Senior Field Trips

By Elizabeth Mitchell

This week, there were two separate field trips for the seniors. One trip was a college fair which was held at Snead State Community College. Students were given a tour of the campus, then they were taken to the gym where many different college booths were set up. All kinds of colleges were there such as Auburn University, University of Alabama, Mississippi State University, UAH and Northeast Community College. Students were given the opportunity to visit each booth they were interested in and get information about each school.

The other field trip was a job fair which was held at Albertville’s First Baptist Church. It was set up just like the college fair. This field trip was unique because it was a job fair for people wanting to apply for jobs. Employers were there looking to interview and hire people for their business, which for the seniors was a great learning experience. There were many different job booths such as Marshall Medical Center, Pilgrim’s Pride, Emmaus Foods, Newman, Rehab Select, and McDonald's. Students were able to connect and get applications for jobs that they were interested in applying for.

Safari Dress Up Day

By Savannah Brown

September 6 was DAR’s safari dress up day. Students and teachers were full of spirit and dressed to impress!

Many students dressed up in groups as safari adventurers and safari animals, such as leopards, giraffes, and lions.

Teachers were very spirited and dressed too! Mrs. Maner was dressed as a kangaroo, Mrs. Clark was dressed as an adventurer, and Mrs. Weems even wore a snake! Mrs. Myra. Sutton wore a leopard print dress and Mrs. Sanderson had an animal print shirt.

uring the pep rally, all teachers and students were gathered together and looked amazing! We can’t wait to see how everyone dresses for all the homecoming dress up days!

Organelle Campaign

By Preston Huckaba

The organelle campaign is a yearly project hosted by the AP Biology and Anatomy teacher Ashley Weems. The campaign goes on for about two weeks and its purpose is for students to learn the anatomy of a cell while also sharpening their debate skills.

The students are assigned an organelle and go throughout the school to convince teachers and students to vote for their organelle in the organelle election. Students tell what their organelle does and why their organelle is the most important in a cell. The students are so determined to win that they go as far as to even bake goods in order to bribe the teachers and students for their vote.

The students enjoy this special activity only offered through Mrs. Weems ́ anatomy class. The winner of this year’s organelle election was the mitochondria, Alexis Smith and Morgan Gore, who won with more than 50 percent of all the votes cast.

Senior Spotlight:

Seth Esslinger 

By Kaitlyn Holland

Seth Esslinger is one of the many seniors who is anxious to graduate. Seth lives with his mom and three siblings. His usual after school activity is working as a bag boy at Foodland.

When Seth is not working, he likes to play football and hang out with his friends. During football season, Seth is DAR’s varsity middle linebacker. He hopes to play at the next level after he graduates.

Seth plans to major in education at Auburn University. In ten years, he wants to have a stable job as a history teacher, at no particular school, and have a family. When it comes to school, Mr. Steve Keller was Seth’s all-time favorite teacher. He was a very fun, easy-going, and honest teacher.

Seth’s advice to underclassmen is, “Don’t be rambunctious, it is annoying.”

Senior Spotlight:

Jaeden Marchand

By Olivia Pool

Our senior spotlight for this week is Jaeden Marchand. Jaeden came to DAR High School last school year. He lived in Japan before he came to Grant because his father is in the military.

His favorite class is AP English. His hero is Christopher Lee. After high school, Jaeden wants to go to college and major in history or writing. He wishes to travel to Ireland one day because he finds the place fascinating. His favorite high school memory is Mrs. Quick’s personal writing reviews.

Jaeden’s hobbies are reading, writing, watching movies, and traveling. His dream job is to be a professor at a college of some sort and work on mythology or ancient stories. He finds those topics very interesting.

Others would describe Jaeden as interesting, helpful, quiet, smart, and thoughtful. Jaeden hopes to move out of Alabama but isn’t quite sure where he wants to go. His advice to underclassmen is, “Get your work done on time and just do the best you can.”

Senior Spotlight:

Justin Allen

By Savannah Brown

Justin Allen is a senior at DAR. He is in Leo Club, National Honor Society, and FFA at the Tech School.

His favorite class is construction at the Tech School with Mr. Brock, who is also his favorite teacher. After high school, Justin hopes to go to either Snead or Northeast and have a part-time job. In the future, he wants to do something in a technical field, maybe doing computer repairs with construction on the side.

His hobbies include listening to music and construction. Justin has been an outstanding student and we wish him the best after high school!

Senior Spotlight:

Brittany Kirby

By Savannah Brown

Brittany Kirby is a senior at DAR High School. She is a determined, committed student. Her favorite class is English, because it is easy and interesting, and math is her least favorite. Mr. Finley is her favorite teacher. She says he is very nice and makes her feel like she knows what she’s doing.

Brittany has spent her last two years of high school in Lakeside Virtual Academy. She likes learning one on one better than in a classroom, but she does regret not being in more clubs. Brittany says that if she could change anything about the school, she would lighten up on the dress code a little.

Her advice to underclassmen is, “Don’t waste your high school years worried about everyone’s opinions about you, you do you.”

Brittany usually spends her weekends working and going out with friends. Her friends would describe her as hilarious, smart, and pretty. Her hobbies are makeup and hair.

After high school she wants to go to cosmetology school. In the future she hopes to be married with two children and be a cosmetologist. She also hopes one day to get to travel to Japan, because she says it's pretty, and she finds the culture very interesting. Brittany has been a very outgoing, nice student throughout her high school career.

Senior Spotlight:

Aiden Green

By Kaitlyn Holland

One of DAR’s most kind and considerate students is Aiden Green. Aiden’s favorite class is Mr. Keller’s English class. Aiden said that Coach Keller is his favorite teacher because he makes reading fun, and he has a great class environment.

Aiden’s hobbies consist of fishing, AV club, and video games. Aiden plans on majoring in computer engineering at Auburn University. If Aiden could change anything about DAR, he would change the school lunch.

In ten years from now, Aiden hopes to have a wife, a stable job, and be financially secure. Aiden wishes that during his short four years in high school he would have hung out with his friends more.


By Preston Huckaba

1. Mrs. Edmonds is taking up Art Club fees now through September 20. The cost is $12 and that includes your T-shirt.

2. Fundraising Opportunity - September 28th is the Mile Long Yard Sale. This event is well attended. Any club or organization wishing to fundraise may purchase a spot for $25 or just walk around and sell your wares. Information forms are in the office.

3. Any student who wants to apply for Peer Helper that didn't sign up at Club Fest needs to come by Ms. Jones’ room for an application.

4. All students should be checking emails often. Important information will go out this way. If you have not received an email from Mrs. Sutton about National Honor Society, you need to see her to fix the problem.

5. Homecoming Week starts on September 16. This is a list of the dress-up day themes and activities for the week:

Sept. 18 - Character Day

Sept. 19 - Men in Black/Aliens - Homecoming Parade at 4:00, Powderpuff Game after parade

Sept. 20 - Class Colors – pep rally, crowning of court at 6:30, game at 7:00

Sept. 21 – Homecoming dance from 7-10 p.m. in the log gym. Tickets are $5.

6. Progress reports for the first nine weeks went home with students on Monday, Sept. 9.

7. If you signed up to get more information about Patriot Vision at Club Fest check your school email. Complete the Google form that was sent to you. You can also see Dr. Finley for more details.

8. There will be a Homecoming Dance on September 21 from 7:00-10:00, Tickets are $5. Tickets will be sold during break in the front office. Student dress must meet the school dress code and no outside dates will be allowed – only DAR High students may attend.

9. Juniors and Seniors - If you plan to take the ACT off campus, you can get a waiver from Mrs. Stanfield if you receive free/reduced lunch. This will cover the cost of the test.

10. FFA competition teams are looking for members. Open competitions are tractor driving, forestry and land judging. See Coach Hicks for information.

11. Deputy Mannor wants to remind everyone that all people in a vehicle must wear seatbelts. He will be checking cars.


Sept. 13 - Katelyn Headrick, Kalehy Perry, Eliel Salazar

Sept. 14 - Justin Allen, Baylee Saint

Sept. 15 - Serenity Meeks, Shalma Hau-Matus, Jillian Smith, Anna Grdjan

Sept. 16 - Damon Bryant

Sept. 17 - Kayla Childers

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