Our Faculty Feasts

By Adrieanna Spray

On the third Wednesday of each month, the faculty and staff of DAR High School are provided with a break from the usual school lunch and have a faculty feast in the FCS kitchen. Event Planning students are the kitchen staff who make the culinary spread possible for the staff.

The Event Planning class at DAR High School is involved in many different hospitality events at the school throughout the year, but one of their favorite class activities is the monthly faculty feast. The students in the class spent several days looking through cookbooks and scrolling through Pinterest recipes to find delicious menu ideas. It was difficult to just pick eight menus, because there were so many food choices that made everyone’s mouth water!

Every month there is a different menu for the faculty feast. This month was tomato basil soup, ultimate patty melt grilled cheese, homemade potato chips, veggies & dip, and Mississippi Mud Cake.

Sixteen different faculty members participate in the faculty feasts each month. They pay $8 for their meal and always leave with a full stomach.

All of the teachers who participated in the first feast were very complimentary of the food and were impressed with the students’ cooking skills and how hard everyone worked to serve the faculty.

Mrs. Clark said, “I think the students did a wonderful job on the food. It is nice to be able to sit and enjoy a meal with the rest of the faculty.’’

When asked about her favorite part of the meal, Mrs. Clark replied, “Enjoying a home-cooked meal instead of the typical lunchroom food - especially the dessert!’’

Mr. Anderton said that the soup was really good, and he really liked the patty melt grilled cheese.

Mrs. Sutton says that she wishes they had longer to eat, because there is so much good food to try. Mrs. Sanderson told the teachers during their faculty meeting that if they aren’t participating in the feasts, they are really missing some good food.

Italian Exchange Student

By Georgia Turner

Lisa Viscardi is one of three foreign exchange students at DAR this year and is one of two Italian foreign exchange students who are both from Milano, Italy.

Lisa has one younger brother in Italy. In her host family she does not have any siblings. Her host parents are Charles and Selma Ryan. Selma is originally from Brazil and has been living in the United States for nine years and Charles is from Indiana.

Lisa’s favorite class and teacher at DAR High is Government/ Economics with Mr. Holland. She likes to listen to music and watch Netflix, and she used to ride horses.

What she misses the most since she has been here is the food from Italy, but she doesn’t like to cook. Alabama is the only place in the United States that Lisa has been to other than New York, where the orientation was held for foreign exchange students when she first arrived in the United States.

If she could travel to anywhere else in the United States, she would go to San Francisco, Nashville and Chicago.

Lisa came to the United States to develop her English, which is very beneficial in the workforce in Europe. While in Italy, she was taking English, Spanish and German classes. She says that of the languages she was learning, German, was the hardest language to learn.

In Italy there is an option to watch American movies in Italian, but Lisa watches them in English so she can improve in the language. Her favorite American movie is “High School Musical 2.” Lisa’s favorite TV shows are “How To Get Away With Murder” and “How I Met Your Mother.”

In Italy, high school lasts five years and after finishing middle school, students choose if they want to go to university or go into the workforce. Lisa chose university, so she will have one year of high school left when she returns to school in Italy.

Lisa is happy to be here and we are happy to have her!

Dress Up Days

By Erin Martin

This year at KDS DAR High School, the Student Government Association has prepared a whole week of dress-up days for homecoming. A full week of dress-up days is a sure way to fire up students for the Friday night homecoming game, and is just one of the fun homecoming activities set to take place during the week.

The homecoming game against the Randolph Raiders will take place on October 5, but festivities like the homecoming parade, the powder puff football game, and dress up days will take place as the week progresses, building up excitement for the Friday game.

The dress-up theme for October 1 is “Meme Monday.” Students will dress in attire representing their favorite online funny picture or video.

Tuesday’s dress-up theme is particularly interesting--”Teacher Tuesday.” For this dress-up day, students will dress as their favorite teacher at the school.

Wednesday’s theme is “Out of this World Wednesday,” where students will dress in their best space-themed outfits. From aliens, to astronauts, to planets, students can dress as anything having to do with outer space.

On Thursday, the theme will be “Throwback Thursday.” Students will dress as a character from their favorite childhood TV show or movie.

Last but not least, on Friday students will wear their class shirts or class colors to show their Patriot Pride!

The SGA has worked extra hard at making this homecoming great, trying to incorporate new and interesting dress-up days into homecoming week that all students can take part in. All students are encouraged to show their school spirit and participate so this homecoming can be the best yet!

College Fair Field Trip

By Dixie Devor

Thursday, September 16, was a very hot, humid day. The sun was shining brightly as a bus full of at least 25 seniors made their way to Northeast Alabama Community College, where they would explore the many colleges they might consider attending.

I was among those 25 seniors and that day had to be the hottest of this year yet. I felt like I was scorching in the sun, but it was all worth it in the end.

We arrived on Northeast’s campus at about 9 a.m., along with other schools, and student advisors welcomed us at the front doors as we exited from the bus. Once off the bus, we entered the main part of the building, where there were many tables set up by the different colleges. Northeast, of course, was in the center of it all.

I walked around with one of my friends and visited every table I could, because I wanted to see what schools offered the major I want to study. The college representatives were all so polite and made sure to inform you of all the things you needed and wanted to know.

After visiting all the tables, all the students were told to head to the auditorium where we would watch the band and show choir perform for us. They were so talented. I even saw Jimmy Blackburn, who graduated last year from DAR, performing with the band.

The excitement was coursing through all the students from DAR, and we were the loudest, most spirited school there. After the entertainment we got broken up into different groups, and we had a tour of the school, which was really nice. I was kind of convinced to go there after having a tour of the campus.

While touring the campus I’m almost positive that we were all exhausted from the heat, but it was a really nice experience despite it. I got a feel for what it would be like to go there and at the end of it all, we got refreshments, which was really considerate of the school. All I can say now is that the College Fair was definitely a success!

FFA Field Trip

By Adrieanna Spray

The members of the FFA club, 11 students in total, went on a trip to the Alabama Nature Center in Prattville, just north of Montgomery.

This trip included fun activities such as a nature walk through the forest and educational lectures from one of Auburn University’s marine wildlife specialists. The wildlife specialist’s talk mainly took place from the back of his truck. During the lecture, students learned about a variety of wildlife.

The specialists also taught about aquaculture careers and marine life such as such as channel catfish and tilapia. Along with aquaculture careers, they also educated the FFA members on soil care and agriculture related careers. The students who participated were split in groups and rotated between different lecture topics and career choices.

An example of a workshop the students enjoyed was one on forestry where they got to test their skills on tree identification. Mr. Gamble’s favorite part of the trip was the Bass Pro Shop on the way home.

Xavier Benson’s favorite part was the pizza and the hotel. He also liked the snakes and turtles he saw in the woods.

Will Stewart’s favorite part of the trip was being licked by an approximately 6 foot black snake named Indie.

First Pep Rally

By Dixie Devor

It was September 14, 2018, a Friday at DAR High School. Many students, from the new freshmen all the way to the seniors, gathered inside the small place we call the gym.

You could hear the booming sound of the drums and the piercing sounds of the crashing cymbals as you entered. As I made my way to the senior section, I could feel the watchful eyes of all the classes on me and my friend, Kaeliene Esslinger.

We took a seat near the middle, because we like to be included, but not too near the front. My favorite parts about the pep rallies are probably the class competitions and the Alma Mater. Almost everyone I interviewed agreed with me.

This pep rally, unfortunately, had a few technical difficulties, but the SGA members still made it work, so it was fun anyway. It was hilarious watching the teachers and Greg dance. Mrs. Sanderson did a pretty good imitation of MC Hammer!

Towards the end of the pep rally, I'm always looking forward to the Alma Mater, and the seniors were kind of upset when we didn't have time to do it. I even heard them complain at the game later that night when we didn't get to do it again. The seniors really love our school and want to show everyone their school spirit.

All in all, though, it's a pep rally, and you never know what to expect when it's DAR, because here they always have something fun up their sleeves.

Senior Spotlight:

Blaine Grayson

By Savannah Childers

Blaine Grayson is a senior at DAR High School, and he lives with his dad. “My hero is my dad, because he has taught me everything I know,” Blaine said.

Blaine loves to go fishing and hunting. Due to his love of fishing, he wants to become a fisherman after high school.

“My dream is to start a few businesses in Cuba and Nebraska,” he said. He wants to visit Mexico, so he can go fishing for largemouth bass. He also loves to eat at El Paso Mexican restaurant with his best friend, Shyan.

Blaine said his favorite subject is physics, because the teacher keeps it short and sweet. His favorite teacher is Mr. Finley, because he is a very laid back teacher. Blaine hates English class, because he thinks the class takes too long and it’s not fun.

Blaine would love to change the school food, because he doesn’t like the way it tastes. One regret that he has about high school is that Blaine wishes he could go back and stop himself from failing some of his classes. He would take school more seriously and do all of his work.

Senior Spotlight:

Cheyanne Greene

By Savannah Childers

Cheyanne Greene is a senior who lives with her parents. Cheyanne looks up to her mom, because she sees her mom as this awesome person that Cheyanne aspires to be.

Cheyanne loves her med prep class, because the class is helping her to get ready for her future career as a physical therapy assistant. A class that Cheyanne says she is very bad at is math. Her favorite teacher is Ms. Peppers, the med prep teacher, because she teaches her students with great passion.

Cheyanne would love to visit Australia, because it’s very beautiful. She would love to have dinner with Clara Barton.

Cheyanne likes to hang out with her friends when she is not working. Cheyanne would describe her friends as nice, sarcastic, understanding and unique. She would describe herself as sarcastic, funny, self-loving, outgoing and kind.

Cheyanne takes part in Beta Club, National Honor Society and Leo Club. Her regret about high school is that she wishes that she had put herself out there more. Cheyanne wants to tell the underclassmen that they should have fun, but they should also study for the ACT.

Senior Spotlight:

Jordan Franks

By Michael Burton

Jordan Franks is a twelfth grader at DAR High who loves Environmental Science because it gives him time to finish work. The Environmental Science teacher, Coach Rice, is his favorite teacher.

Jordan wants to travel to Japan so he can learn about their culture and religions. Jordan’s biggest worry about being a senior is that he will not pass his classes.

Jordan likes to write when he has free time. He least favorite class is AP Stats, because the work is hard and he thinks there is too much work. He would love to have dinner with Shigeru Miyamoto, because he would love to learn about his ideas.

Jordan’s friends describe him as a funny and light-hearted person. He envisions himself in an apartment typing away on his computer in ten years. Jordan wishes that the school would change the cell phone policy. He loves to sit at home watching TV and writing away on the weekends.


1. FFA dues are $15. The deadline is October 1.

2. Seniors: UAB will be here on October 17 at 9 a.m. in the library. Mark your calendars if you would like to meet with the representative. Sign-ups will be in Mr. Barnes office.

3. Lost and Found: If you have lost any items, you can stop by and check the lost and found in the high school office.

4. If you are interested in joining 4-H, see Mrs. Clark to sign up. Meetings are the third Thursday of each month during 8th period enrichment. There is no cost to join. This month’s contest is photography.

5. Senior portraits will be made on October 2. There is a schedule posted in the Yochim with names of seniors who need their portrait made and their picture time.

6. First Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Friends meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 26, at 11:15 at the flag pole in front of Doris Pike White for a picture with our shirts. Food and devotional following in the high school library.

7. Sophomores, we have about 25 openings available for the PSAT which will be given on October 24. The cost is $15. For more information, see Mr. Barnes or Mrs. Stanfield. Juniors may continue to sign up as well, until all slots are filled.

8. Homecoming lead-out practice is Thursday, Sept. 27, during Enrichment. All attendants must be there.


The following students will be celebrating their birthdays during the coming week. Be sure to wish them a happy birthday when you see them.

Sept. 26 – Kyle Dycus, Emma Vaughn, Brenton Meeks, Connor Smith, Kiara Romo

Sept. 28 – Hannah Phillips

Sept. 29 – Anabeth Dunaway

Sept. 30 – Cameron Childers, Lane Hitchcock

Oct. 1 – Hailey Jackson

Oct. 3 – Caleigh Walker, McKenzie Wilbanks, Morgan Gore

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