On the Job 

By Erin Martin

Kyle Saylor and Harley Tandy, juniors at DAR High School, work at Piper and Leaf Tea Company in Huntsville.

Piper and Leaf is located at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment. Kyle and Harley have an interesting job helping with tea production at Piper and Leaf. All day, they prepare refreshing teas for their customers through various processes.

Brewing the teas could mean anything from slicing and dicing fruit to adding spices that give teas a seasonal flare. On the flip side, Kyle and Harley also help in shop support, interacting with customers.

When asked about their favorite teas, Kyle listed the Sweet Pie Chia tea, a new fall seasonal blend, as his favorite. It is sweet potato based and has cinnamon, clov, and other chai spices that make the tea perfect for autumn.

Harley’s favorite tea is Peppermint Blues or a mix of Birthday Cake and Strawberry Shindig.

Aside from teas, Piper and Leaf also sells coffee. The company has two coffee blends that customers can enjoy as a pour-over coffee from local roasters as well as a nitro cold brew made in house. They also have a variety of specialty drinks like a sparkling tea, which takes a regular tea but uses sparkling water as an alternative to regular water, resulting in a soda-like beverage. The tea company also serves pastries that are made in house.

Another interesting part of working at Piper and Leaf is the travel aspect.

“Traveling with Piper and Leaf is fun because you get to meet new people, bond with coworkers, and every event is different,” said Harley Tandy, who regularly works events for Piper and Leaf. Kyle also enjoys traveling with the company, since he started working at Piper and Leaf by helping at a country living event in Nashville with Harley. After working the event, Kyle knew the job was for him and accepted immediately when it was offered.

Being at a popular location, Piper and Leaf is often busy. Kyle’s favorite part of the day is the couple of hours before closing when you can really get a feel for the atmosphere by interacting with customers and coworkers.

“The coolest thing about working at Piper and Leaf is the relationship between employees and employers. Because everyone knows each other so personally, they know who you are and what’s going on in your life. Just the other day I went into Piper and Leaf and one of the owners asked me about how my cross country races had been going so far. It’s just such a tight knit group, but they are also very welcoming,” Kyle said.

Harley’s favorite part of the day is when customers come in with a “surprise me” order. She says her strong suits lie in packaging, in production, and in talking with the customers.

Kyle and Harley love working at Piper and Leaf, not only for the customers, but for the coworkers they have come to know. All in all, their job is very interesting and a little outside the norm for a high school student, but is amazing all the same.

Reality Baby

By Nehamiah Zacharias

After the students in the Child Development class spend a day wearing the “Baby Belly” to simulate pregnancy, they get to take a “Reality Baby” home for a week. The reality baby is a way for the teenage kids to see what it’s like to have a real baby and take care of a newborn.

This project is supposed to simulate the real life scenario of a baby and its needs and help teens understand the reality of having babies. The babies are supposed to be very realistic and not easy to care for.

The babies cry when they are hungry, need a diaper change, need to be burped, want to be rocked, or just because they are fussy. Students wear a special bracelet and the computer in the baby records how quickly students respond to the crying, if they respond correctly, and if the baby has been handled too roughly.

One of the newer babies also is able to record if the baby has been kept in the correct temperature range, how long it has been left in the car seat, and when its clothing has been changed.

There are different crying schedules, and all of the schedules have the babies crying during the middle of the night, often several times each night!

When the students get their Reality Baby, they must keep it with them constantly, since the baby will only respond to the student's bracelet.

Most of the students found it very stressful to be on-call twenty-four/seven. If they weren't able to take the baby into one of their classes during the school day, then they had to get it into daycare. There was a list of extra classroom jobs that students had to do to pay for their day care hours.

When Hannah Phillips was asked about her experience with the baby, she said, “It was okay, I guess. It makes me not want to have kids. The baby cried a lot, at least 10 times a night. It was nothing like a real baby.”

But she also said she misses the baby and was sad to give it back.

Nikole Binkley said the experience was very stressful, but she still wants kids, just not that kid. It cried about 15 to 20 times a night. It was harder carrying the car seat around than the baby. She said that it wasn’t realistic enough, because a real newborn sleeps more. It wasn’t that bad taking care of the baby, unless it was at night and woke her up.

She was happy to gave it back. Then she missed the baby so she asked to do it again and wished she didn’t.

Senior Spotlight:

Nehamiah Zacharis

By:Michael Burton

Senior Spotlight Nehamiah Zacharis lives with his mother and his stepfather. His favorite class is journalism, because he loves to write, take pictures, and be creative.

Mrs.Cooper, who is a substitute teacher, is his favorite teacher, because he feels as if he could rely on her if he needed to. His least favorite class is American History through Film, because he finds the class very complicated and hard.

His hero is William Shakespeare, because when Nehamiah was young, he felt as if he was alone all the time and he would turn to Shakespeare’s poetry for comfort. He would then make his own poem according to his feelings. He wishes that he could have dinner with his deceased father.

Nehamiah wishes that he could change how strict the school is on their students. He wishes that he was more involved with sports and clubs in high school. He worries that he will not be able to graduate this year. His advice to the underclassman is that they should be involved more at school.

Senior Spotlight:

Harmony Brewer

By Michael Burton

Senior Spotlight Harmony Brewer lives with her parents, Tonya and David Brewer. Her favorite class this year is AP Literature, because she has loved reading since she was a little kid, so AP Literature is the perfect class for her. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Keller, because he teaches very well and makes everything easy to understand. Mr. Keller is easy to talk and get along with.

Harmony’s least favorite class is AP Statistics, because the class is more of an English class than a math class. She is used to math where you calculate and solve problems. She feels as if AP Statistics makes you forget everything you already knew about math and learn it all over again.

Harmony wishes that she could travel to Africa or Australia, because she would love to explore and see all of the animals.

Her heroes are her parents and God, because all three of them have helped her through the hardest times. They also helped her get to where she is and make her what she is today.

She would love to have dinner with Jeff Goldblum because she loves the Jurassic Park movies and Ian Malcolm was her favorite character.

Harmony’s hobbies are reading, drawing, painting, playing video games, listening to music, and watching the Gilmore Girls. She has never played a sport, but she has been involved in many different clubs like Prom Committee, Art Club, Leo Club, Beta Club, FCCLA, FBLA, Historical Society, Book Club, Spanish Club, National Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta, etc.

One thing she wishes that she could change about DAR is how much money the school puts into sports. The school focuses so much on sports, and they could use a little of that money to help everyone, not just a certain sport. Her advice for everyone is, “No matter what happens, keep your head up.”


1. Beta Club will meet after school on Wednesday, Nov. 28, to work on Christmas cards for the veterans at Tut Fann Veterans Home. The trip to decorate the veterans' doors and sing Christmas carols will be on Thursday, Dec. 6. The sign-up sheet and permission slip is outside of Mrs. Clark's door.

2. Tacky Sweater dress-up day is December 14.

3. Breakfast with Santa, sponsored by FCCLA and Beta Club, will be Saturday, Dec. 8. Tickets cost $10 for children and $5 for adults and will be on sale through December 6. Flyers with information about the event have been sent home with the elementary school students.


The following students will be celebrating their birthdays during the coming week:

Nov. 28 – Nicole Filmore

Nov. 29 – Zack Earl, Bailey Hardin, Taylor Barfield, Joseph Ingersoll

Nov. 30 – Landon Jimerson, Howie Boxley

Dec. 1 – Brody Smith

Dec. 3 – Maggie Prinkey

Dec. 4 – Jeffery Lee

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