Congressional Art Competition

By Walker Brusch

The Congressional Art Competition was filled with many well done projects from all across Alabama. DAR students had many entries in almost all of the subjects from painting to graphic design.

There were many students who placed within the top three in each of their own categories.

Matthew Calip took first in painting with a piece that prevailed above the rest. He gets inspiration for his pieces from the beauty of Alabama and his surroundings.

Brisna Gonzalez took second in Computer Generated Art and Alyssa Bolt placed second in Mixed Media.

Jessica McGee took third in Mixed Media, Dixie Devor took third in Photography, Cadence Dooley placed third in Collage, and Mikaila Scott took third in Drawing. DAR is proud of each of them for their hard work.

Art students also competed in a contest to design artwork for the JAC, a special national DAR program. The competition is open to all students, not just students at DAR schools. We had lots of students from DAR to place in the top three spots in the different divisions.

Last week, the winning students were treated to a pizza party sponsored by the local DAR chapter.

DAR Spring Concert

By Walker Brusch

The KDS DAR Band and Choir held their annual spring concert on May 5, 2018.

The high school band played three individual pieces including Power, Creed and Spirit of Olympus. They also did a piece with the beginner band students as a way of welcoming them as part of the band family.

The choir sang three pieces that were about how we as people help to form each other through the years and become our true selves.

There was a banquet afterwards to honor the seniors leaving the two programs after many years. There was a slideshow of the seniors, showing fun times from their time with the band and choir. It was an eventful evening with food, friends and family.

Senior Spotlight

Nathan McBee

By Cassadi Shadden

Nathan Scott McBee is a senior at DAR High School this year. He lives with his sister Emily, his dad and his stepmom.

Nathan’s heart is dedicated to working out. It is his hobby and his passion, and when asked where he sees himself in 10 years, Nathan simply said, “In 10 years, I’ll be huge.”

Working out is not the only love Nathan has; he has also been a dedicated member of many clubs and sports teams throughout his past four years in high school, such as FCCLA, Beta Club and the track team. Nathan also said he has done a lot of eating and sleeping throughout high school as well.

If he could go any place in the world, Nathan said he would like to go either California for its beaches or Europe, because it is somewhere a lot different than the United States. Until he gets to go out and see the world, he is stuck in school for just a little while longer.

When asked about what high school was like for him, he had plenty to say. His least favorite subject has been English, and what worried him about high school was having to wake up early every day.

Nathan also said if he could change anything about our school, he would get better food for everyone, so we can all get fit.

Senior Spotlight

Charles Montgomery

By Kayleigh Lee

Charles is a student at KDS DAR High School. His favorite class was AP Chemistry, which he took with Mr. Dennis.

His teachers would say that he is funny, energetic and talkative. All throughout his high school years, Charles has been involved in tennis.

After he graduates. he plans to attend West Virginia University (WVU). In 10 years, he plans to be a sportscaster for ESPN. His advice for underclassmen is, ”Don’t waste time. High school goes by too fast.”

Senior Spotlight

Madison Pendergrass

By Cassadi Shadden

Madison Brooke Pendergrass is a senior at DAR High School. She lives with her mom, dad, and younger brother, Lucas Pendergrass.

Madison is one of the sweetest girls you will meet at DAR, and all her friends would describe her as loving, quirky and interesting.

For now, Madison usually spends her weekends relaxing or helping her mother cook, but that might not always be the case. If she could go anywhere in the world, Madison would want to go somewhere in Europe, because she knows some Spanish and French. She could learn more about the languages and the cultures while she is there. Who knows, maybe in the future that is how she will be spending her weekends.

Of course, it would not be a senior spotlight if we did not ask the seniors what high school was like for them, so we did the same with Madison. When asked about her classes, Madison said her favorite class is AP Literature with Mrs. Daugette, because she is her favorite teacher. She is Madison’s favorite because she is hyper and is always excited to teach a new lesson.

Her least favorite subject was math though, because she feels like she is not very good at it.

Madison has remained quite busy during high school as a member of National Honor Society, Show Choir, Leo Club, Spanish Club and Book Club.

When asked if there was anything about high school that worried her, she said, “There is nothing that really worries me about high school, but the time after it does.”

Madison probably has nothing to worry about after high school though, because her future seems bright. In fact, when asked where she sees herself in 10 years, she said, “I hope to be a nurse, helping others in any way that I can.”

The Most Nerve-Wracking

Experience of 2018

By Lillian Jackson

Marshall County Youth Leadership interviews were beyond nerve-wracking this year.

Everyone began to have immense feelings of nervousness the morning of the interviews. Candidates showed up afraid out of their minds. We all wanted a spot that only four of us could have.

This year’s four winners were Bella Walker, Alexis Smith, Ben Sutton and Drew Aultman. The students were chosen based on a point system. The two boys and two girls with the highest number of points at the end of the interview won the spots.

Those four students chosen as MCYL representatives were given the opportunity to go on a trip to Montgomery to visit the state capital. The highlight of the trip was meeting the Alabama Secretary of State, John Merrill.

That trip was just the beginning! Next year, MCYL students will travel once a month to meet with other students in Marshall County to learn about leadership opportunities in our county and state.


  • Juniors – Information about senior portraits to be taken this summer is available from Mrs. Clark. Be sure to fill out your appointment postcard so you can have portrait information sent to you over the summer.
  •  Anyone interested in running cross country next season needs to sign up in the office.
  • Awards Day for grades 9-11 will be Monday, May 21, at 9:30 a.m. in the Burkey Center.
  • Semester exams will be given Tuesday, May 22, and Wednesday, May 23.


Congratulate the following students who will be celebrating another year this week:

May 19 – Michael Pendergrass

May 20 – Andrew Veach

May 21 – Limyer Aglosolos

May 22 – Amber Doran

May 23 – Logan Stapler

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