riverdale that follows the story of a group of teens who live in a small town, but have unusual lives full of murder, mystery, and scandal. The show is based on the old Archie comics that many people know and love, but has been given a uniquely modern spin. Baylee’s favorite characters are Archie and Jughead, because she thinks they are very attractive.

Lauren Evett, another junior, is currently watching a new show called This is Us, which focuses on an array of lifestyles of parents or adults from the time they were young to the present day. Lauren finds it interesting to see their lives from various perspectives. The show’s plot mainly follows a certain family, whose kids are called the “Big Three.” The show depicts the family’s life from different time frames, giving an interesting take on life. Lauren’s favorite characters are the three siblings, but if she had to be more specific, Kevin is her favorite. Lauren says one of the coolest things about the show is that they went to the hospital with triplets, but even though one of the children didn’t make it, the family was able to adopt a baby who was left at a fire station.

RJ Myers, a junior, is currently bingeing Russian Doll on his days in. The show is about certain challenges the characters face, and the way they must figure out a loophole to resolve them. RJ’s favorite character is Alan Zaveri, and he says that as a whole, Russian Doll is unique and different from most shows.

Nicole Filmore, a junior, is bingeing a long-time favorite (and cult classic) That 70s Show. As most know, the program showcases a group of teens who embody the culture of the seventies and the difficulties of being a teenager during that decade, but it makes things entertaining with lots of humor that appeals to all audiences. Nicole’s favorite thing about the show is how funny it is and how much she resembles Jackie, one of the main characters. Nicole’s favorite characters are Jackie and Kelso because of the way their relationship grows throughout the show, and because of the heartwarming fact that actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are married in real life, showing us that sometimes the chemistry isn’t always just for show.

Senior Spotlight:

Bailey Harden

By Georgia Turner

Bailey Harden lives with her mother, Mary, and her sisters, Millie and Megan. She is a member of the Spanish Club, Art Club, FBLA, the volleyball team, and track team. Her favorite class is art, because it is really easy. Her favorite teacher is Coach Downs, because he always offers to pick her up on the bus. Her least favorite subject was science/chemistry, because she said she almost died with Mr. Dennis.

In 10 years, Bailey sees herself as a nutritionist with six dogs. Her hero is her mom, because she is such a hard-worker. Her friends would describe her as funny, wild, and moody. She describes her friends as wild, weird, and happy. She thinks that her teachers would describe her as very sassy, kind of funny, happy, moody, outgoing, and friendly. She likes to spend her weekends hanging with her friends, thrifting, and trying new restaurants. Her idea of a perfect date would be going for a hike and then eating at a buffet.

If she could go any place in the world she would go to Bora Bora, because she loves the beach and the water is so clear. If she had to go to a deserted island, she would want to bring a boat, her phone, and food.

If Bailey could change anything about DAR, she would make the lunchroom food better. She says she doesn’t really have anything about high school that worries her. On the topic of what she would do over in high school, she said “No RaGrAts”. Before she graduates, she wants to go to her last prom, and in the future she really wants to go to Hawaii. Her advice to underclassmen is to go to all of the after school events and talk to people outside of your friend group.

Senior Spotlight:

Ken Ledbetter

By Erin Martin

Ken Ledbetter is a senior at DAR High School who lives with his mother, father, and brother. His favorite class is Coach Perkins’s class, because they hardly do anything, and his favorite teacher is Coach Downs. Ken’s least favorite subject is math, because he finds it difficult to understand.

If Ken could go anywhere in the world, he would visit the Bahamas because he has always wanted to go. If he had to go to a desert island, Ken would bring with him food, water, and a lighter. In ten years, Ken envisions himself working as a firefighter. If Ken could have dinner with anyone, he would choose Donald Trump, because he is a great president and Ken really likes him.

If Ken could change anything about our school, Ken would cut down on bullying. When he thinks about people committing suicide or being depressed over bullying, he remembers that there is always something that we can do to put a stop to it.

On the weekends, Ken goes fishing and plays baseball. Primarily, Ken’s hobbies consist of hunting and fishing.

At DAR, Ken is a part of the fishing team and baseball. When asked how his friends might describe him, Ken responded, “I’d be scared to say. Funny and goofy, probably.” Ken would describe his friends as goofy. Ken’s teachers might describe him as a class clown. However, Ken would describe himself as active, hardworking, and a go-getter.

If Ken could redo anything about high school, he would go back and fix all the mistakes he’s made since freshman year. It’s on Ken’s bucket list to do the best he can in all his endeavors, and do the things he wants to while he still can.

Lastly, if Ken gave any advice to underclassmen, he would tell them to work hard and do the best they can.

Senior Spotlight:

Baylor Howell

By Michael Burton

Baylor Howell is on the school’s fishing team and the football team. He wishes to pursue fishing as his future career. Baylor has gotten a scholarship for fishing from Bethel University in Tennessee. The scholarship gives him $8,000 a year.

He was able to get the scholarship by contacting the coach at Bethel and talking to him. He would love to go to Florida so he can fish. He spends most of his weekends fishing and hanging out with his friends. If Baylor was to get stuck on an island, he would bring a machete, fire starter, and a pot to boil water.

Baylor’s favorite teacher is Coach Holland, because he is a very cool guy to be around and talk to. History is his favorite class because he founds it very interesting. His least favorite class is math because it’s his hardest class. He wishes that he could change the cell phone policy so that students can use their phones in non-core classes.

Eye Love Anatomy!

By Erin Martin

As the Anatomy and Physiology class at DAR opens its special senses unit, the students have been working in the lab with materials that some might consider, to say the least, daunting. Recently, the students dissected a cow eyeball in order to dive deeper in their understanding of the inner-workings of the senses.

Lucas Collier, a senior in the class, says that the students removed the fat from the outside of the eye. They then proceeded to remove the aqueous humor in front of the lens. While Lucas thought the lab was fun, he didn’t necessarily think that it was all rainbows and butterflies. “The eye didn’t smell good, but it was fun. I squeezed the eyeball juice everywhere.”

Lucas says of the lab, and he speaks for most students, by implying the awkwardness of dissections--the most interesting type of lab, but usually out of most students’ comfort zones.

Lucas also recalls getting a good look at the retina of the eye, noting that it had a shiny quality to it. Ultimately, the lab, which the students conducted with the help of teacher Ashley Weems, proved to be a good learning experience that tied back to their studies, allowing them to dissect, pun intended, the mechanisms of special senses.

Artist of the Month:

Ethan Womack

By Olivia Pool

Ethan Womack got artist of the month for March. Ethan’s favorite medium to use for his artwork is a pencil.

Aside from school, he spends about 2-3 hours at home working on his art. Ethan’s favorite artist is Paul Cadden. Paul Cadden is a hyper-realist artist. Most of his art pieces are very detailed faces.

Ethan hasn’t had any private lessons or art training besides at DAR High School in his art classes. Ethan finds his inspiration from the art room at school. He hasn’t been in any contests and has never won any other art awards, but he wishes to have some one day.

In the future, Ethan hopes to continue his career of art and go to college to gain more experience.

Go Ask Alice

By Georgia Turner

"Go Ask Alice" is a play that was recently performed at the Whole Backstage in Guntersville. This play centers around a teenage girl named Alice who gets into the wrong crowd and becomes addicted to drugs. It follows her journey during her times on and off drugsl. It is set in the 1980s.

The cast starred several juniors from DAR. Harley Tandy, who was the star Alice Aberdeen, recruited some of her friends from DAR to join her in the cast of the play.

Georgia Turner played Alice’s best friend, Chris Vetrano. Will Keller was Joe Driggs, and Betsy Montgomery was Jill Peters, two people that Alice parties with. Mikaila Scott played Beth, who is one of Alice’s friends before she starts drugs, and Spencer Loback played George, one of Alice’s conservative boyfriends. Ethan Ayers helped with the stage crew.

The whole cast had fun getting to know each other a lot better over the course of the rehearsals and shows. Almost all of the students from DAR are considering doing another play or a musical.

Harley Tandy is the only one from the cast who had previously been in plays at the Whole Backstage. Betsy and Georgia both thought it was fun when their characters have an argument in one of the scenes. Betsy’s favorite line is from that scene, “Let it mean whatever you want it to mean, and get off my back. For a run of the mill doper, you can get presumptuous.”

Will’s favorite line is the punch line of a nonsense joke “Radio, radio!”

They all said before each show started that they were a combination of nervous and excited, but the nerves diminished after every show, and they have got more comfortable on stage over time.


1. NHS forms for current members are due March 15th. They can be picked up in the library and you must have community service hours so don’t run out of time!!.

2. Any 9th grade students interested in visiting a specific program at the technical school need to sign up in Mr. Barnes office. The visit will be March 29th. Last day to sign up will be March 5th.

3. Seniors can now start paying their graduation fee. Total is $85. See Mrs. Finley for more information.

4. Attention juniors: There is a sign up in the main office for an ACT Review that will begin in March and go through April during 8th period. Sign ups are first come first served...YOU MUST ATTEND ALL SESSIONS.

5. Yearbook order forms are available in the high school office and online on the school website. The cost for a yearbook is $75 and the deadline to order is April 18. Forms are also available if you would like to put a personal ad for your graduating senior in the yearbook. Ad prices start at $30. If you have questions you can contact Mrs. Clark at or call during school hours 256-857-5150.

6. Prom tickets are now on sale. See Ms. Quick to pay for your tickets.


The following students will be celebrating their birthdays during the coming week:

March 7 – Nathaniel Brown, Kavan Green, Kassidy Allen, TJ Leonard

March 10 – Ken Ledbetter, Ashley Reyes

March 11- Alexis Meeks, Lizzy Hammett, Hannah Carr

March 12 – Logan Stanfield, Kameron Couch, Gary Kolb

March 13 – Dixie Devor, Kyla Wildman

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