Club Round-Up, Part I

By Kaitlyn Holland

This past week DAR High School had a club round-up. Students were able to visit tables set up by each club to get information about the clubs and how to join. We have a total of 12 clubs at DAR. This week, three of our clubs are featured.

The FFA, Future Farmers of America, is all about agriculture and public service. Some of the activities that they partake in are land judging, forestry, and volunteering in the community. In order to join FFA, you must have taken an agriculture class for at least one year. Coach Hicks is the sponsor of the club.

DAR also has FBLA, Future Business Leaders of America. FBLA members participate in March of Dimes, Marshall County's Special Olympics, and the LRC Christmas party. To join FBLA, go talk to Coach Downs and turn in the $15 fee.

Beta Club, a club all about academic excellence, is one of DAR’s finest clubs. They do many services for the community like Christmas Coalition, LRC Halloween party, visiting the vets at Tut Fann Veterans home, Breakfast with Santa, and a bake sale for the Blessings Bag program. If you want to join Beta Club, you must have an A-B average in all your classes and have a clean discipline record. Dues for new members are $45, which includes a club shirt. Returning club member dues are $25, and includes a club shirt. Feel free to pick-up an application from Mrs. Clark.

LRC Field Trips

By Elizabeth Mitchell

There have been a bunch of exciting things going on in the Learning Resource Center (LRC) at DAR.

One of the new activities is that the students have been practicing cooking. The teachers prepare recipes each month using the unique learning system they are given. This month they had a bake off for the students, with all the ingredients the students used from our local grocery store.

The teachers take the students to our local grocery store every first Tuesday of each month. The students take the recipes with them and shop for the items on the list they are given. This helps the students prepare to live independently in the future. One of the recipes that the students have done is a gelatin cookie recipe. The recipe shows pictures of what the students need with step by step images that they have to follow to prepare the food.

The students have enjoyed cooking and eating what they make. The LRC teachers are also proud for two students who were given jobs at the local grocery store (Greg Scholls and Tony Dunn). Greg said that he really liked getting the tips and bagging up the groceries. Tony’s favorite part of working is the inventory, checking the dates, and bagging the groceries.

Senior Spotlight:

Savannah Brown

By Kaitlyn Holland

This week’s senior spotlight is Savannah Brown. Savannah is one of DAR journalism staff’s most advanced writers.

Along with being involved with journalism, Savannah is also in FCCLA and Beta Club. Outside of school, Savannah enjoys binging Netflix, preferably “The Office” and going out with friends.

Throughout Savannah’s four years of high school, some of her favorite memories are faculty feasts, pep-rallies, and football games.

Mrs. Clark and Dr. Baker have been Savannah's favorite teachers. Mrs. Clark and Dr. Baker have gone above and beyond helping Savannah with whatever she needed. After high school, Savannah plans on going to a two-year college then transferring to a four-year university.

Savannah’s advice to freshmen is “Don’t waste your time in high school doing nothing, get involved!”

Senior Spotlight:

Bailee Sutphin

By Savannah Brown

Bailee Sutphin is a senior at DAR. She is 17 years old. Bailee’s favorite class is Algebra 2 with Mrs. Sanderson, because she makes the class fun and easy, and Bailee’s friends are in that class. Her favorite teacher is Coach Holland. Bailee says he is hilarious and always makes her mornings better.

After school, Bailee’s plan is to go to college and eventually become a first grade teacher and have a family. Her favorite memory from high school is when we went to the football playoffs and then hosted the second round. Bailee’s advice to underclassmen is, “Have fun while it lasts, don’t wish it away and don’t let petty drama get in the way because it is not going to matter once you graduate.”

Bailee would love to travel to Egypt, England, and Japan, because she thinks it would be cool to see what they’re all about. Her hobbies are watching The Bachelor and hanging out with friends. Bailee plans on staying in Alabama but is unsure about staying in Grant. Bailee is a kind, caring, hard-working student and we wish her the best!

Senior Spotlight:

Hunter Wildman

By Olivia Pool

Our senior spotlight this week is Hunter Wildman. Hunter lives with her Mom and “Kitters” (cats). Her favorite class is aiding for Mrs. Gluck, because she is Hunter’s favorite teacher.

If she could go anywhere in the world, Hunter would go to Washington, because she wants to live there. If Hunter had to go to a deserted island, she would bring her “kitters,” diet Dr. Pepper, and a beefy 5 layer burrito with no beans.

Her hero is her step-dad, because he was the strongest man she knew. In ten years, she hopes to be a make-up artist like her mom. If she could have dinner with anyone, it would be her fathers, both biological and step, because she wants to ask them questions that she never got to ask.

If Hunter could change anything about this school, she would want students to have uniforms so there would be no discrimination on what people wear. Her hobbies are shopping, make-up, and hanging out with her friends.

One thing that worries Hunter about high school is leaving and not knowing what to do after. One thing she regrets is not joining cheer or getting more involved. Some things she wants to do before leaving high school are joining our school talent show and scoring high on the ACT.

Hunter’s plan after graduation is to go to trade school for cosmetology. Her advice to underclassmen is “Make the most of your time here, because it flies by in a snap of a finger.”


1. There is a Job Fair on September 12 at the Tech School. Any senior who is interested in applying for a job or talking to companies about future jobs, see Mrs. T. Sutton or Mr. Perkins for a field trip form.

2. Sign-up sheets for drama club are outside Mrs. Maner’s classroom.

3. If you are interested in joining 4-H, pick up an application from outside Mrs. Clark’s classroom.

4. FFA fees are $15. They are due as soon as possible. FFA will be taking a field trip on September 10 to the Natural Resource Expo, formally Woods & Waters. Only Juniors and seniors will be allowed to go. See Coach Hicks for information.

5. Senior portrait make-up pictures will be September 17, beginning at 10:30 a.m. Information will be mailed to seniors by Lifetouch/Prestige Portraits. That information will include an online appointment code for scheduling and payment. There is a $30 session fee. If you need more information, see Mrs. Clark.

6. The deadline to join Art Club is September 20. The fee is $20.

7. Yearbooks have been delivered. If you ordered a yearbook, you can pick it up from Mrs. Clark during school hours. Some extras are available to purchase – the cost is $75.

8. Football season tickets are available from Mrs. Finley in the school office. The cost is $75.

9. Forms for the Blue Crew are in the office. The fee is $25 to join.


The following students will be celebrating their birthdays during the coming week:

Sept. 9 – Jaylynn Stewart, Jordan Stewart

Sept. 10 – Cole Martin, Emily Bean

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