A Day Without Hate

By Erin Martin

A new tradition at DAR High School is A Day Without Hate, a national event that encourages love, not hate. It’s a day to put aside differences and focus in on not only what we have in common, but what we love about each other. To encourage a sense of unity, each of the students wears white (which comes in handy for the color fun at the end of the day). April 26 was our second annual Day Without Hate.

The day began with the SGA handing out chocolate chip cookies, baked by the FCS class, at each entrance to the school to get the students’ day off to a sweet start. Next, the students went to class, where they were each allowed to participate in “Let the Good Stick,” an activity where they wrote kind messages on sticky notes and placed them on people’s lockers. After “Let the Good Stick,” the students went back to class, and they played board games until it was time to watch “The Greatest Showman,” a movie about embracing what makes us unique. Each student chowed down on a free Coke and popcorn while enjoying the movie.

After the movie, lunch was served, and students had the opportunity to write a “Letter of Amends,” where they could write a note to someone they had wronged or just get something off their chest to someone they love. To close out the day, the students went to the football field where the SGA played music over the speakers while students played a game of freeze tag with colored powder which stood out against their white shirts. After the game was over, the students soaked up the sunshine playing Frisbee, football and other outdoor activities.

As expected, the SGA did an amazing job making A Day Without Hate even better than the year before, decking the hallways with inspiring messages that filled the school’s climate with positivity. Overall, though the work that goes into A Day Without Hate can sometimes be tedious, it is well worth the effort.

FCCLA Showcase

By Nikole Binkley

The FCCLA Club and the Event Planning class sponsored a big competition against the other Family Consumer Science programs in Marshall County high schools. We had multiple activities to compete in.

There was “Top Chef,” which was one of our biggest competitions. Top Chef teams made an entree, appetizer, and dessert from basic kitchen staples and five additional ingredients, which were a secret until the competition started. The teams had 90 minutes to decide how to use their ingredients, cook their creations, and serve their food to the panel of judges.

Douglas High school won first place with Eric Vincent, Tara Crumbley, Haleigh Olinger, and Garrett O’Dell on their team. They did a spinach dip with homemade bread, a roasted chicken, and a strawberry crepe. DAR came in second with Eli Spray, Timothy Mungle, Olivia Pool, and Kiona Pope on the team. Their appetizer was also a spinach dip. They did a chicken pasta for their entree, and a biscuit with a strawberry sauce for dessert.

The next biggest competition was the FACS Knowledge Bowl. DAR High School won first place with Olivia Pool, Nikole Binkley, Emily Rice, and Savannah Brown on the team. Douglas High School came in second with Tara Crumbley, Eric Vincent, Carlee Smith, and Kiran Norton on their team. The FACS Knowledge Bowl was like a scholar’s bowl competition but with questions about food and nutrition, food safety, child development, interior design, fabrics, and sewing.

In the fashion design competition, the students made an outfit using only newspaper, magazines, duct tape, a stapler, trash bags, safety pins, scissors, ruler, yarn, and ribbon. Asbury High School came in first place with a stunning dress made of trash bags and duct tape designed by Oralia Cortes, Karla Zurita, and Lauren Ward. Coming in second place was DAR with Jacob Wilson, Emily Rice, Savannah Brown creating a sundress with colored newspaper ads. Coming in third was Douglas High School with a dress and sandals designed by Lyric Fant, Erica Phillips, Natalie Morgan.

The cupcake decoration competition was spring themed, and competitors had to bring six cupcakes, plain white frosting, decorating tips/bags, and edible decorations. They had 30 minutes to color their frosting and decorate their cupcakes. First place in cupcake decorating was Annaclaire Garmony from Brindlee Mountain High School, with cupcakes decorating like bunnies and Easter peeps. Second place was Asbury High School student Luz Hernandez. Third place was Douglas High School with the team of Emily Phillips and Erica Phillips.

Centerpiece design was another competition, and the students created a spring themed centerpiece and decorated a round banquet table. The first place went to Asbury High School, Joanna Ponce and Jessenia Sanchez, who had a beautiful table decorated with peonies. Second place was DAR High School with Kaylei Whitaker and McKenna Adair. Third place was Brindlee Mountain High with Jasmine Avelar and Carrie Cooper. Fourth place was Douglas High School with Lyric Fant and Erica Keel.

The last competition was menu planning. The teams had to write a five-day healthy menu plan for a teenage girl that included breakfast, lunch, and dinner for each day. Coming in first place was Douglas High School with Mallory Pritchett and Olivia Gilbert. Second place was DAR with Trinity Mclemore and Nikole Binkley.

When students weren’t competing, they could enjoy a hospitality room set up by the members of the DAR FCCLA Club. There was a photo booth, “Find-a-Friend” bingo, and other games and activities. Students could also work on a service project to make cards for military veterans, take tours of the DAR campus, and contribute artwork to the “Day Without Hate” graffiti wall. It was a very good opportunity for students from the different high schools to get to know each other.

The competition couldn’t have been such as success without our judges who generously donated their time and expertise: Butch Starnes, Melisa Hall, Elle Durham, Whitney McWhorter, LaDonna Wooten, Glenda Baker, Myra Sutton, and Lucas Collier. We would also like to thank our sponsors that helped us with the FCCLA Showcase by donating funds for competition supplies, sponsoring lunch for everyone, and providing prizes for all of the winners: Ricky Russell, Telah’s Cozy Cookies, the DAR administrative office, Dennis Foodland, Zaxby’s of Guntersville, Domino’s of Guntersville, Chick-fil-a of Guntersville, CiCi’s of Guntersville, and Factory Connection.

Artist of the Month

By Olivia Pool

Brisna Gonzalez won artist of the month for April. She says that she loves to do her art on digital things such as her Ipad.

Brisna normally spends about 4-5 hours over several days working on her art, but she doesn't limit herself. Her favorite piece of artwork is “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh. When she was younger, Brisna took art classes during the summer to help her practice and become better.

She finds her inspiration in everyday life and just everything she sees in general. She has won JAC awards for art and some in Congressionals. She said she won an art award when she was younger but can't remember the name of the award. She plans to go into a creative field for art when she graduates to increase her abilities and become better.

Senior Spotlight:

Dillon Mathieu

By Emily Rice

Dillon Mathieu is a senior and is enrolled in the Lakeside Academy at DAR. He lives with his mom and stepdad. Mr. Finley is Dillon’s favorite teacher because he has helped him out the most in school.

The place he wants to go the most is Rome, because of the culture there. If Dillon got stuck on an island, the three things he would bring would be a lighter, a tent and a match. His least favorite subject is math, because he says, “We will never use the math we are taught.’’

Dillon spends his weekends by either catching up on school work or sleeping. The only thing that worries Dillon about high school is how quick people are to judge and the state of mind people can get. One thing he regrets about his high school years would be not going out more and making the most out of his high school years.

On Dillon’s bucket list, he wants to travel the planet, go to space, and also get rich. Something he would want to tell the underclassmen would be, “Don’t mess around in your high school years, because you’re only making it harder on yourself.’’

Senior Spotlight:

CJ Sims

By Georgia Turner

CJ lives with his grandparents in Grant. He is on the basketball team and was the only senior on the team this year.

His favorite class is history with Coach Holland, because he loves learning about the past and finds it interesting. CJ’s least favorite subject is math; he just doesn’t feel like he understands it. He enjoys playing basketball and hiking. “I live in the middle of nowhere, so I like to hike around my house,” said CJ. On the weekends, he hangs out with his friends.

CJ believes friends would probably describe him as fun, wild, and hard working. HIs thinks his teachers would describe him as funny and sort of lazy. He would describe himself as athletic and outdoorsy.

His hero is his grandpa because he admires how hardworking and level headed he is. In ten years, CJ sees himself living the “American dream.” He wants to have a nice house and be married with kids. He is currently working an apprenticeship at Huntsville Utilities and aspires to be a lineman there and make good money.

If CJ could go any place in the world, he would love to do a backpacking trip through Europe. He would also like to see Mexico. Some activities on his bucket list are jumping out of a plane “a couple of times” and traveling.

If he could have dinner with anyone, he would have dinner with Rodney Carrington, a comedian, because he seems like a fun guy to be around. If CJ could choose three items to have with him on a deserted island, he would want to have food, water, and his dog, Levi. His idea of the best date is Chinese food and Netflix. His favorite movies are the Jurassic Park series.

If CJ could change anything at DAR, it would be the dress code, because he was dress coded the first four days of school for his shorts. One of his regrets from high school is that he wishes he had played football. His advice to underclassmen is to always make an effort to show up to school.

Senior Spotlight:

McKenzie Wilbanks

By Erin Martin

McKenzie Wilbanks is a senior at DAR High School who lives with her parents and brother in Grant. McKenzie’s favorite class is art, because she has always been into crafting. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Edmonds, because she admires her and thinks she is absolutely amazing at what she does. Her least favorite class is math, because she has a difficult time understanding it.

If McKenzie could travel anywhere in the world, she would go to New York to visit the store that carries her jewelry line. If she had to go to a deserted island, she would bring her phone, food, and her hedgehog. McKenzie’s hero is Peyton Ganus, because she is a very successful entrepreneur. McKenzie aspires to eventually reach her level of expertise and travel the world selling jewelry as a career.

If McKenzie could have dinner with anyone, she would have dinner with her uncle, because he passed away a long time ago and she misses him very much. If she could change anything about the school, McKenzie would wipe out bullying. In her free time, McKenzie hangs out with her friends and makes jewelry. She enjoys running her own business and spending time with her family.

As far as activities, McKenzie is involved in Beta Club, Leo Club, FBLA, and Historical Society. McKenzie’s friends would describe her as outgoing, smart, and sweet. Her teachers might describe her as funny, sweet, and authentic. On the other hand, she would describe herself as funny, successful, authentic, outgoing, and kind.

McKenzie’s idea of the best first date is a nice dinner and a movie. Her biggest regret about high school is not pursuing her creative skills earlier, through art as well as jewelry-making. One thing on McKenzie’s bucket list is to grow her business to its full potential. If she had any advice to give to underclassmen, she would tell them not to have any regrets. “If you have a dream, go for it and don’t let anyone hold you back! You do you!” she said, giving us a valuable piece of advice that we all need to hear at some point or another.

Senior Spotlight:

Brenton Meeks

By Kaitlyn Holland

This week’s senior spotlight is Brenton Meeks, and he is very excited to graduate. Brenton is 18 and lives with his grandmother, Mawmaw.

Brenton’s favorite class is Coach Rice's class, because they don’t have to work too hard. Brenton’s least favorite class is math, because he said he was terrible at it.

Brenton's friends would describe him as funny, kind, honest, brave, and goofy. After Brenton graduates, he plans on becoming a game warden. If Brenton could go back in time and do high school over again, he said he would play baseball. Brenton’s advice to lower classmen is “trust no one.”

Three things on Brenton's bucket list are going skydiving, Rocky Mountain climbing, and riding a bull for 2.7 seconds.


1. Seniors – your graduation fee is due now. Total is $85. See Mrs. Finley for more information.

2. Seniors - Order forms for the cap and gown group portrait taken on the morning of graduation are available in the office. The cost is $18. Return forms and money to Mrs. Clark.

3. Seniors - please check your email about the Alumni Banquet and see Mrs. T. Sutton to sign-up.

4. Library is closing soon. All books must be returned to prevent a library fee to end the year. Start bringing those back today.

5. The community clean-up is Saturday, May 11. Meet at the school at 8:30. You will receive 4 hours of community service for your participation. If you are a member of a school club, wear your club T-shirt.

6. Any students that wishes to interview for Cosmetology, Welding, Automotive or Medical Prep at the technical school must ride the AM bus to the tech school on Monday, May 13, to interview. You need to sign up with Mr. Barnes before attending. This is required to be considered for these programs.

7. Lifetouch and Prestige Portraits is the official school photographer for senior portraits to be used in the school yearbook. Upcoming seniors, Class of 2020, received information this week and will receive an appointment postcard in the mail. The basic sitting fee is $30 with a special summer session for $60 that will include formal poses, casual poses, indoor and outdoor backgrounds, a senior t-shirt, and 2 photo keychains. If you have any questions, see Mrs. Clark.

8. AP EXAMS: May 8 - 8 a.m. - English Literature and Composition

May 9 – 8 a.m. – Chemistry

May 9 – 12 p.m. – Psychology

May 13 – 8 a.m. - Biology

May 15 – 8 a.m. – English Language and Composition

9. Senior Events:

Wednesday, May 15, Baccalaureate Service - 6 p.m. at Nan Lane Roberts Chapel

Thursday, May 16 – Graduation Practice – 8 a.m. at Burkey Center

Friday, May 17 – Awards Day Program – 9 a.m. in Burkey Center, be seated by 8:30

Friday, May 17 – Alumni Banquet – 6 p.m. in lunchroom

Saturday, May 18 – Graduation Ceremony – 10 a.m., seniors be at school at 8:30 a.m.

10. Awards Day for grades 9-11 – Monday, May 20

11. Exams for grades 9-11 – Tuesday and Wednesday, May 21 and May 22, make-ups with a doctor’s excuse only on May 23.


May 8 – Riley Adair

May 9 – Matthew Beard, Ally O’Neal, Eli Spray, Alex Walker

May 10 – Dakota Driver

May 11 – Lance Clark

May 12 – Paxton Seeley, Camden Dooley, Austin

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