DAR Homecoming Court 2018

By Georgia Turner

This year’s homecoming court consisted of Cameron Cooper, Bailee Chandler, Kennedy Allen, Maggie Mance, Peyton Lankford, Justin Manion, Brayden Lewis, Dalton Wallace and Riley Aidair.

The freshman class was represented by Jordan Stewart and Blaine Smith.

The sophomore class was represented by Kassidy Allen and Ethan Ayers.

The junior class was represented by Morgan Gore and Will Keller.

While the court was presented at the homecoming game, the DAR Marching Patriots performed “Endless Love.”

Kennedy Allen is a member of the Art Club, Historical Society, Beta Club, NSHSS, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Spanish Club, Patriot Ambassadors Club and Student Government Association. Kennedy enjoys painting, photography, going to church, spending time with family, watching Netflix, and cheering on the Crimson Tide. She plans on attending Mississippi State to get a degree in wildlife photography so that she can travel around the world and work as a journalist.

Kennedy was escorted by Dalton Wallace. In his free time, Dalton likes to listen to music and explore different genres, spend time with family and friends, and attend DAR sporting events to cheer on his school. This year he is the DAR Student Section Spirit Leader. After graduating, Dalton wants to pursue a degree in either graphic design or education.

Maggie Mance is the president of the Student Government Association this year. She is also in the Spanish Club, Beta Club, Spanish Honor Society, Art Club, Historical Society, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, and the Patriot Ambassadors club. Maggie is a big fan of Bob Dylan and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Maggie is currently undecided on her future, but she wants a career that will bring her joy, fulfillment and lots of money.

Riley Adair escorted Maggie Mance. Riley is a member of the Spanish Club, Spanish Honor Society, FBLA, National Honor Society, and Mu Alpha Theta. He plans on attending college and pursuing a career as a chiropractor.

Cameron Cooper loves long walks on the beach, attending concerts, taking road trips, and playing with her dog. She also enjoys photography, swimming, hiking, and singing. After graduating, Cameron wants to attend the University of Alabama in Birmingham and study kinesiology, while also pursuing her physical therapy certification. Her ultimate goal is to have her own physical therapy practice.

Justin Manion escorted Cameron Cooper. Justin is a starting offensive lineman for the varsity football team and is on the fishing team. In his spare time, he likes listening to music, eating, and watching movies. Justin also plans to major in kinesiology at UAB, while working to get his certification in physical therapy.

Peyton Lankford is on the varsity basketball team. She is also in National Honor Society, Beta Club, Spanish Honor Society, Spanish Club, Leo Club, FBLA, FCA, Prom Committee, Historical Society, and Mu Alpha Theta. Peyton’s future plans include attending a community college to receive her associate degree and then going to Auburn University to pursue a degree in nursing.

Peyton was escorted by Will Bailey. Will is the starting quarterback for the varsity football team. He is a member of the Leo Club, FCA, and FBLA. After graduating, he will be attending college and wants to further his football career.

Bailee Chandler is a member of the Beta Club, Leo Club, Spanish Club, FBLA, National Honor Society, Marshall County Youth Leadership, Historical Society, and is a KDS DAR Continental Congress Representative for 2018. She is on the varsity volleyball team and varsity basketball team. Bailee wants to attend Snead State University to get a scholarship to play volleyball and to get her degree in pre-nursing. After that, she plans on attending the University of Alabama to become a Registered Nurse.

Bailee Chandler was escorted by Brayden Lewis. Brayden is a starting player for the varsity football team and is an essential member of the varsity track team. Brayden is also in the Spanish Club, National Honor Society, Historical Society, and Marshall County Youth Leadership. He is also a KDS DAR Continental Congress Representative for 2018. He plans on attending the University of Alabama in Birmingham School of Dentistry.

Taylor Corbin, last year’s queen, is currently attending the University of North Alabama. Nathan McBee, last year’s king, is currently attending Northeast Community College. First, Nathan presented the crown of homecoming king to Will Bailey. Then, Taylor presented the crown of homecoming queen and a bouquet of roses to Bailee Chandler.

Will Bailey and Bailee Chandler are excellent representatives of the seniors at DAR. Long may they reign, until Homecoming 2019! Congratulations to Will and Bailee and the rest of the homecoming court and representatives!

Harvest Festival

By Erin Martin

In addition to the Homecoming Parade and Powderpuff game hosted by the high school last Thursday, DAR also held the annual Harvest Festival. The proceeds of the Harvest Festival went to the groups who ran booths at the event.

The event was held at the baseball field at Grant’s local park, Kidtopia. Activities at the Harvest Festival included bingo, bouncy houses, hair dye, cakewalk, slime bar, fake mustaches, ring toss and face paint.

A new activity this year was the slime bar. Slime has been a big children’s trend for 2018, and the festival’s slime booth was a surefire hit given the recent popularity. Children were allowed to pick their favorite slime and purchase it to play with.

Another addition to the Harvest Festival was the fake mustache booth. The first grade teachers at the Elementary School ran the fake mustache booth. Kids were allowed to pick a fake mustache to wear, another trend at the moment. In the same category, the hair dye booth was another popular activity. Children’s hair was sprayed with every color of the rainbow and then some!

Yearly favorites such as bingo, cakewalk, face paint, ring toss and bouncy castles were also at the Harvest Festival to create the fun atmosphere people have come to expect from year to year. While bouncy castles, face paint and ring ross are fun activities for the children, bingo and the cakewalk tend to appeal to a more mature group of people, making the Harvest Festival a place for all ages!

The Breast Cancer Art Project

By Adrieanna Sprayberry

The art classes at DAR High recently completed their annual breast cancer awareness project. Teams of students take an ordinary bra and decorate it based on a theme related to fighting breast cancer.

This activity gives students a chance to be a part of breast cancer awareness by taking an ordinary object such as a bra and making it a creative display that represents the strength and beauty of a woman. One of the participants said, “The most emotional part was the ability to participate in breast cancer awareness.’’

Students get to use their imagination to turn a bra into a beautiful art design. Students use a variety of items to decorate and make their designs. This year's bras included “Melting Away Cancer” by Alex Aultman and Colin Burton. This bra was decorated to look like two ice cream cones.

“We Shell Find a Cure” by Sara McGee was decorated to look like a fishing net covered with pearls and sea shells.

Alex Satterfield did “Freedom From Cancer” and decorated his bra with a red, white, and blue military theme that included tiny jet fighter planes and a tank.

Morgan Gore created “It's Time for a Cure” and had a watchface made of tiny beads on one side of the bra and the other side was covered with beads and actual watches.

“Scare Breast Cancer Away!” by Ryleigh Murphy used each bra cup as the face of a scary clown.

All of the student work was amazing. During Dedication Day, DAR ladies and members of the community vote on their favorite bra design. It will surely be a difficult decision to select a winning bra.

Homecoming Floats

By Erin Martin

People lined the streets of Grant to catch a glimpse of DAR’s 2018 Homecoming Parade. While the parade featured the band and cheerleaders and football players of all ages, the highlights were the class parade floats.

The freshman float was based on the early 00’s hit, Shrek. Their slogan was “Get Out of Our Swamp!” The float included Shrek’s famous outhouse as well as Shrek himself dressed in Patriot attire!

The sophomore float was a Candyland theme and showcased a moving water wheel for the “Chocolate Lagoon.” The slogan was “Victory is Sweet!” The float did its namesake justice, having a stack of cards and tiles that embodied the game. The sophomores also constructed a large gingerbread house that brought the float together.

The junior float was based on the 1970s blockbuster Grease with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. The float incorporated memorable items from the movie like a nearly life-sized Greased Lightning car from a famous musical number in the movie and a 10-foot tall spinning ferris wheel from the carnival scene. At the back of the float was a double-sided backdrop. On one side was an enormous record, and on the other was the Shake Shack from the end scene of the movie. Attached to the Shake Shack were life-sized cutouts of Danny and Sandy, as well as a jukebox. Their slogan was “The Raiders are Cruisin for a Bruisin’,” a phrase used throughout the movie.

The senior float was a nearly true to size pirate ship with cannons and smokestacks. The cannons even puffed out smoke to make the float come to life. The ship’s mast had a spinning crow’s nest that gave the float another lifelike quality. The float’s theme was Pirates of the Carribean, and fittingly had a cutout of Jack Sparrow behind the ship’s wheel. “Sink the Raiders” was the slogan of the float, which proved to be a well-made prediction given Friday night’s 49-14 victory over Randolph!

The sophomore float came in first place with the juniors in tow as second. The seniors placed third, and the freshmen placed fourth. It is easy to tell that the students worked extra hard to make the 2018 homecoming parade the best yet, and will undoubtedly set a new standard by raising the bar next year!

Apron Project

By Erin Bolton

Mrs. Clark's third period Family and Consumer Science class made aprons to use for when they do cooking. There are six different color-coded kitchens and everyone sewed a reversible apron that matched their kitchen color.

One side was a solid color and the other side was a print. There were several steps to the project. The apron pieces had to be cut out of the fabric using a pattern. This sounds pretty easy, but many of the students had a hard time cutting straight, which created a problem when it came time to sew everything together. Antoher challenge was sewing straight seams, especially on the waist tie and neckband pieces.

The seam ripper was our “best friend” when we had to redo crooked seams! There was also a lot of ironing to do at different stages of the project so that the apron looked neat and professional.

“It was spectacular,” said Hailie Logan, when asked how she liked the project.

“It was pretty difficult,” said Olivia Pool.

It took around a week to finish everyone's apron. Everyone's apron looks really good. Hopefully the aprons will last the whole cooking semester!

Pep Rally

By Michael Burton

On October 5, the homecoming pep rally was held in the middle school since the Burkey gym was already set up for Dedication Day on October 12th.

The seniors won the first of the games.

Next was the ugly walk between the classes. First place was the juniors and second place was the seniors. The sophomore and freshman class stood no chance against the upperclassmen.

The last game was dodgeball. The game started between the sophomores and freshman. The game was taking too long, so the seniors had to help the freshman and the juniors helped the sophomores. Midway through the game they made a new rule that you can fire at anybody that is not in your class. After this rule, the sophomores and freshman class were taken out very quickly, leaving the juniors to face off with the seniors. The seniors were able to pull off a win over the junior class.

Once again, the pep rally was a fun time that got everyone ready to cheer on the Patriots at the big game tand big win that night.


1. Haunted Hollow Cave tours will be October 20 and 27 from 6 until 11 p.m. at Cathedral Caverns State Park. The cost is $10 per person and a percentage of the profits will go to the marching band.

2. Juniors – You may sign up for the ASVAB in Mr. Barnes office. The test will be given on October 25.

3. Seniors – Work Keys will be given on November 6. This is a required test. Make sure you are here that day.

4. Beta Club will be sponsoring a blood drive on October 30. Students aged 16 or older can give blood. There will be sign up sheet will be posted in the front office. Community members are also welcome to donate blood and do not need to make an appointment. The blood mobile will be parked in front of the Burkey Center gym from 8 in the morning until 3 p.m.


Oct. 19 - Avery Conn

Oct. 20 – Lucas Collier

Oct. 22 – Chase Smith

Oct. 23 – Ethan Pierce, Molly Cauthren

Oct. 24 – Phoenix Knowles

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