FCCLA Coffee Shop

By Savannah Brown

On Monday, September 16, FCCLA members opened a coffee shop for students. The coffee shop was to celebrate the first day of homecoming week, which was pajama day.

Students and teachers ordered their coffee and cookies the week before and it was delivered to second period classes in time for a morning coffee break. FCCLA members made regular coffee, frappuccinos, lattes and also baked chocolate chip cookies.

Elizabeth Mitchell said her coffee was very good and that she liked the caramel best. Olivia Pool said it was great and also agreed the caramel was best, but the mocha was still amazing.

FCCLA plans to do several more coffee shop events during the semester to help pay for club members to go to the FCCLA STAR competitions in Montgomery in March.

Homecoming Dress Up 

By Preston Huckaba

Homecoming is the most exciting event of the school year and to kick off this special event there are the dress up days that occur every day leading up to the Homecoming game. The dress up days for this year were:

  • Monday was Pajama day and with it the introduction of the FCCLA Coffee Shop. Students submitted order forms and this special club provided them with a select choice of coffee and cookies. Students came in their most comfy pajamas and drank their hot or cold caffeinated beverages provided by the FCCLA.
  • Tuesday was Cowboy/Cowgirl day. Students gathered their hats and boots for this dress up day. Everyone dressed up in their best southern attire and hats. Students drew their inspiration for their outfits from Little House On The Prairie, Leremy, and any classic southern show. The highlight of this day was Landon Harbin riding his tractor to school!
  • Wednesday was Character day. This dress up day was the most coordinated of all. Here friend groups dressed up as their favorite movie or cartoon characters. So whether you  dress solo or with your group, DAR can always expect the best characters to reveal their faces. Even the teachers got into this dress-up day and all came as various characters from Sesame Street.
  • Thursday was Men In Black day. The students dressed up as aliens, or the alien hunters themselves, from the Men In Black movie series. So whether you were the hunter or the prey, DAR provided an experience that was out of this world. Thursday was also the Homecoming Float Parade that traveled down Main Street. On display were floats for each class, which the student body worked so hard to build. The homecoming court and DAR’s football team also rode in the parade, led by the Marching Band.
  • Friday was Class Colors day. On Friday we have the Homecoming Pep Rally and during the pep rally the student body stands in the bleachers and wears their colors showing their class pride. Friday is also the Homecoming game, which is the most exciting football game of the year. During the game the homecoming king and queen, Ben Sutton and Mackenzie Pitt, were crowned.

Senior Spotlight:

Drew Aultman 

By Matthew Reeves

This week’s senior spotlight is a familiar voice around the school. He reads the announcements and birthdays every morning, as well as an inspirational quote to start off the school day.

Drew Aultman is very active in our school, and he is in a variety of clubs which include: SGA, Beta Club, Leo Club, FCA, Spanish Club, and the peer-helpers program. He is on the track team and cross-country team as well. He says his favorite class was marine science. He liked how it was an online class that allowed him to move at his own pace, as well as the fact that he found the class to be very fun and interesting to learn about.

Some of Drew’s hobbies include running, spending time with friends, and traveling. He says a hero in his life was his grandfather. His grandfather was born with polio and struggled with it his whole life. Despite that, however, he started his own business and successfully ran it until he couldn’t anymore. His grandfather’s strength and perseverance is a lesson in never giving up even despite the circumstances.

Drew says the one thing he will really miss about school is walking down the halls that he has spent so much of his time in and as well as seeing all his friends and teachers. Drew plans on going to the University of Alabama and pursuing a career in counseling.

Senior Spotlight:

TJ Leonard

By Olivia Pool

This week’s senior spotlight is TJ Leonard. He lives with both of his parents and his brothers and sisters.

TJ’s favorite subject is lunch because he’s “always hungry.” He would love to take a trip to Hawaii because it’s a “party land.” If TJ had to go on a deserted island, he would bring his mom, a football, and a lot of pizza.

His hero is his dad because he's always been there for him. In ten years, TJ hopes to be making a lot of money. If he could change anything about our school, he would choose the lunchroom food, because he says it’s nasty. He usually spends his weekends with friends and watching football.

TJ really doesn't have a hobby, he just likes being active in general. Nothing in high school worries TJ. He says he's confident in what he wants to do and not worried about anything. He is involved in football, track, SGA, and he is the vice president of our senior class. TJ has no regrets in high school. His plan after graduation is to go to college at UNA and just play sports.

TJ’s advice to underclassmen is live while you can and enjoy the little things.

Homecoming Parade

By Preston Huckaba

The Homecoming Parade is one of the most anticipated events of the school year. Unlike many events that are exclusive to the high school, the Homecoming Parade welcomes the entire community to watch the intricate and beautiful floats drift along main street.

Leading the parade is DAR’s color guard, performing a routine with their patriotic flags, and following behind them is the school band.

The floats presented in the parade are made by the student body. Grades 9-12 participate in float building during the weeks leading up to Homecoming. Each float theme is voted on by the students of that grade, and once a theme is decided, they go right to work. It usually takes five weeks for the floats to come together before Homecoming.

Once the floats are finished, students are selected to walk with the float. Some wear their usual attire, while others dress up in costumes that match the float’s theme. Mingled between the floats and the football players are members of the Homecoming Court, each riding on the back of cars, and waving and throwing candy into the crowd. Overall, this spectacular event unites the community on the sidewalks of Grant to spread the Patriot Pride of KDS DAR High School.


By Savannah Brown

1. Fundraising Opportunities - September 28th is the Mile Long Yard Sale. This event is well attended. Any club or organization wishing to fundraise may purchase a spot for $25 or just walk around and sell your wares. Information forms are in the office.

2. Senior homecoming shirts are in the library. If you did not order one, there are extras in the library.

3. It is time to pay Historical Society dues. New members pay $12 and former members pay $10. See Dr. Baker to pay. You will start on Dedication Day sets soon.

4. "See You at the Pole" organized by FCA & Friends -eets at middle school flag pole at 7:30 a.m. on the first Monday of every month. Please come.

5. October 1 is testing day for seniors and Ssophomores. Freshmen and juniors will have an E-Learning Day and won’t come to school that day. Information was sent home with students.

6. Harvest Festival is Thursday, October 3.

7. Fall Break is October 7-11.

8. The Haunted Hollow at Cathedral Caverns is October 12, 19, and 26. The cost is $10 and the tours are open from 6 p.m. until 11 p.m.. See a band member for more information.


Sept. 25 - Kaleb Jarmon

Sept. 26 - Kyle Dycus and Emma Vaughan

Sept. 27 - Lainey Stubblefield

Sept. 28 - Hannah Phillips, Joseph Rochkus, Sean Crabtree, Brent Clements and Trent Clements

Sept.29 - Austin Sanders,

Sept. 30 - Cameron Childers, Lane Hitchcock and Kimberly Davis

Oct. 1 - Hailey Jackson

Oct. 2 - Haley Shaddix

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