Homecoming Court

By Erin Martin

As homecoming draws nearer, students at DAR are preparing for the big day by choosing their class homecoming attendants. Every year, the homecoming court is composed of two freshman attendants, two sophomore attendants, two junior attendants and ten senior attendants. From the ten senior attendants, two will be chosen to receive the esteemed title of Homecoming King and Queen.

The ninth grade attendants for this year are Blaine Smith and Jordan Stewart.

The tenth grade attendants are Ethan Ayers and Kassidy Allen.

The eleventh grade attendants are Will Keller and Morgan Gore.

The twelfth grade Homecoming Queen nominees are Kennedy Allen, Bailee Chandler, Cameron Cooper, Peyton Lankford, and Maggie Mance. The contestants for Homecoming King are Riley Adair, Brayden Lewis, Justin Manion, Will Bailey, and Dalton Wallace. A final vote will be taken to decide who of this year’s senior class will become homecoming royalty!

The Homecoming Court will be presented before the homecoming game, when the Patriots will take on the North Jackson Chiefs.

Join us Friday night, October 5, at Patriot Stadium to see the presentation of the homecoming court, support the Patriots, and join in the rest of the homecoming activities at DAR!

Taiwanese Student

By Georgia Turner

Ching-Wen Ko is a foreign exchange student at DAR this year. He is called “Kevin” by his classmates. The nickname was chosen by his father back in Taiwan. Kevin said that his dad liked that name.

Kevin’s father is an engineer and his mother sells makeup. Both of his parents do not speak English. He has one little brother back in Taiwan who is 11 years old. In Grant, he lives with two host brothers and two host sisters. Kevin came to the United States as foreign exchange student to improve in his English, just like the two other foreign exchange students at DAR this year.

Speaking English is a valuable ability to have on a resume in Taiwan. Kevin said that he can read English better than he can speak it. His favorite class and teacher so far is Pre-AP Algebra II with Mrs. Sanderson, which he said is also his easiest class. His favorite American food so far is pizza. His favorite movie is "Avengers: Infinity War."

Kevin loves playing basketball and will be playing on DAR’s varsity team this year. He is very excited about the upcoming season and has made some new friends on the basketball team.

When Kevin goes back to Taiwan, he will have one year left in high school. After high school, he plans on going to university to study architectural design. The most surprising thing to him about schools in America is that we have school buses here, which they do not have in Taiwan.

American school is different from school in Taiwan because in Taiwan they start at a later hour and end at a later hour, they do not have school dances, and you only get a yearbook when you graduate.

Kevin plans on going to prom while he is at DAR. If Kevin could go anywhere else in the United States, he said that he would go to Los Angeles to watch the Lakers play. Kevin likes big cities and said that New York, the city that hosted the foreign exchange orientation, is more like home. He has been to Taipei 101 in Taiwan, which was the tallest building in the world from 2004 to 2010.

Kevin said that the thing he misses most from Taiwan is his little brother, and that the first thing he will do when he gets home is play with his brother. Even though he likes cities better and he misses his brother, Kevin likes it here at KDS DAR so far.

Cheerleading Coach

By Erin Martin

With three years of experience as a cheerleading coach, Kailee Stephens has just accepted the role as the new varsity cheerleading coach at DAR High School. Mrs. Stephens coached the DAR JV cheerleading squad through the 2017-2018 season and is now taking on the responsibility of being the varsity coach. In addition to coaching, this will be Mrs. Stephens first year teaching first grade at DAR elementary school.

While being a first-time varsity coach and first grade teacher has had its difficulties, Mrs. Stephens says that there is never a dull moment and that it has proved to be a great experience. Mrs. Stephens says she loves coaching and that she is always excited to come to practice and games to be with her girls, who always keep her laughing.

This year’s squad is made up of twenty-four girls, more than ever before. Despite being a little nervous at first about taking on such a large team, Mrs. Stephens says that she is so happy to be coaching and is excited for the year ahead. Even though there can sometimes be difficulties with so many girls, Mrs. Stephens says the girls do their best to work through obstacles and find positive solutions that make the team better.

Coaching at DAR is different from other coaching she has done in the past, Mrs. Stephens says. Having previously coached middle school, she says that the girls on her varsity squad are more able and willing to try fun stunts that challenge their abilities.

This year, DAR will also have a competition cheerleading squad that is set to compete in the UCA Gameday Competition. The competition simulates the activities that a cheerleading team might do on game day, such as a cheer, band dance, and sideline. Mrs. Stephens is also the coach of this year’s competition team and is thrilled to be competing this year with her squad. Mrs. Stephens has worked hard outlining plans for the team’s Gameday Competition in November. She says that with such a great group of girls, she believes this year’s team will succeed.

Already having proven to be a great coach with last year’s JV squad, Mrs. Stephens is sure to make the 2018-2019 team one of the best yet. She has an amazing passion for coaching and is especially caring toward her cheerleaders, making her the best cheer coach around!

Senior Spotlight:

Kennedy Lee Allen

By Michael Burton

Senior Spotlight Kennedy Lee Allen lives with her mother, father, 3 siblings, their cat, and two dogs. She dreams about going to Alaska, so she can follow in her hero, Christopher McCandless’s, footsteps. McCandless was able to find happiness, faith in God, and other valuable lessons necessary in order to find self love and appreciation. Another one of her heroes is Gordon Buchanan. Both of these men taught her to love and appreciate everything in life, because life is fleeting, and happiness can be found outside human relationships and within the world itself.

Kennedy also dreams about having dinner with Harry Styles, because he has done some much for all kinds of communities by promoting an end to gun violence, emphasizing the relevance of social injustice, and proclaiming his ideas regarding love.

She dislikes math because everything is set in stone and everything is black and white. She likes English because you can approach every topic at different angles and get creative with it. English requires an open mind and an unprejudiced perception of what it could be.

Kennedy is an active member of the senior class and participates in Art Club, Beta Club, and other activities to help make her school and community a better place.

Senior Spotlight:

Lucas Collier

By Michael Burton

Senior Spotlight Lucas Collier loves history class because he believes that if you don’t know anything about history, you don’t know anything. His favorite teacher is Dr. Baker, because she is the only pro-south teacher he has ever had.

Lucas would love to go back to Texas, because he was born there and feels as if he has a connection there. His hero is Robert E. Lee, because Lee had more loyalty to his state than to the Union. Robert E. Lee was against slavery and succession, yet he felt it was his duty to serve his state. Lucas would love to have dinner with Donald Trump, because he is making America great again.

Lucas wants to go to college to be a mineral geologist. He hated chemistry, because he thinks that the class was poorly taught and regrets taking the class. On the weekend he loves to work and go to church on Sunday. Piano playing and music are his hobbies. Lucas began taking piano lessons at ten years old. He worries about doing really badly in German II class. He is on the Scholars Bowl team and a part of the National Honor Society for his hard work.

At Work With

Hunter Santuosousa

By James Elrod

Hunter Santuosoussa is a junior at DAR High School. He has a job that is a little different than the fast food jobs that most students do in high school. Hunter works for Holtz Leather. He uses a sewing machine to make caps and other leather items such as wallets. Hunter obtained this job through his mother, who does embroidery for Holtz Leather.

Hunter works roughly 25 hours a week and makes $12 an hour. Hunter says required skills for his job are good communication skills, steady hands, good measuring skills, and okay eyesight. Right now, while he is training, he has to accurately sew 15 leather pieces in 15 minutes but eventually will have to sew even faster.

Hunter acquired the skills for his job through on-the-job training, although he wished he would have taken Mrs. Liz Clark's Family Consumer Science class so he could have learned how to sew before he started his job. The most challenging part of Hunter’s job is getting the exact measurements correct. The only negative about Hunter’s job is that he uses a quarter of a tank of gas going to and from work in Huntsville each day.

Hunter said if he had the choice to start over again, and change his career path in any way, he would not, because he enjoys his job. It pays better than his previous job at Hardees, it has a better environment, and it’s a place that has opportunities to move up.


1. Beta Club – Don’t forget to pay your dues to Mrs. Clark. The deadline is September 20. Old members need to fill out an application also and bring their report card to Mrs. Clark.

2. 4-H Club will meet on Thursday, Sept. 20, during enrichment time. If you are interested in joining 4-H, see Mrs. Clark to sign-up. There is no cost to join.

3. The last day to turn in the $10 Art Club dues is Friday, Sept. 21.

4. FFA dues are $15. The deadline is Oct. 1.

5. Senior portraits will be made on Oct. 2. There is a schedule posted in the Yochim with names of seniors who need their portrait made and their picture time.

6. Seniors - UAB will be here on Oct. 17 at 9 a.m. in the library. Mark your calendars if you would like to meet with the representative. Sign-ups will be in Mr. Barnes office.

7. Tennis try-outs will be Thursday, Sept. 20, at 3:30.

8. Lost and Found: If you have lost any items you can stop by and check the lost and found in the high school office.

9. Juniors: If you would like to take the PSAT, you may sign up with Mr. Barnes. The cost is $15. The test will be given on Oct. 24. The PSAT is used to identify National Merit Scholars and to award National Merit Scholarships. It is also great practice for the ACT.


The following students will be celebrating their birthday during the coming week. Be sure to wish them a happy birthday when you see them in the halls!

Sept. 20 – Kimberley Johnson, Mattie Poole, Tori Nickell, Drew Aultman

Sept. 21 – Koltyn Harbin

Sept. 26 – Kyle Dycus, Emma Vaughn, Brenton Meeks, Connor Smith, Kiara Romo

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