New Drone

for AV ClubBy Georgia Turner

The Audio Visual Club, or AV Club, was started last year by a group of sophomore students who were interested in making announcement videos and other videos for the school.

They have been posting live streams of the school football games, basketball games, talent shows, and other videos about the school. The Hollywood Chapter of the DAR has been sponsoring and supporting the AV Club. From the Hollywood Chapter, the club has received a new camera, a new microphone, a new tripod, and a new drone.

The club has been particularly excited about using the drone to make their videos of the football games more entertaining and to enhance their video for the Continental Congress presentation. The AV Club has a video posted on their YouTube channel with their test of the drone. They were very happy with the results of their test video.

One of the major projects of the AV Club is a video that will be presented by Heather Green, KDS DAR Administrator, at the 128th Continental Congress in Washington. Continental Congress is a national meeting of the DAR Ladies. This video will be a great way to show the DAR National Organization an overview of how their generous contributions are being used to further the education of the students here at KDS.

You can check out the awesome videos that the AV Club is making on their YouTube channel, DAR PatriotVision.

Senior Field Trip

to Six FlagsBy Michael Burton

The senior class field trip was on Friday, May 3, to Six Flags in Atlanta. Six Flags throws an annual event called Grad Nite and the park is closed to the general public. Only seniors from around the Southeast are allowed into the park from 8 p.m. until 3 a.m.

The bus loaded and left from behind the Burkey Center around 3:50 p.m. There were a total of 25 seniors on the trip, with Mrs. Sanderson and Coach Downs as the chaperones. The bus ride to Georgia was noisy with lots of music and talking. The ride back home was more peaceful and quiet, because almost everybody was sleeping. The bus only made one stop each way, so everybody could go the bathroom and get snacks.

When we pulled into the parking lot at Six Flags, there were lots of buses from all over. The lines to get into the park were long, and it was packed, just like any normal day at Six Flags.

As part of the special Grad Nite event, Six Flags had a place where you could go eat a buffet dinner from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. The rides were going all night long. The lines to get on rides were slightly shorter than usual, unless it was one of the popular rides. Everybody was having fun telling jokes and hanging out with friends. There was also a dancing party with a DJ and a dance floor. The music was loud and everybody seemed to like the music choice.

It was a fun trip and a chance for the seniors to get together one last time before graduation.

Field Day

With PreschoolersBy Michael Burton

The Leo Club did their final project for this year with the students at the DAR pre-k classes. It was the third time this year that they helped out at the preschool. The preschool loved the mini Halloween fair that Leo Club threw for them in October, and they wanted to have a field day with the big kids too. Mrs.Sutton liked the idea of the field day and decided that it would be a good final project for the members.

The members were given the task of planning games for the preschoolers that were simple and fun. They had a week to plan the games and a couple of weeks to put it together. One of the games was a dizzy obstacle course. The kids had to spin around a bat five times, run around cones, and at the end they had to throw a ball into a hole. During the obstacle course, if the kid missed the hole, the group would let them retry until they made the goal. Another game was with a parachute that the kids would move it up and down and try to throw the balls off. There was also face painting, sack races, and balloon games.

The Child Development class also participated in the field day. They made home-made snacks like Rice Krispie treats and then handed out snacks and juice to all of the kids. They also helped with the games and activities.

The pre-k kids had fun running around, screaming, and laughing. The Leo Club members and the Child Development class had fun with the kids and enjoyed helping them with their games. Everyone is looking forward to visiting again next year.

National Honor Society

By Georgia Turner

This year things are changing with the policies for membership in the National Honor Society. The new rules are stricter on academic dishonesty and other behavior referrals such as juuling.

Also, members must obtain 20 hours of verified community service to continue their membership, which is increased from the 10 hours last year. Inductees and current members also received a membership handbook stating the new policies and rules at the ceremony, which must be signed and returned to the school. The senior honor cord for the National Honor Society is included with the membership fee. For 2019, there are 31 current junior members and 36 current senior members. The National Honor Society inductions were held on April 30.

The 2019 Inductees are:

Seniors – Walker Brusch, Ryleigh Murphy, ANdrew Naugher, Nathan Nelson, Julia RIce, and Noah Smith.

Juniors – Jessica Moore, Elizabeth Montgomery, Ching-Wen Ko, Lisa Viscardi, and Rita Viviani.

Sophomores – Bradley Aultman, Matthew Beard, Charles Brown, Slone Butler, Caitrin Chalmers, Lucas Chaney, Kyle Dycus, Stacy Gonzalez, Riley Hancock, Nicholas Hardin, CHris Hau-Matus, Preston Huckaba, Emily Jolly, Haley Jolly, Breanna Laski, Lillian Lindsay, Jarett Mason, Emily McBee, Alexis Meeks, Brandon Mote, Mikiah Munoz, Allyson O’Neal, Lucas Pendergrass, Kaleb Pitt, Skylar Pittson, Spencer Plep, Kiona Pope, Ashley Prater, Maggie Prinkey, Brody Smith, Chloe Stapler-Hodge, Justin Story, Blake Tandy, Timothy Warren, and Jared Waugh.

Artist of the Month:

Haley BaughBy Michael Burton

Haley Baugh started painting when she was in eighth grade and she stopped in her freshman year. She started painting again when she was in her sophomore year and kept painting.

She has no interest in a career in art, but views it more like a hobby. She also enjoys making art for other people.

Her favorite types of art are watercolors and acrylic because it is the easiest and most fun art to do. Depending on the size of the canvas is how much time she spends on the work. If the canvas is small it may take a few hours and if the canvas is big it may take a few days. Something that also affects how much time she spends on the work is other projects she has to do.

Haley’s favorite artwork she has done is the rainbow abstract work because it was fun to do and it had no requirements. She gets her inspiration from her head and Pinterest. The awards she has won are first place photograph at UAH in her junior year and third place at UAH in her senior year.


1. Seniors can now start paying their graduation fee. Total is $85. See Mrs. Finley for more information.

2. Seniors — Order forms for the cap and gown group portrait taken on the morning of graduation are available in the office. The cost is $18. Return forms and money to Mrs. Clark.

3. Varsity and JV girls’ basketball tryouts will begin on Monday, May 20, at 3 p.m. in the Burkey Center. There is a signup sheet located in the office. You must have

(Continued on page 11)

a current physical on file to try out.

4. Any 9th or 10th grader who is interested in joining the television production team next year go by and see Dr. Finley or sign the list in the office to receive more information. Limited slots are available.

5. Students — When you clear out your locker please take your lock with you. You can bring it back and use it next year.

6. Because of possible rain, the community cleanup was cancelled. We will try to have a make-up in the fall. Find other ways this summer to get in your community service hours.

7. Lifetouch and Prestige Portraits is the official school photographer for senior portraits to be used in the school yearbook. Upcoming seniors, Class of 2020, received information this week and will receive an appointment postcard in the mail. The basic sitting fee is $30 with a special summer session for $60 that will include formal poses, casual poses, indoor and outdoor backgrounds, a senior t-shirt, and 2 photo keychains. If you have any questions, see Mrs. Clark.

8. Senior Events:

Wednesday, May 15, Baccalaureate Service — 6 p.m. at Nan Lane Roberts Chapel

Thursday, May 16 – Graduation Practice – 8 a.m. at Burkey Center

Friday, May 17 – Awards Day Program – 9 a.m. in Burkey Center, be seated by 8:30

Friday, May 17 – Alumni Banquet – 6 p.m. in lunchroom

Saturday, May 18 – Graduation Ceremony – 10 a.m., seniors be at school at 8:30 a.m.

9. Awards Day for grades 9 – 11 – Monday, May 20

10. Exams for grades 9-11 – Tuesday and Wednesday, May 21 and May 22, make-ups with a doctor’s excuse only on May 23.


May 15 – Halli Baird, Taylor Williams

May 16 – Tori Sutphin

May 19 – Joshua Burgess

May 20 – Andrew Veach, Amber Doran

Senior Spotlight:

Elisabeth SealsBy Kaitlyn Holland

Our next senior spotlight is Elisabeth Seals. Elisabeth is currently living with her mother, father, and younger brother. Elisabeth´s favorite class is Dr. Baker´s U.S. History class, because she loves doing current events. She is excited to have been chosen for Project Search next year and will be getting to work at Marshall North hospital.

Elisabeth spends her weekends going places with her family, reading books, and writing. After Elisabeth graduates, she plans on becoming a librarian, because of her undeniable love for books. She also loves movies and music, and is always happy to talk to people about her favorite actors. Elisabeth’s best friend, Logan Brooks, is her hero. She is so thankful that she has him.

If Elisabeth could go back in time and redo high school, she said she would like to, just so she could help people out more. Elisabeth’s advice to underclassmen is to go out and try something new.

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